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Sergi Giliano Net Worth, Biography & Must Know Facts

Sergi Galiano is a director, video editor, actor, and YouTuber currently based in Dubai. Now, he is working as Creative Director at Supercar Blondie. Sergi officially joined the Supercar Blondie team on April 2020. His approximate net worth is 1.6 Million USA as of 2023. This collaboration brought him a lot of attention from youngsters interested in exclusive luxury cars.

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Sergi Galiano’s biography and early life

Sergi is originally from Barcelona and completed his primary and secondary education in Philadelphia. He graduated from the London Metropolitan University with a BA in Marketing. 

He moved to Dubai in 2017. Sergi nor his friends has stated his age or birthdate anywhere. Therefore, we cannot be precise about his age. He seems to be in his early thirties. Moreover, he is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and English. 

Sergi with Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie surprise on Sergi

Alexa Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie, surprised Sergi Galiano with his only Dream car in December 2016. Supercar Blondie gifted him a brand new BMW X6 M50i

She gifted this car to him as he was, using a second-hand Mitsubishi lancer with a few scratches and dints on it.

Sergi old car and new car

Alexa also did it out of genuine gratitude and appreciation towards Sergi for his hard work and dedication as an employee of the Supercar Blondie Team. 

Sergi felt delighted and went through an emotional roller coaster because of the heartfelt gesture of Alexa Hirschi.

This is too much seriously, I can’t even I don’t even feel ok to take this.


Sergi’s family and relationships

As for now, there is not much information about Galiano’s family or girlfriend. His video ‘why I moved to Dubai’ posted in 2017 on his personal YouTube channel, will give you a glimpse of his relationship status. In it, he mentioned that he moved to Dubai with his girlfriend. Additionally, the video stated above also gives a snippet about his girlfriend. 

Inka Lackovic is said to be his girlfriend. She is also a part of the Supercar Blondie team. Apart from that, there is not much to be found about his personal life. He appears to value his privacy when it comes to his personal life

How much is Sergi Galiano’s net worth in 2023? states that Sergi Galiano’s net worth is approximately $ 1.62 million as of 2023. His job salary and Youtube income bought him this net worth to Sergi.

Sergi’s career and achievements.

According to his LinkedIn profile, currently, he works as a creative director at Supercar Blondie. Furthermore, he has also co-founded companies called Vegan Experiences & Vegan Food ToursParadox Studios & Digital

He is also a co-founder of two YouTube channels in which he received awards and collaborated with YouTube market leaders. Such as Elliott Hulse, Marc Fitt, Rob Riches, Physiques of Greatness, and Christian Guzman. 

Screnshot of Sergi linkdin profile

Speaking of his achievements, he received a YouTube medal for being ranked as the fourth most subscribed YouTuber in the UK in 2011. He also received an award for being the 75th most-viewed comedian in the UK in 2011.

A video he produced featured on the American Television show Bloopers in 2012. Interestingly he has also acted in a film called “Erasmus Not Everything Is Fun“, released in 2016. Seemingly Galiano has excelled in so many different areas.

Social media.

Galiano currently has over four hundred thousand followers on Instagram, over six thousand followers on TikTok, and over fifteen thousand subscribers on YouTube

On all of these platforms, he posts about luxury cars, luxury lifestyles, and Travel vlogs. Mainly all of his social media platforms include reviews of luxury vehicles.

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