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Brave Wilderness Net Worth & Interesting Facts of Team

Brave Wilderness Net Worth & Interesting Facts of Team

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Brave Wilderness is a YouTube channel dedicated to creatures in the wild. It depicts Coyote Peterson, an animal expert and adventurer, and his crew on a sequence of expeditions. You can view ants, frogs, reindeer, fish, crocodiles, also the foxes, and other animals.

Brave Wildness Origin

Peterson had approached numerous documentary film networks with his concept in the hopes of becoming a documentary filmmaker. Regrettably, practically every channel rejected him. As a result of these experiences, he decided to start his own YouTube channel.

He eventually launched his own YouTube channel, which he named Brave Wilderness. Finally, his new career began on September 8, 2014. Debut, he posted Breaking Trail-Trailer, his first video.

Coyote Peterson Biography and Lifestyle

On September 1, 1981, Coyote was born to American parents. He’s a brave 41-year-old man. Breaking Trail, a Discovery Channel show, and the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel helped Peterson gain fame. He also took a film course at Ohio State University and he graduated in 2004. He used to travel all over the country.

Known asCoyote Peterson
Real nameNathaniel Peterson
Birthday01 September 1981
BirthplaceNewbury Center, Ohio, U.S.
Zodiac signVirgo
Height5 Feet 11 Inches
Weightapprox. 75 kg
Brave Wilderness Coyote Peterson
Brave Wilderness Coyote Peterson

Coyote Peterson Career

He teaches viewers about the world of animals and promotes a future in which habitats and species are preserved. Coyote, for example, includes videos of him purposefully being stung by creatures thought to have the most severe stings ever. Furthermore, Coyote’s Breaking Trail won a 2015 Emmy award.

Beyond the Tide, Dragon Tails, Base Camp, Blue Wilderness are some of the YouTube series he’s in. On Location, and Coyote’s Backyard are also among the series he hosts in his channel. He also wrote books on his animal adventures as well as the bites and stings with his experience.

Coyote Peterson Family Personal Life Relationships and More

In the mid-2000s, Coyote Peterson married. Pup Peterson is his daughter’s name. And also, many of her father’s ‘YouTube’ videos feature her.

Brave Wildness Team Members

Coyote Peterson, Mark Laivins, Mario Aldecoa, make up the Brave Wilderness crew. Also, there’s a site specialist who assists with logistics when in environments. Chris Kost and Ryan Gebrura, who work in the office, make up an excellent editing team too.

Mark Vins (Director/Camera Operator)

Mark Vins born on March 20, 1993, in the United States. He co-founded the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel, a wildlife and adventure filmmaker. He has won an Emmy Award for his work. In 2008, he graduated from Ohio State University. As a cinematographer, Mark began his career behind the camera, soon creating his own distinct style of presentation and storytelling. His first TikTok, released in May 2020, has over 100,000 views.

In July 2018, he also launched the Blue Wilderness YouTube channel, debuting a series trailer. He hosts a range of shows. They include travel adventures and shark diving. And, of course, the animal stuff made Brave Wilderness the sensation it is today. Mark’s net worth is $1.2 Million as of 2022.

Mario Aldecoa (Wildlife Biologist/Camera Operator)

On January 20, 1985, Mario Aldecoa was born in Miami, Florida, and is a well-known photographer. He is a natural biologist and photographer. He has documented a diverse range of creatures in Portugal, the Everglades, and other wildlife locations. His shots can be found on both his website and Instagram.

He became a natural member of the team after meeting Coyote and the rest of the crew. He met them at one of Brave Wilderness’s earliest performances. Mario is a well-known photographer who has amassed a fortune in the millions of dollars. And also, he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Mario Aldecoa Brave Wilderness Camera Operater
Mario Aldecoa Brave Wilderness Camera Operater

Social media

Coyote has over 4.5 million Facebook fans. His Instagram account currently has over 694k followers. He has over 52K Twitter followers.

Brave Wilderness net worth

Peterson has a net worth of roughly $3 million as of 2022, which is remarkable given he is a YouTuber. Coyote Peterson earns money from a variety of sources. He can supplement his income through sponsorships and item sales. Audible, Universal Pictures, Dream Works Animation, B&H Photo, Hersheys, and others are among the sponsors.


Is Brave Wilderness fake?

Some people say Coyote Peterson is faking or overreaction to his videos. A YouTuber named Danny Berk also talking on his videos. Danny Berk is doing ant stung videos on his channel his reaction is normally not like Coyote. That’s why he accuses Coyote Peterson of overreacting.

Why did Coyote Peterson retire?

No, he didn’t retire from YouTube and he is vlogging on YouTube as always.

What is Pup Peterson real name?

Pup is Coyote’s 14 years old daughter. Her real name is Pup Peterson.

What is Coyote Peterson real name?

Coyote’s real name is Nathaniel Peterson.

Is Coyote Peterson still alive?

Coyote is vlogging as usual and he lives in good health.

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