Did SuperCar Blondie actually get into playboy magazine?

Alexandra Mary Hirschi, better known as the “Supercar Blondie“, is an internet hit among car enthusiasts. Alex Hirschi is a well-known automotive YouTuber and social media figure from Australia. Every time she releases a new video to any of her social media platforms, she is at the top of the trending topics list in the automobile industry.

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Did Supercar Blondie actually get into playboy magazine?

Did SuperCar Blondie actually get into playboy magazine?

Recently Supercar Blondie‘s Facebook was recognized as one of the most viewed Facebook on Facebook watch. It came to the top 3 in the charts throughout the entire globe.

Although Alex has always been the most delighted car reviewing person, in 2019 she had herself featured in playboy magazine as well.

But it is not what you’d think, It is not your typical nude art gallery on playboy. Supercar Blondie has made a twist to this.

It is actually a two-page Supercar Blondie feature article. This article is about how she climbed up the ladder of becoming a viral influencer on social media. The article also describes the process she follows when she makes her videos. The article has no nudity whatsoever.

Below is the reveal of her news to her family.

Supercar Blondie Biography

Supercar Blondie was born on September 21, 1985, and her age will be 37 in 2022. Her zodiac sign is Virgo, as she was born in the latter part of September. She was born in Brisbane, Australia, and is a citizen of the country. Additionally, she is Caucasian and a Christian.

Alex has always had a keen interest in autos since she was a child. Her first car was also a Mitsubishi Lancer. In addition, she attended the Queensland University of Technology and finished with a degree in journalism and business, as well. In 2008, she moved to Dubai.

Where Is Supercar Blondie From?

Blondie originally hails from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia

What is Supercar Blondie’s Real Name?

In her actual life, the real name of Supercar Blondie is Alexandra Mary Darvall, but she prefers to go by her name, Alex Hirschi. Her husband’s surname is Hirschi.

Where Supercar Blondie Lives?

Blondie currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Family And Relationships

Who is Supercar Blondie Married to?

The husband of Hirschi’s is Nik Hirschi. After their wedding, the pair relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where they currently reside. In 2018, her husband surprised her with a Ferrari 488spider and a bouquet of red, pink, and white roses on Valentine’s Day as a token of his devotion to her. There is no information available on the couple’s children.

Alex Hirschi with her husband Nik Hirschi

Who are Alexandra Mary Hirschi’s parents?

Hirschi Darvall was born as the third child of Richard (father) and Julie Darvall (mother) in Brisbane, Australia.

Does Supercar Blondie have siblings?

Nina and Kate Darvall are two of her sisters, while Jay is her older brother.


In Dubai, she served as a newsreader and host of a chat program on Dubai Eye 103.8′ for more than nine years. It was here that she spoke with a number of celebrities, including John Travolta, Liam Neeson, and Jake Gyllenhaal. She eventually left the radio show to pursue a full-time career as a social media video creator.

As a social media influencer, she promotes brands like Bugatti and Ferrari. In 2018, she co-hosted the one-off Bugatti L’Or Blanc and La Ferrari Aperta on Germany’s free-to-air TV RTL II’s automobile show GRIP Das Automagazin RTL II. The Batmobile shown in Batman: The Animated Series was driven by Hirschi in the film (1989).

In addition, in 2018, Arabian Business named Alex one of the 50 most influential Arab women. Esquire Magazine Middle East honored her Influencer of the Year in the same year.

How does Supercar Blondie start?

The bubbly Aussie with a passion for vehicles began posting automotive stories to her then 300 Instagram followers in 2015 after starting her career as a broadcast journalist with a radio show in Dubai… Since then, her videos have been viewed more than one billion times, and her audience has grown to millions.

Supercar Blondie Team Members

Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi is an Australian entrepreneur and former banker. Additionally, Nik Hirschi is well-known as the husband and business partner of Alexandra Mary Hirschi, better known online as “Supercar Blondie.”

Nicki Williams

Currently, Nicki Williams serves as the Vice President of Commercial Development at Supercar Blondie (Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

Lilly Douse

According to LinkedIn, when Lilly Douse began working in 2009. She was employed by seven different firms and seven different jobs. Currently, Lilly Douse is a Supercar Blondie presenter.

Nathan Bain

Nathan Bain
Nathan Bain

According to LinkedIn, when Nathan Bain first began working in 2010. He was employed by five different organizations and had four other occupations.  Alex has employed Nathan Bain as a Project Manager and Video Producer.

Sergi Galiano

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sergi Galiano began working in 2011. He has worked for five different companies and held four different positions. Sergi Galiano is Alex’s Creative Director.

Sergi Galiano
Sergi Galiano

How Much Is Supercar Blondie Net worth?

The estimated net worth of Alexandra Mary Hirschi is $17 million. She uses high-performance automobiles as props in her videos. She is well known as “Supercar Blondie” on the internet.

Supercar Blondie Car Collection

CarPrice (USD)
Mitsubishi Lancer$11,650
BMW i8$147,500
Lamborghini Huracan LP610$238,600
Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge$380,000
Mclaren 720s$295,073
Ares Design Modena S1$600,000
Tesla Cybertruck$69,900
BRABUS G 800$400,000

Social Media

Alex broadcasts videos about supercars and even previously unpublished models on her YouTube channel. February 10, 2018, saw the publication of her Ferrari Valentine’s Delivery video, which has now amassed 23 million views.

Her Facebook videos are viewed by 1.4 billion people every month. One of the world’s fastest-growing vehicle pages is hers.

Facts you may love to know about Alex Hirschi

  • Playboy’s German edition highlighted Alex in July 2019.
  • Her real name is Alexandra Mary Darvall
  • The first season of Car Crews with Supercar Blondie premiered in 2019.
  • Arabian Business named Alex one of the top 30 most powerful women in the Arab world in 2019.
  • Also, she was named Influencer of the Year, Vlogger of the Year, Lifestyle Influencer of the Year, Breakout YouTuber of the Year, and more.
  • For the Streamy Awards in 2021, Alex was nominated as well.
  • Among her credits are Grip (2018), Top Gear (2019), and Car Crews (2019- present).
  • Alex spoke with Vin Diesel in May 2021.
  • The Koenigsegg Agera RS and Lotus Evija are her two favorite automobiles.
  • Supercar Blondie’s height is 5 feet, 6 inches (1.7 meters)
Supercar Blondie

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Is Supercar Blondie fake?

No. After interacting with so many vehicles, we may assume that she better understands automobiles.

How is Supercar Blondie so rich?

For the most part, this is how Super Car Blondie has amassed her $19.1 million net worth.

Earnings from YouTube
Earnings from other types of social media
Paid Ads Partnerships
Shows and Events on Television

How much is Supercar Blondie’s net worth in dollars?

It was previously reported that Alex Hirschi had a net worth of $17 million. But that figure has since risen to $19 million.

Where is Supercar Blondie’s house?

She lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

How many cars does Supercar Blondie own?

Currently, she has 8 cars.

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