Get to know Lost Leblanc net worth, girlfriend and lifestyle

Get to know Lost Leblanc net worth, girlfriend and lifestyle


Among the revolutionary young talents in the modern world, Lost Leblanc has been able to put his name as a vlogger along with lots of recognized work. He has been a lucky individual to make an income through his habit of travel vlogging.   

Biography and early life

He was born a Canadian. Lost Leblanc is 29 years old. Christian LeBlanc was the name given to him by his friends. There is not much to know about Christian LeBlanc’s early life, as he has not mentioned much about his early life.

His parents had an interest in teaching him so he could find a source of living in the end. He had to sacrifice 05 years of his school hood to find a job in an accountancy firm.

Although his financial problems did not make him leave that job, satisfaction was a crucial one. In one of his videos, he mentioned, “I lost my drive, my ambition, to the point where getting out of bed every day became a battle.”

Known asLost LeBlanc
Real nameChristian LeBlanc
Birthday18 March 1993
Birth placeCanada
Zodiac signPisces
ProfessionYoutuber, Blogger, Teacher,

Family and relationships

Lost Leblanc has had an awesome family life with his parents, according to his expressions on social media. Lost Leblanc has not been associated with many people in the school, though.

There are two important things an interested party should know; he is one of the friends of Zac Efron and has dated Laura Reid. The relationship did not last long as both were busy in their careers. At present, he is dating Katy Esquivel.

Who is Lost Leblanc’s girlfriend?

You may wonder who is Lost Leblanc new girlfriend after he broke up with Katy. Christian Leblanc posted on Instagram on the 15th of May 2021 about his new girlfriend. She is Ruby and they met at Tulum, Mexico. Ruby is also a YouTuber and “Rubys Travels” is her channel name. As a growing channel it has 5.78K subscribers on YouTube.

Lost Leblanc girlfriend Ruby at Bali
Lost Leblanc girlfriend Ruby in Bali

Who is Lost Leblanc ex-girlfriend?

Katy Esquivel is ex-girlfriend of Lost Leblanc. She is a celebrity model who is mainly doing the influencing. Katy has got more than 2.3M followers on Instagram. She has been Lost Leblanc’s girlfriend since 2018 and they broke up in September 2020.


Lost Leblanc was an account professional in an accountancy firm. He started his career thanks to his education. Lost Blanc then chose vlogging, and the start of his present career happened during his visit to Thailand. His teacher was himself.

Lost started to do video editing, designing, and videography using online sources. He first started a YouTube channel in 2015 when he was just 22 years. He uploaded videos related to travel and lifestyle, and still, he is doing that. Not only travel videos but Instagram posts, blog posts are his interests.

Leblanc has his own website, which sells his skills as a teacher. His experience in editing, photography and videography are sold mainly through his website.

Along with the fame he got, he could work with popular brands such as Nikon, Google, Samsung, and Air Canada. Along with these brands, he suggests specific models for his fans.

Social media

YouTube is where he is strong. Lost has uploaded 751 videos and has been able to get 186,006,638. He has 1.9 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Lost LeBlanc. He usually uploads videos related to lifestyle, travel, and video editing like stuff.

Leblanc has just 508K followers on Facebook. Leblanc is not very active on Facebook as well. He posted on December last year on Facebook.

Leblanc is on Instagram as lost LeBlanc. He is uploading videos related to his family life in addition to his career and influence. Leblanc is usually letting his fans know about his whereabouts through his Instagram. At present, he is in Bali. He has 930 posts on Instagram, along with 653k follower interactions.

Twitter is where he is least popular, along with 15.7K Followers and 1358 tweets. He has spent almost a decade on Twitter since he joined Twitter in 2013. When coming to entertainment, LeBlanc is a Tiktoker, and he has 512.6KFollowers and 11.4MLikes on his TikTok account.

YouTubeLost LeBlanc
FacebookLost LeBlanc
Christian LeBlanc social media Profiles

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Lost Leblanc Net worth

Lost Leblanc has a net worth of $1M. His teaching, YouTube views, and influence have brought that net worth to him as well.


How old is Lost Leblanc?

Born on March 18, 1993, Lost LeBlanc is 29 years old. Christian LeBlanc had his 29th birthday very recently, a couple of weeks ago.

How much does Lost Leblanc make?

Christian LeBlanc makes about 1.5K USD per year.

What camera lens does Lost Leblanc use?

Christian LeBlanc main camera is a Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, and he has secondary choices such as Panasonic GH4.

What mic does Lost Leblanc use?

Christian LeBlanc is using an MKE 600 Camcorder Shotgun Mic for his video and editing stuff.

Does Lost Leblanc have a new girlfriend?

Yes, Christian LeBlanc has a new girlfriend after Laura Reid. He is now dating Katy Esquivel.

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