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Rebecca Zamolo Net Worth, Lifestyle and Interesting Facts

Rebecca Zamolo Net Worth, Lifestyle and Interesting Facts

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Take a look at the life of Rebecca Zamolo. This article will cover her lifestyle, net worth, and interesting facts.

If you ever wanted to know more about her, now is your chance. Join us as we explore the different aspects of Rebbeca’s life and shower you with information.

Who is Rebecca Zamolo?

Rebecca Zamolo is an extremely famous social media star. She is active on all channels. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, you name it all.

Her main channel has more than 11 million subscribers, so it’s safe to say her content is in high demand. Her new videos did very well right from the beginning.

Zamolo’s current YouTube channel is centred on real-life challenges. Rebecca Zamolo’s videos are like escape room puzzles, except she does it all outside, in the real world.


Name the Judy in your friend group 😎 @matt.slays

♬ original sound – brynn owen

Rebecca Zamolo Biography

She was born in Martinez, California. On 1984 September 28. The name of Rebbecca Zamolo’s parents is Michael and Cathy. She has three other siblings, and she’s the oldest.

Her other siblings are Michael, Lissa, Monica, and Jennifer.

Rebecca Zamolo started her career path as a gymnast. She began training as early as nine years old. Although she didn’t pursue this career path, the young Rebecca was pretty good at being a gymnast. In total, she was a gymnast in regular training for ten years.

Although she never became a full-on professional, she decided that she wanted to study sport. In practice, this meant that she had completed her degree at the University of California in Communication and Sports Management.

Before she reached YouTube start status, she worked in sport. She was a broadcaster for her university. She also appeared on television multiple times. Guess her TV appearances were a good practice before hitting fame worldwide.

Rebecca Zamolo and her husbond Matt Slays
Rebecca and Matt

How old is Rebecca Zamolo?

Rebecca Zamolo is currently 39 years old.

Where does Rebecca Zamolo live?

Rebecca Zamolo lives in Los Angeles. It’s a fitting city for a famous YouTuber. Her home is in the quiet Encino district of Los Angeles, California.

She bought the house together with her husband for $4.6M. If you ever thought being a famous YouTuber doesn’t pay well, it’s time to think again.

How old is Rebecca Zamolo’s husband?

Rebecca’s husband is called Matt Slays. Matt is currently 41 years old.

Rebecca Zambo Lifestyle and Family

Rebecca leads a comfortable lifestyle. Her Social Media fame means she gets a lot of opportunities from brands and sponsors to earn some extra money.

Her home is in a relaxed environment where she can take it slow whenever she wants.

It’s not to say she doesn’t work hard, though. She constantly produces content for the main and second channels as well.

Rebecca Zamolo with her kids
Rebecca Zamolo with her kids

When did Rebecca Zamolo get married?

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slay got married in 2014. The wedding was in Los Angeles, California.

What do Rebecca and Matt do for a living?

Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays are both YouTubers. Although they both selected different careers in their early years, they no longer pursued those.

Rebecca Zamolo has two channels. Her main channel is called Rebecca Zamolo, just like her. The second channel is Matt & Rebecca, where she produced content with her husband.

Matt himself doesn’t have another YouTube channel. His main channel was called simply Matt Slays, but it was the one that’s rebranded to Matt & Rebecca.

Social Media

Let’s take a look at her social media presence. She’s a prominent figure on almost every social media.


Rebecca Zamolo’s channel has more than 11 million subscribers currently. The channel is part of the ‘Real Game Master’ network. This is the network that helps her produce the real-life ‘escape room’ videos.

Her channel is purely for entertainment. She produced family-friendly content.


Rebecca’s TikTok has even more followers than YouTube. She sits at 16.6M followers and a total of 1.6B likes. WOW!

For TikTok, she makes content that’s best described as fun. Short bursts of funny videos that sit very well with the TikTok audience.


Rebecca Zamolo has 2.9M followers on Instagram. This makes Instagram her less famous platform. She posts high-quality photos of herself and her family on Instagram.

Rebecca Zamolo

Income and Net Worth

As a very popular YouTuber, Rebecca makes a lot each month. Her other accounts, like TikTok and Instagram, are famous as well, which is always good for business.

The net worth of Rebecca Zamolo is estimated to be around $11M as 2022.

Interesting facts about Rebecca Zamolo

  • She has three siblings
  • Rebecca is 5 feet and 5 inches tall
  • Her second video is from her wedding where they did a flashmob. This is the start of her YouTube career as the flashmob went viral.
  • She loves pets

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