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Crafty Panda’s Net Worth in 2024, Team Cast & Fascinating Trivia

Crafty Panda is a YouTube channel with a large number of media offerings. They post a slew of interesting videos on YouTube every month, mostly about crafts. Bored Panda owns Crafty Panda, which is a subsidiary. Tomas Banisauskas started Bored Panda in 2009, a magazine about art and pop culture.

As a result of the company’s large number of channels, it has a big audience. The Crafty Panda YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers.

Crafty Panda Net Worth and How They Make Money?

Crafty Panda is an American YouTube channel with over 19.6 million subscribers. The net worth of Crafty Pands is believed to be $37 million as of the year 2024. They gather this revenue through YouTube monetization, sponsorships as well affiliate commissions. Videos on the channel are categorized into Lifestyle, Humour, and Entertainment focusing on comedic situations based on daily routines: school hacks, makeup tutorials, beauty tips, fashion and home decor ideas, and much more as per their YouTube description.

History of Crafty Panda

Tomas Banikauskas started Bored Panda in 2009, but it had a long history before that. Tomas was a student at Vilnius University, studying business management. He began to consider ways to make money online with a classmate.

They realized they needed to develop a website, so they blogged about other people’s accomplishments. Finally, his companion moved to Scotland, while Tomas used his skills to create Bored Panda in Vilnius in 2009.

It was the project that, from the outset, was able to generate an average Lithuanian pay. Thomas gradually abandoned other activities to devote his full attention to this project. Crafty Panda appeared alongside Bored Panda in 2018. The game-changer was a suggestion made by one of their competitors. They once attended a Facebook-sponsored conference. The organizers sat them at one table with their top competitors during the evening.

The competitors talked about how well they were doing with DIY video content and questioned why Tomas wasn’t doing the same. Then he started seeking employees, and director Tadas Vidmantas joined the hunt for a team. At the same time, Rokas Jurkeviius, the company’s video editor, was promoted to project director at Bored Panda Studios.

The project began with only three people working on it. There are currently around 250 employees, including freelancers.

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Crafty Panda Cast/ Members

Among all the Crafty Panda actors, the actors listed below are the most well-known and recognizable. So, strap up and see if your favorite actors/actresses are here in the list below.

Emily Devis

Crafty Panda fans adore Emily Devis. She was born in Russia and currently resides in the United States. She is extremely wise. And also, Emily is a great example of beauty in the brain. She enjoys reading comic books and learning new makeup skills in her spare time.

Though she is not very active on Instagram, she has over 19.3K followers. Emily Davis Instagram username is @emily_davis_cp.

Viktoria Novikova

Among the Crafty Panda cast, Viktoria Novikova is one of the most attractive women. Crafty Panda hires her as a professional model. She has also worked for 5 Minute Crafts, a prominent crafts program, in addition to Crafty Panda. The Russians own Viktoria.

Novikova is a dancer and choreographer in addition to an actress. She’s a health nut. In the public eye, she has a big fan base, with over 182K Instagram followers. Victoria Novikova uses the handle @vikkimila on Instagram.

Anna Green

Anna Green appears in Crafty Panda’s videos regularly. She is a professional Makeup Artist in addition to being an actor and model. The model was born in the United States and resided in Springfield, Massachusetts.

To date, she has over 6.5K Instagram followers. Anna has the following Instagram handle: @annagreencp_.

Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark is the most adorable member of the Crafty Panda girl cast. Jessia is a Massachusetts native who resides in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States.

Simply by glancing at her, everyone may deduce that she is fashion-conscious. She also prefers to dress in outfits that are both fashionable and comfy. Jessica is also a witty woman. On Crafty Panda jessica Instagram, she has a sizable following. @jessicaclarkcp_ is her Instagram username.

Noah Evans

Noah Evans is yet another dashing Crafty Panda model to keep an eye on. He is a top performer who is well-liked by all. The most popular on-screen coupling is Noah and Jessica. People adore their couple; in fact, films about Noah and Jessica frequently receive the most views.

There is a rumor regarding their relationship in the community of followers. Noah and Jessica, according to rumors, are dating. Lego Boy is another name for Noah. @noahevanscp is his Instagram account.


Crafty Panda has featured Joshua in numerous videos. As a result, he is well-known, and he has a dedicated fan base among CP watchers. Young chicks are the focus of his passion. They don’t make any concessions to compliment him because “Joshua is so cute,” as Elizabeth Thomas put it on YouTube.

Emma Scott

Crafty Panda Emma is well-known for her appealing personality and attractive appearance. There isn’t a single video where she isn’t praised. She is a gamer in addition to an actress and performer. The model adores animals and owns a dog.

More than 5K people follow her on Instagram as a result of her unique personality, making her the second-most-followed Instagram user behind Emily Devis. Emma’s account is @emmascottcp_ on Instagram.

Jacob Moore

Among the Crafty Panda cast, Jacob Moore is a fascinating character. In real life, he is a humble human being, prefers to travel throughout the world, and considers it a hobby. To date, he has visited over ten countries.

Jacob and Emily’s onscreen couple plays are just as well-known among Crafty Panda’s fans as Noah and Jessia’s. Also, their fans are almost unanimous in their belief that they are dating. They haven’t spoken about it publicly yet. @jacobmoorecp is Jacob Moore’s Instagram handle.

Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker is yet another adorable female actress on Crafty Panda. She is a humble, lovely, pleasant person who is concerned about the very well of others. Sarah is best friends with Emily Devis.

Her Instagram account has almost 3.6K genuine followers, and each post has over 1200 likes. Her Instagram account is @sarahbakercp_, and you can find her there.

Crafty Panda - Sarah Baker
Crafty Panda – Sarah Baker

Madison Reed

Madison Reed is a woman who enjoys having a good time. She appears in videos as a mischievous character almost all of the time. She’s got a fantastic sense of humor. The majority of the audience enjoys watching her films since they are all quite amusing. Madison stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 50 kg.

She also has over 4K Instagram followers. @madisonreedcp_ is her Instagram handle.


What is Emily Davis crafty panda real name?

Crafty Panda Emily’s real name is Emily Davis.

What is Crafty Panda Jessica real name?

Jessica from Crafty Panda’s real name is Jessica Clark.

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