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Nigahiga net worth 2023 | What happened to famous YouTuber Rayan Higa

Nigahiga net worth 2023 | What happened to famous YouTuber Rayan Higa

Ryan Higa is a 33-year-old American YouTuber who became famous for creating comedy videos and content on his channels NigaHiga and HigaTV on YouTube. This internet personality started making YouTube videos in 2006 and has become one of the most popular creators of his age. 

Born in Hilo, Hawaii, in 1990, Ryan has an Okinawan-American origin. His name has derived from the term ‘Niga,’ which refers to ‘rant’ in Japanese, and ‘Higa,’ his Okinawan last name. Ryan Has an estimated net worth of around 10 Million USD as of 2023

NigaHiga was YouTube’s most-subscribed channel, and it has remained for 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011. It is surpassed only by PewDiePie. Higa released a podcast in 2018 called “Off the Pill.” It features YouTubers and celebrities such as KevJumba, Andrew Yang, and Jeremy Lin. In 2020, he started streaming Higa Twitch which is a community platform for gamers

Ryan currently has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube with both channels combined and 773k followers on Twitch. In this article, we take a look at Ryan Higa’s net worth and what has happened to the famous YouTuber. Keep reading to discover more. 

Nigahiga Net worth

Ryan is a YouTube celebrity and is engaging in several revenue-generating platforms. He has two successful YouTube channels, a video gaming community platform, and a podcast. Ryan had the “TeeHee” app, which is a community hub for the fans and is monetized by pre-roll ads, brandings, e-commerce and etc., until 2017. He is also the co-founder of the beverage brand Nenja Melk

Ryan’s net worth is mainly generated from the mentioned revenue streams, and he has an estimated net worth of 10 Million USD as of 2023

Nigahiga biography and relationships

NicknameNigahiga/ Ryan
Real NameRyan Higa
Birthday6 June 1990
BirthplaceHawaii, US
Zodiac signGemini
ProfessionYoutuber, Actor
EducationWaiakea High School
Hight5 Feet 8 Inches
Weightapprox. 69kg
Ryan Higa biography

Ryan Higa’s family and relationships

Martial statusUnmarried
FatherWendel Higa
MotherLuci Higa
BrotherKyle Higa
CousinMaya Higa
GirlfriendNot dating anyone as of 2022
Ryan Higa family and relationships

Ryan Higa YouTube Career

His famous YouTube channel, nigahiga, was YouTube’s most-subscribed channel. And it has remained for 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011. It is surpassed only by PewDiePie. Higa released a podcast in 2018 called “Off the Pill.”  The podcast features YouTubers and celebrities such as KevJumba, Andrew Yang, and Jeremy Lin. In 2020, he started streaming Higa Twitch.

Ryan currently has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube and 773k followers on Twitch. And also, Higa has won a Shorty Award. It was named under the Forbes Top 30 of 30. He has been nominated for three other Shorty Awards, six Hastreeri Awards, and five Teen Choice Awards.

Apart from his YouTube and Twitch content, he has also published a memoir of Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good

He appeared in Tell Me How I Die (2016) and Finding ‘Ohana (2021).

Ninja Melk, a 26-minute short film video about ninjas, was released in August 2009. The story is about a ninja master named Master Ching who sends his student Lapchung to find a replacement, Higa & Fujiyoshi.

Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa

Most nigahiga videos were single attempts and usually collaborated with other YouTube users. Since 2012, Higa has added Ryan Higa Production Company (R.H.P.C.), including Sean Fujiyoshi, who collaborated on content for the nigahiga channel.  In 2016, Higa and other YouTubers and friends created the satirical K-pop Group Boys Generally Asian. In mid-2018, Fujiyoshi was living with his current girlfriend. The group left to study for a degree in engineering, especially when they left the area for Sacramento, California.

Ryan Higa’s YouTube Channels


The nigahiga YouTube Channel was created on July 20, 2006. Higa, Fujiyoshi, Enos, and Nago, known as “The Yabo Crew,” collectively created the channel. “As of December 21, 2010, it had reached 3 million subscribers. This was the first channel to do so. Higa has said in the past that his channel name is derived from a collection of “Niga.” Ryan pronounces “Rant” in Japanese and his Okinawan last name “Higa.” 

Ryan Higa later revealed that his channel name derived from encouraging people to pronounce his surname correctly. He regrets that this may backfire. He refused to change the name of his channel for many years.


In 2011, he created his second channel, HigaTV. He posted video blogs and behind-the-scenes videos. In 2012, Higa co-founded the Internet Icon, Internet Video Making Skills Competition, with Christine Luckin and Timothy Delageto as Chief Justices, helping to establish the Y.O.M.Y.O.M.F. Network.

Ryan Higa social media profiles

FacebookTyan Higa

Nigahiga Team Members

Greg Sanatan Nigahiga Cameraman

Also known by the nickname Slopsmcgee, he is a former member of the Stepboys dance troupe. Joined Ryan Higa’s production company as a cameraman. He was a Filipino. He was initially from Roseville, California. His brand of mustache, which grew into a joke, made him very famous.

Greg Sanatan was a founding member of the Step Boys and, in 2012, received national attention with the band for the seventh time on America’s Best Dance Troupe.

Nihahiga cameraman Greg Sanatan
Nihahiga cameraman Greg Sanatan

Daina Benzon

Meanwhile, she moved from Roseville, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada. Her brother is a D.J. druskee. In 2004, she began dating Greg. Dancer and internet personality Greg Saniatan became a popular Instagram character as her long-time girlfriend.

Daina Benzon attended California State University in Sacramento. She has over 60,000 followers on her dainabobaina Instagram account. Ryan Higa and Daina are good friends.

Diana Benzon with Greg Sanatan
Diana Benzon with Greg Sanatan

Derrick Dereleek

Derrick Dereleek is a member of Trevor Steven Leong R.H.P.C. He appears in Ryan’s videos and crashes.

In addition to appearing on NigaHiga, Dereleek has his own YouTube channel, “dereleektv .” He posts Ryan’s funny videos. Once or twice a month, he uploads videos. On average, he has about 10,000 video views.

Derrick Dereleek
Derrick Dereleek

Ryan Higa Relationships

Ryan had an affair with Erica, but they later separated. He has not disclosed many information regarding his relationship status recently.

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How old is Nigahiga?

Ryan Higa was born on 6th of June 1990 in Hawaii; United States and his birth sign is Gemini.

Where is Ryan Higa from?

You may wonder where is NigaHiga from. Ryan is from Hilo, Hawaii, US, the place where he was born.

Is Ryan Higa married?

Youtuber Nigahiga is not married yet.

What is Ryan Higa ethnicity?

Nigahiga is Okinawan descent and his Nationality is American.

Are maya and Ryan Higa related?

Maya Higa is American social media personality mostly known for YouTube and Twitch. Ryan and Maya are cousins.

Who is Ryan Higa dating 2022?

Ryan had a relationship with actress Arden Cho but as of 2022 he is not dating anyone.

What car does Ryan Higa drive?

Ryan Higa owns a Maserati GTS Gransport.

Is Ryan Higa dead?

Nigahiga now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Does Ryan Higa have siblings?

Ryan has an older brother named Kyle Higa.

Did Ryan Higa quit YouTube?

Ryan active on YouTube from his two YouTube channels Nigahiga and Higa TV. Nigahiga YouTube channel is not update currently. Its last video was uploaded on 25th of April 2020. But Higa TV channel is very updated

Who is Ryan Higa manager?

Greg Sanatan is Nigahiga cameramen. But there is not any information revealed yet about Ryan Higa’s Manager to the public.

Is Ryan Higa single?

Ryan is not married and he is not dating anyone as of 2022. So Nigahiga is single as of 2022.

Can Ryan Higa speak Japanese?

You will know Ryan is a Japan Okinawan descent. But he doesn’t speak Japan language.

Is Ryan Higa married?

You may wonder is Nigahiga married. Rayan is still single.

Where does Ryan Higa live?

He is living in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

Is Ryan Higa and Jeremy Lin related?

Ryan and Jeremy Lin are longtime friends.

Is Nigahiga Japanese?

Ryan’s ethnicity is Japan Okinawan but he was born in Hawaii. US so Nigahiga nationality is American.

How much did Nigahiga make from Twitch?

According to his Twitch views his monthly income from twitch is believed to be at least $ 800.

how to pronounce nigahiga?

American pronunciation: nee·guh·hee·guh
British pronunciation: ni·guh·hi·guh