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Demi Bagby net worth, lifestyle & interesting facts

Demi Bagby net worth, lifestyle & interesting facts

Who is Demi Bagby?

Demi Bagby is one of the top fitness instructors in the United States.

She is one of the few women that have an innovative and self-made product. She is self-employed and produces her products herself.

Demi was inspired by her desire to create a quality bag for the fashion-conscious woman of today. With it, she is the best model, CrossFit athlete, best Instagram star, motivational speaker, a very good YouTuber, and best social media celebrity.  

She is the founder of Rep Wax – a training grip product that improves your grip on any type of surface. 

She also provides a fitness program and a fitness app known as “Demi Bagby” fit and free fitness tutorials on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Demi Bagby Biography

Since her childhood, Demi was a very active child who used to participate in various sports competitions.  In her school days, Demi was a very good cheerleader.

How old is Demi Bagby?

As of Now in 2022, Demi is 21 years old. She was born on 10 January 2001 in San Diego, California, USA.

How tall is Demi Bagby?

Demi height is 4 Feet 11 Inches.

How much does demi Bagby weigh?

Demi’s weight is approximately 52 kg.

Where does demi Bagby live?

She lives with her parents in San Diego, California, USA.

Known asDemi BAgby
Real nameDemito Onaria Bagby
Birthday10 January 2001
BirthplaceSan Diego, California, United Satates-
Zodiac signCapricorn
ProfessionSocial media personality, CrossFit athlete, Bodybuilder
Height4 Feet 11
Weightapprox. 52 kg

Family and relationships

Her father is Forlan Bagby, and her mother’s name is Riza Bagby. She has a total of four siblings, two of them are brothers namely Devon and Damian Bagby and the remaining two are sisters, one of them named Desire Bagby. From time to time, she features her mom and dad on her Instagram and YouTube.

Previously, Demi has had at least one affair in the past. She is very secretive about her relationships and has never been so open about them.

Demi Bagby and Deestroying relationship

Currently, Demi is in a relationship with Donald De La Haye Jr who is a fitness Youtuber and an athlete. Donald is popular for his nick name Deestroying

FatherForlan Bagby
MotherRiza Bagby
BrothersDevon Bagby
Damian Bagby
SistersDesire Bagby
Tessa Bagby
Boyfriend/ DatingDonald De La Haye Jr (Deestroying)
Ex-BoyfriendScott Mathison
Demi Bagby

Demy Bagby Career

In 2014, Demi had a terrible accident while performing a cheerleader dance. After that, she wasn’t able to walk and was paralyzed for several weeks.

After the accident when Demi was on rest, she watched CrossFit and calisthenic athlete videos which not only helped her to recover from her accident. But it also motivates her to become an athlete if she will be able to walk someday. 

By 2015, Demi started to walk again. 

Later, she began training and prepared herself for the Crossfit Games Competitions. She is the prime example that anything is possible with strong will and persistence. 

Demi did come to the limelight after appearing in the CrossFit Games. 

Nevertheless, Demi also engaged in various other activities like calisthenics, acrobatics, parkour, yoga, and surfing.

Demi also owns a YouTube channel and currently, she has over 397K subscribers.

Demi Bagby

Social media

Facebook Demi Bagby
YouTubeDemi Bagby

Demi Bagby Net Worth

In 2022, Demi Bagby’s annual income is over $140,000 and her Net Worth is over $3.5 Million.

She is one of the top fitness models and CrossFit athletes in the US who has millions of social media followers.

Modeling, brand promotions, advertisements, and paid promotions are major sources of her income.

Interesting Facts you love to know about Demi Bagby

  • In January 2019, Demi was a nominee in the ‘Health & Wellness category at the annual Shorty Awards. 
  • Demi broke her back while performing a cheerleading dance.
  • Demi found cross fit during her recovery from the accident.
  • She loves animals and also owns a dog.
  • She made her CrossFit debut in 2015.
  • Demi ranked 21st in the 2016 Teenage Girls CrossFit Games.
  • She likes reading books, traveling, writing, cycling, riding bikes, driving cars, dancing, playing guitar, and basketball. 


Why is Demi Bagby famous?

Demi is one of the top and most famous fitness instructors in the USA. And if you wonder what is Demi Bagby famous for, as a social media personality, she is mostly known for TikTok.

Was Demi Bagby paralyzed?

You may wonder what was Demi Bagby injury. In 2014, she had a traumatic accident where she broke her spine. As a result, she was paralyzed for three months.

What happened to demi Bagby and Scott Mathison?

Demi’s ex-boyfriend is a fitness influencer and gym coach Scott Mathison. Scott and Demi posted a video on YouTube titled “How to get a gym girl on Valentine’s Day” and that video went viral. But they broke up later.

Is Demi Bagby single?

Demi is not married yet and currently she is dating Donald De La Haye Jr.

What is Demi Bagby real name?

Demito Onaria Bagby is her birth name.

Is Demi Bagby rich?

Demi’s net worth is believed to be $ 3.5 million as of 2022. Yes, she is rich.

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