Here is the story behind YouTube Gold Miner Dan Hurd

Here is the story behind YouTube Gold Miner Dan Hurd.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your hobby became your profession? Dan Hurd is a well-known content creator who has succeeded in this challenge. He is a famous gold miner who promotes the art of mineral prospecting via his YouTube channel.

Dan Hurd offers gold prospecting courses and carries an online store with his brand name. Stay tuned, and read more to explore more about Dan Hurd.

Dan Hurd’s biography and early life

Dan Hurd, aka Danielle Hurd, is a 65-year-old (as of 2022) content creator from Canada. He is married and has two sons. Dan started as a gold prospector and launched his YouTube channel in July 2008.

Dan grew up in the small town of Penticton, located near the Okanagan valley in the corner of British Columbia. Dan and his older sister were brought up by his father, a mechanic, and his mother, who worked in real estate. Dan has shared his interest in working with his hands since he was young and has followed gold prospecting as a hobby.

Dan’s shared passion is gold prospecting, but his primary profession is as a secondary school teacher and counselor. He teaches at Mount Boucherie Secondary School. He lived his entire life in Canada (Kelowna in British Columbia), so his career revolved around his area.

Dan Hurd’s heart surgery

In 2020, Dan had to undergo open heart surgery to repair his mitral valve. He was having some health issues before the surgery, but he is now 95% healthier than before.

How much is Dan Hurd’s net worth?

Since Dan is a highly paid, unique content creator, his average net worth, calculated by internet ratings, is approximately $900k. Furthermore, when it comes to his earnings, he receives around $10k per month from YouTube advertising revenue, for a total of roughly $120k per year.

Who is Dan Hurd’s wife?

Dan Hurd is currently married to Dayna Hurd. He met Dayna in the Okanagan. Even though there’s not much information about Dayna, she is featured in many of Dan’s videos.

Family and relationships

Dan Hurd got married a couple of times. His first wife was a professional wrestler, Luna Vachon. She played for the WWE, WWF, and WCW, and did many more promotions. She passed away in 2010, but Dan and Luna were together between 1980 and 1985.

They divorced in 2010 and have two kids, Van Hurd and Joshua Hurd. As aforementioned, Dan’s current wife is Dayna Hurd.

What is Dan Hurd Prospecting?

His online store is He is selling some gold, gems, T-shirts, and tools in his store. Also, he shares some photos captured while prospecting.


Dan Hurd is a highly-paid creator who is well-known for his unique content and is a hard-working, passionate person who is dying hard for his career. His first attempt was to share his hobby with the audience, which has currently become the source of his primary income.

His content is featured in many catchy locations around British Columbia, and it includes a significant number of hiking videos as well. Being a teacher by instinct, the most noteworthy aspect of his channel is the prospecting courses he shares to let the audience learn more about gold prospecting.

His channel is a roller coaster that elaborates on mineral prospecting, gold panning, metal detecting, crystal collecting, rock hunting, and mining. Besides being a gold prospecting professional, Dan is a teacher at Mount Boucherie Secondary School and a counselor.

Dan Hurd

Social media

Dan Hurd has over 900K subscribers on YouTube and has shared over 600 videos. Similarly, YouTube is the primary source of income and the platform where he received his fame. Click here to watch more of his reels and go through his mineral prospecting educational lessons.

Dan has over 400k followers on Facebook, and more details about his mining company are shared via this platform.

On Instagram, he has over 17.4k followers and shares a good deal of his mining on it.

Additionally, he has over 1K followers on Twitterand his passions influence his tweets if you check through them.


Where is Dan Hurd from?

Dan Hurd is from Canada, from Kelowna in British Columbia.

How old is Dan Hurd?

He was born on June 27, 1956, and is 65 years old as of the year 2022.

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