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Things Your Boss Needs to know about Katy Esquivel

It’s no secret that Katy Esquivel is a Peruvian Instagram sensation, social media star, and model. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all places where she posts pictures and anecdotes about her daily life.

Let’s find out the latest news about her relationships, lifestyle with net worth.

I was quite bashful, and a YouTuber suggested I do videos. It began like therapy. I felt at ease with only 20-30 people watching my films and commenting on them.

Katy Esquivel

Katy Esquivel Biography

On the 26th of July, 1989, in Lima, Peru, Katy was born. Katy Esquivel is her birth name, and she is 33 years old. She is Leo, according to the zodiac. The serpent is her astrological sign. Katy Esquivel’s height is 5’6″, and she weighs 58 kg.

In various instances, she claimed that she had a tough childhood.

Family and Relationships

Parents and Siblings

She has two brothers who are older than her. On Instagram, she frequently posts pictures of her nephew. Her family has always supported her endeavors, particularly her decision to pursue a degree in Marketing and Fashion Marketing at the university level.

Katy Esquivel Boyfriend

In 2017, she began dating Kev Rogers, and then in 2018, she began dating Christian LeBlanc. Christian LeBlanc goes by the alias Lost LeBlanc on YouTube.

He resigned from his job to tour the world in 2017 and became a sensation on YouTube. Katy was a frequent companion on many of his excursions. Christian and Katy ended their romance in September 2020 after building up a significant fan base and thanking them for their support in a video posted to YouTube.

Katy Esquivel is currently dating Daniel Whittingham.

Katy Esquivel with her boyfriend Daniel Whittingham
Katy Esquivel with her boyfriend Daniel Whittingham

How Did Katy Esquivel Start Her Career?

Katy Esquivel‘s fascination with fashion and beauty dates back to her childhood when she would sneak spritzes of her mother’s perfume and dress up in her clothes.

After graduation, Esquivel traveled to Los Angeles to study merchandising and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing.

Katy started recording in English, but her audience exploded when she moved to Spanish. A video about how to walk in high heels was one of her first viral triumphs. “The Hispanic YouTube community was pretty limited back then,” she explains. “People kept urging me to do a video,” she says. “I thought, ‘This is so strange.’ No one can walk in heels!’ Then a star was born.

As an example for her video, Katy’s boyfriend reacting to her Halloween costume, or getting the bikini line ready for summer. Achieving self-confidence is a goal of her lifestyle channel, she says. In addition to accepting who you are, loving yourself means nurturing your body and mind. A wonderful coating of confidence to feel attractive inside and out is what she prefers to show.

In addition to What the Chic, she is very active on Katy Travels. On this sibling channel, she shares travel advice from Cancun, So Paulo, and Dubai (Oman and Japan are two of her recent favorite destinations).

Social Media

YouTubewhatthechic and Katy Travels
FacebookWhat The Chic
TwitterKaty Esquivel

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Katy Esquivel’s Net Worth

Katy Esquivel’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million. Her major career as a YouTube star has made her wealthy.


Katy is a YouTuber, beauty, and style expert known for her WhatTheChic YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers in her native Spain. She also has a vlogging channel with more than 1.5 million subscribers.


Where is Katy Esquivel from?

She is from Lima, Peru.

Why did Lost Leblanc break up with Katy?

Because they wanted different things, Leblanc explained, they decided to end their relationship because each believed that they could achieve their full potential on their own rather than together.

Who is Katy Esquivel dating?

Currently, Katy Esquivel is possibly single, according to our records.

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