Nikocado Avocado Networth 2024, Biography and Latest Facts about his Lifestyle

32-year-old Nicholas Perry (born May 19, 1992), well-known as Nikocado Avocado is an American Internet Celebrity. According to updates in 2024, Nikocado Avocado has a net worth of $16 million. He has gained recognition for his stunning YouTube and TikTok content. Nikocado Avocado started his career in 2014 as a Vegan YouTuber. He is renowned for posting Mukbang videos. Explore more regarding Nikocado Avocado’s earnings, career highlights, and latest news.

Nikocado Avocado Net Worth 2024 and How He Makes Money?

Nikocado Avocado has a networth of $16 million and earns through his 6 YouTube channels mainly. Additionally, other ventures are Merch, Patreon, Cameo performances, marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships. His estimated monthly earnings are $80k, and yearly earnings are $960k.
Nikocado Avocado earns a substantial income through his YouTube channels. He has more than 6 YouTube channels, and Nikocado Avocado’s main YouTube Channel has over 3 million subscribers. Here is the summary of the YouTube revenue income of Nikocado Avocado.

Channel NameAverage ViewsYoutube revenue income
Nikocado Avocadoover 650M views$2.7 million
Nikocado Avocadoover 120M views$700,000
Nikocado Avocado 3over 200M views$1 million
More Nikocadoover 315M views$1,600,000
Nikocado Shortsover 70M views $10000
Noodle Kingover 45M views$237,500

Nikocado Avocado makes a considerable amount from his participation on other platforms. His Cameo customers have to pay $149 for a Cameo video, and $299 for live calls. Additionally, he earns about $5k per month through Patreon.
Despite all the controversies, Nikocado Avocado owns a $2,300,000 luxurious house in Los Angeles. Furthermore, including a Dodge Caravan, he owns expensive vehicles.

Nikocado Avocado Age and Biography

Real NameNicholas Perry
Age32 years old
Birth DateMay 19, 1992
Zodiac signTaurus
BirthplaceKherson, Ukraine
Lives inFlorida, USA
EthnicityUkrainian- American
Nikocado Avocado Networth$16 million
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Father nameMr. Perry
Mother nameMrs. Perry
Siblings02– one sister & one brother

Nikocado Avocado Ex-Husband

While living in New York, he met his husband, Orlin Home. He announced his relationship by posting a video in 2016. At that time, Nikocado and Home were members of Vegan Men.

Earlier, they started their relationship being friends and later on, they fell in love. They also have travelled to Central America together.
In 2017, Nikocado uploaded a video titled, “We Broke Up“, where he addressed their separation. In that, Nikocado suggested the reason behind the end of their relationship, was a YouTube drama.

Early Life and Career

He was born on May 19, 1992, in Kherson, Ukraine, and trained as a violinist before starting his Youtube career. He moved to Florida from Pennsylvania with his family.

And he started working at Home Depot as a freelancing violinist. But he decided to become a vegan Youtuber in 2014. But everything took a turn after he stopped his vegan lifestyle in 2016.

Nikocado Avocado Before and After

Nikocado Avocado was among the first American Youtubers to join the Mukbang community. However, his eating habits affected his physical and mental health.

He gained over 150 pounds in one year, and his relationship with Orlin fell apart. Not only that, his controversial interactions with other YouTubers took the attention of many fans.

He openly talked about his mental health issues with physical issues.


Nikocado Avocado is worth around $16 million at the beginning of 2024. Despite decreasing mental and physical health, he’s still a successful Mukbanger in the field.

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Who is Nikocado Avocado’s husband?

Nikocado Avocado was in a relationship with the well-known Mukbang YouTuber, Orlin Home in 2016. But at present, they have broken up and Nikocado Avocado is single.

Why did Nikocado stop being vegan?

In 2016, he stated “unbalanced, hostile and mentally unstable” by posting a video.

Is Nikocado avocado trying to lose weight?

Yes. His weight loss journey shows that he is concerned about his health.

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