Dynamic Lead Generation Methods on Instagram

Instagram is regarded as the ideal tool for lead generation, considering the massive number of Millennials and Generation Z that are present on this social application. Studies also suggest that Instagram has more people with purchasing power than other social applications. Hence, B2C brands are having a massive focus on this social application as they feel that they can earn a large number of potential leads on this platform

"Dynamic Lead Generation Methods on Instagram"

Meet khaby lame, The rational man in TikTok

There aren’t many people that deserve more respect than those who call out the internet’s worst ‘life hacks’. On that note, let’s introduce you to TikToker Khaby Lame. He’s on a mission to mock the unhelpful, unnecessary and downright ridiculous nonsense we see on a daily basis. Take the below as a prime example, which is Khaby’s response to a ‘hack’ to free yourself if your t-shirt is stuck in a car door – by cutting the…

"Meet khaby lame, The rational man in TikTok"