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Jessi & Alessio, The Pasinis Net Worth 2024, Biography & Latest Facts

38-year-old Alessio Pasini and 34-year-old Jessi Pasini, well-known as the Pasinis have a net worth of $2,600,000. The married couple of two nationalities engage in creating content on social media. In showcasing their lifestyle, an American, Jessi often playfully teases her Italian husband, Alessio by doing things incorrectly. Their playful romance coupled with Alessio’s fiery reactions creates captivating content for social media success. Explore more regarding the Pasinis earnings, lifestyle, and latest news.

“ThePasinis” Networth 2024 and how they make money?

As of 2024, Jessi and Alessio possess a net worth of $2,600,000. This amount includes the value of their NYC apartment, car, personal assets, and stock portfolio. Also, they run a wedding flower business successfully in Nashville, Tennessee. This venture paired with their social media income contributed to their massive net worth.

Notably, their YouTube channel, Jessi and Alessio contribute $7,900 monthly to their net worth. This includes YouTube advertisements and brand sponsorships. They embarked on their creative journey by capturing daily adventures through shorts. They made long-form videos including travels and food explorations as their storytelling prowess evolved. With these experiences, they made their transition into full-time creators.

“The Pasinis” Age and Biography

Real NameAlessio PasiniJessi Pasini
Age38 years34 years
Birth dateAugust 10, 1986March 24, 1990
Zodiac signLeoAries
Birth placeUSAUSA
Lives inNashville, TennesseeNashville, Tennessee
Net worth$2,600,000$2,600,000
Height5 ft 7 inches5 ft 6 inches
WeightNot found60 kg
Eye colourDark brownHazel
Hair colourBlackBlonde
Husband/ WifeHusbandWife
Father NameNot foundNot found
Mother NameNot foundNot found
SiblingsNot foundNot found

The Pasinis wedding floral business

Earlier, Jessi and Alessio were deeply immersed in their wedding floral business, before venturing into the social media platform. Having spent a few years in New Orleans, they have decided to return to Jessi’s hometown of Nashville and embark on a new business endeavour together.

“We dropped our steady jobs in Louisiana, loaded up a U-Haul, and made the move without having anything lined up job-wise in Tennessee. It was a huge risk.We spent our first few months throwing ourselves into starting the new business, teaching ourselves how to build a website, how to maximize SEO, how to get ranked on Google and social media, etc.”

Alessio Pasini
Image source- Wedding Chicks

Anyway, it spent three months on their first floral job of crafting bridal bouquets, which earned them $150. Successfully they transformed that initial triumph into a prosperous full-time wedding company. Also, they continued their shared experience on their special day.

There was never any question of whether or not we would do our own flowers. Since it’s what we do together every day, we couldn’t possibly give up the opportunity to work on our own flowers together for our wedding day.

Jessi & Alessio

How did The Pasinis, Jessi & Alessio meet?

Although Alessio Pasinis was born in America, he was raised in Italy. In 2013, at 27, Alissio came to America to visit New Orleans, Louisiana. At that time, Jessi was working as a floral designer in Louisiana.

However, both ended up working randomly in the film industry in Louisiana. And they got an unexpected opportunity to work on the same movie setThe Astronaut Wives Club .” They dated each other for some months and found their destiny. 

Jessi & Alessio’s Wedding

Jessi & Alessio got married on September 19, 2019. Their wedding was arranged as a small ceremony in America. Jessi said her vows at their wedding in English, while Alessio said his in Italian. 

I am happily married to a wonderful Italian man, and two of us love to cook and travel, something I adore sharing with my audience.

Jessi Pasinis

The Pasinis Family & Relationships

There is no available information regarding their early relationships on the Internet. However, the Pasinis seem to be enjoying their company. 

Social Media

The Pasinis are available on TikTokYouTubeFacebookPop the Prosecco Podcast, and Instagram. They have 2.2M TikTok followers, 415K YouTube subscribers, 966K Facebook followers, and 963K Instagram followers. Also, Jessi and Alessio got personal Instagram accounts as well. 

Jessi tries to influence and motivate her fans by making digital content for social media. Besides, they launched their official website in January 2023.

I spend most of my time advocating for endometriosis and thyroid disease awareness, as well as speaking out on my struggles with infertility and miscarriage.   

Jessi Pasinis


As of 2024, “thePasnis” has a net worth of 2.6 million USD. They married on September 19, 2019, in America. The Pasinis are available on TikTokYouTubeFacebookInstagram, and podcasts. Jessi and Alessio launched their official website in January 2023.

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Do Jessi and Alessio have children together?

Although Jessi and Alessio have been happily married for some years, they don’t have any children yet.

Where do Jessi and Alessio live in?

They live in Nashville, TN. 

What are the ages of Alessio and Jessi?

As of 2024, Alessio is 38 years old, and Jessi is 34.  

How tall is Jessi Pasini?

She is about 5 feet, 6 inches tall.

When did The Pasinis get married?

The Pasinis get married on September 19, 2019. 

Are The Pasinis pregnant?

Jessi is not pregnant yet. It’s a rumour only.

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