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Five things you should know about Austin Sprinz + Net worth

Five things you should know about Austin Sprinz + Net worth

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Do you want to know more about the American TikTok star Austin Sprinz? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Austin. This article will cover his biography, rise to fame, and other burning questions.

Who is Austin Sprinz?

Austin is a famous TikToker. He started earning fame from lip-syncing videos when TikTok was still called People thought it was extremely funny and charming at the same time. He has since expanded his horizons.

Today Austin appears on all social media. He has his original TikTok, but he also has YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter (though his Twitter is abandoned).

He is also an actor and is looking to take on modelling jobs. His good looks have definitely helped him on his way to becoming a star.

Austin at Oahu, Hawaii
Austin at Oahu, Hawaii

Austin Sprinz Wiki/ Biography

Austin Sprinz was born on 5 May 1996 in the US. He has remained reserved about his own family. The names of Austin Sprinz’s parents are unknown at this point. He does have a brother called Jade. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Austin had a pretty regular childhood. He attended school in Phoenix as well.

One thing that stands out is musical talent. He started learning music at an early age and picked it up very quickly. He loves playing instruments and owns multiple guitars to this day.

How old is Austin Sprinz?

Austin is 26 years old as of 2022.

How tall is Austin Sprinz?

TikToker Austin is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Where is Austin Sprinz from?

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona.

What does Austin Sprinz live 2022?

Austin currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who created TikTok Austin Sprinz?

The question of who created TikTok Austin Sprinz is interesting. We all know that Austin Sprinz is the name and man behind the TikTok channel. However, he is super reserved, and it’s hard to get real personal information about him.

Full nameAustin Sprinz
Birthday05 May 1996
Zodiac signTaurus
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
WeightApprox. 70 kg
Austin Sprinz at Disneyland with his friends
Austin Sprinz at Disneyland with his friends

Family and relationship

Austin has a girlfriend who appears in some of his videos. You can see his girlfriend appear both on TikTok and YouTube from time to time. Austin Sprinz girlfriend is called Sophia. They are in a loving relationship, and it seems like there are no scandals involved.

Austin has claimed that most of his videos are produced together with his girlfriend. They plan the videos together and record the whole thing before they post it onto social media. We don’t expect Austin to be single anytime soon.

Austin has a two siblings brother Jaden Sprinz and sister Brianna Sprinz. But there is not enough information about his parents.

Social media

It’s clear that Austin’s main social media is TikTok. He probably had no idea how popular he would get when he was creating TikTok named Austin Sprinz. His YouTube channel is also very popular. He loves to use YouTube shorts which is a similar format to TikTok.

Additionally, to all this, there’s also the Austin Instagram. He posts regular pictures and videos to Instagram and has a sizable following. Austin Sprinz Twitter profile is not so active. It has only 236 followers on TikTok.

YouTubeAustin Sprinz

How many followers does Austin Sprinz have?

Austin’s main social media is TikTok. His account has 16.5M followers on TikTok, with more than 600M likes on his account.

On YouTube, he has 2.9M people subscribe to his channel. Many people came directly from his TikTok account, but he has managed to grow organically on YouTube as well.

Austin Sprinz Instagram account has 2.2m followers. His followers love to engage with Austin’s posts on a regular basis.

Austin Sprinz with his sister Brianna Sprinz and brother Jaden Sprinz
Austin Sprinz with his sister Brianna Sprinz and brother Jaden Sprinz

Austin Sprinz net worth

Austin is doing social media full-time. His income comes from TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram combined. He is an influencer and entertainer at the same time.

There is no official information on the net worth of Austin. We calculate the net worth of Austin to $300K.

5 Facts you love to know Austin

  • Austin is a musician. He started his social media journey by uploading music
  • His account has less than 200 followers on Twitter and he totally abandoned his Twitter account
  • Austin plans most of his videos together with his girlfriend and loves to binge on Netflix.
  • Austin has green eyes and also has brown hair.
  • When he reached 1M followers on social media, he felt like the king of the world


What is Austin Sprinz nationality?

Austin Sprinz was born on 5th of May 1998 in USA, so his nationality is American.

Who is Austin Sprinz wife?

Austin is not married yet.

Who is Austin Sprinz son?

Austin is unmarried and he does not have a son.

What is Austin Sprinz famous for?

As a social media personality Austin is mostly famous for TikTok and YouTube.

Is Jaden Sprinz related to Austin?

Austin Sprinz and Jaden Sprinze are brothers. And they both have a sister named Brianna Sprinz.

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