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Who is the man in My Self Reliance? + Net worth & Lifestyle

Who is the man in My Self Reliance? + Net worth & Lifestyle

Who is the man in My Self Reliance?

Shawn James is the man in the My Self Reliance videos. If you have spent hours watching how this strange man is doing amazing things, then credit goes to Shawn James. Shawn spends months in the wild building fabulous cabins, and his YouTube channel is the ultimate help he has got. This article will explain My Self Reliance Shawn James’s biography and early life, Family and Relationships, Net worth, and a few questions you might have about this fantastic man.

Shawn James’s biography and early life

Shawn was born on April 10, 1970, in Canada. He was born to a middle-class family in Newmarket, where he spent his childhood. As a Canadian, he got lucky to enjoy the wild and its every feature. In his own words, he had spent his childhood near a farming land and a small forest where he spent hours enjoying the wild. Although wood and structures are his concerns, snakes were his most admired creatures for him.

Fishing was one of his skills, and that was taught to him by his grandparents. Shawn’s grandparents had owned a trailer in Honey Harbor, and Shawn had spent his time there too. Shawn’s mother had presented him with the book two little savages, written by Ernest Thompson Seton. The writer is among those who also introduced boy scouts into the American region. That was pretty inspiring for him to be attracted to the wild further and more profound. Although Shawn did not have any affection for education, canoeing and building cabins in the woods were his favorites even at 12.

Was Shawn James in the Military?

Although wild looks familiar to him and Shawn has training in the Military, he has not been in the Military. All the training he has got is from his personal experience.

Family and relationships

Shawn has not revealed much about his siblings. But, his mother was the person who wanted him to be a nature lover. Also, his grandparents taught him many things, including fishing, hiking, and creating cabins. Although Shawn is a nature lover, he has not been in relationships with women in public. At present, Shawn is married, and he is a father of two girls. Although his wife appears in some My Self Reliance videos, his daughters don’t come to the camera much. Also, the golden retriever, Cali, is their pet, and it has always got the family’s love. 

Shown James Career

The experience is what Shawn has got. He quit his education at the age of 17 and went to work in a sheet metal work center at the age of 21. He became a professional in sheet metal after 08 served in there. Since Shawn had the education and experience in Sheet Metal Engineering, so he started his own company when he was 30 years old. However, he could not coin-tune the business as he was struck in debts.

After serving some valuable time in his next business related to renewable energy, he felt that the business was not what he had been clever at. He quit everything he had and went into basics, spending time in the woods and thinking of a useful way to bring an income.

The man behind My Self Reliance - Shown James
The man behind My Self Reliance – Shown James

My Self Reliance net worth

Shawn James’s net worth is based on his youtube channel. My Self Reliance. It has got a net worth of $430,000. However, along with his other income sources, that will be around $1.5 million.

What did Shawn James do for a living?

Selling photographs to people, affiliate marketing, influencing, Youtubing, and consultation were the areas where he worked at that time. 2017 was a crucial year for him as he built his Cabin in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Along with his featured video in ABC News, he became a viral youtube channel owner. He creates videos and uploads them to the YouTube platform, which makes his primary income. 

My Self Reliance on social media

Shawn James is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is much more active on Instagram, where he uploads posts related to his wildlife, family interests, and influencers. Although Shawn has 218k followers on Facebook, he doesn’t have at least 10k followers on Twitter. He is not active on Facebook and Twitter either.


How much did Shawn James sell his cabin for?

He has sold several Cabins he built. But, he has not revealed the prices of all of those cabins.

Why is My Self Reliance’s Shawn James moving?

He loves the wild and accepts new challenges. That is why he moves to new locations and finds amazing ideas to build new cabins in the wood.

Is My Self Reliance owner a millionaire?

Yeah. According to records, the owner, Shawn James, has a net worth of $1.5M.

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