Nabela Noor Net Worth 2024 A Quick Look Into Her Age, Husband, Lifestyle, and Career Journey!

Nabela Noor Net Worth 2024 | A Quick Look Into Her Age, Husband, Lifestyle, and Career Journey!

Nabela Noor is an American entrepreneur known for her engaging YouTube channel and Aesthetic content on Instagram. Her unique beauty and lifestyle content has captured fans across the globe. Nabela Noor’s net worth is estimated at around 5 Million Dollars, as of 2024. Beyond her digital fame, Noor has become a beacon for body positivity and an advocate for self-love. This 32-year-old Muslim-American influencer is married to the Entrepreneur, Seth Martin

Nabela has leveraged her influence to empower her audience, branching into various business ventures and activism. She has an impressive online following and her financial success is matched by her widespread praise. Her million-dollar net worth showcases her diverse endeavors and successful career in social media. Noor’s life off-camera as an entrepreneur and a family woman is just as rich and compelling. Let’s dive in to learn more about the iconic Nabela.

Key Takeaways

  • Nabela Noor has a net worth of 5 Million Dollars through her social media and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • She serves as a role model for empowerment, self-love, and social activism.
  • Nabela is a Bangladeshi-American successful in both personal and professional aspects.

Nabela Noor’s Net Worth in 2024

Nabela Noor has a net worth of $5 Million. There has been a significant increase in her net worth over the years. Her YouTube channel has over 1 Million subscribers and she earns over $95k from her channel. By 2024, is expected to grow even further. Her financial growth comes from her diverse income streams and successful brand endorsements.

Net Worth Milestones

  • 2023: Nabela Noor’s net worth was a reported $5 million.
  • 2024: Continued growth due to business expansions and social media presence.

Which brand endorsements has Nabela Noor been a part of?

Nabela has collaborated with various cosmetic and fashion brands, leveraging her influence to secure lucrative deals. Her endorsements endorsements include MAC makeup and The Body Shop’s eco-friendly makeup. Nabela has also collaborated with The PÜR beauty cosmetics to launch a new collection of beauty products.

Noor’s collection launched with a presale event on October 29, 2023 along with a full launch on November 5, 2023 at, and They also contribute substantially to her income. 

Apart from the rest, Nabela had an iconic collaboration with the singer and actress, Selena Gomez. She tried Selena’s makeup line while discussing with Selena about the importance self-love and inclusivity.

Nabela Noor’s Age, Height & Biography

Nabela Noor, a notable personality in social media, was born on August 4, 1991, in  New York, United States. She is 32 years old as of 2023 and is marking the start of a significant journey.

Raised with an emphasis on education, Noor completed her high school studies at just 16 years of age. She immediately went to pursue higher education after high school. She first attended a community college and then transferred to Pennsylvania State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Nabela is approximately 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 72 kg. Her biography showcases a solid academic background in sociology for entrepreneurial and advocacy efforts. The influence Noor holds, particularly within the beauty and fashion industry, stems greatly from her academic and real-life experiences.

Real NameNabela Noor Martin
ProfessionYouTuber, Entrepreneur, Author, Designer
Age (as of 2023)32 years old
Birth DateAugust 4, 1991
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplaceNew York, USA
Lives inPennsylvania, USA 
EducationPennsylvania State University
(Bachelor’s degree in Sociology)
Nabela Noor Net Worth$5 Million
Height5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight72 kg
Eye colour Black
Hair colourBlack
Nabela Noor Net Worth
Image source: Nabela Noor YouTube

Nabela Noor’s Husband, Family and Relationship

Nabela Noor is married to the Entrepreneur Seth Martin. She maintains a close-knit family with her husband and two daughters, Amalia and Aveena. Nabela has experienced significant personal milestones alongside her husband and family. 

Her parents Mr. Noor and Mrs. Belly are originally from Bangladesh and they later moved to the US. Nabela has five siblings, with two older brothers, one older sister, and two younger sisters. 

HusbandSeth Martin
ChildrenAmalia Rana and Aveena Rana
Father NameMr. Noor
Mother NameMrs. Belly
SiblingsTwo older brothers 
One older sister
Two younger sisters.

What does Nabela Noor’s husband do for a living?

Seth Martin, Nabela Noor’s husband, has been a supportive figure in her entrepreneurial journey. Specific details of Seth’s career are not widely publicized. However, Seth is an entrepreneur and he frequently appears in Nabela’s videos. He designs and transforms their house in Pennsylvania quite often to suite their personal and professional needs. Seth’s shared experiences with Nabela suggest a partnership that extends into their professional lives. 

Nabela and Seth’s family life is enriched by their two daughters. The two daughters came into their lives after Nabela’s documented struggles with pregnancy. Her path to motherhood was difficult, but it eventually led to the joy of welcoming their children into the world. Nabela is often seen supported by her parents and siblings. Family values and bonds are evidently central to Nabela’s life and she frequently celebrates them on her social media content.

Nabela Noor family (Parents and siblings)
Image source: People Exclusive Photos

Nabela Noor House: Where Does Nabela Noor Live?

Nabela Noor currently lives in Pennsylvania. She has carefully crafted a living space that reflects her personal style and cultural influences. Nabela also got the support of her friend Leanne Ford. Leanne is an advocate for clean, bright spaces just like Nabela. 

Design Inspiration: Nabela’s residence incorporates a blend of inspirations. South Asian textiles are a source of influence, bringing a variety of patterns into the space. Her home also includes neutral colors rather than a range of vibrant colors. She transformed the color palette of her home to neutral tones but with bright, and light aspects.

“I just wanted to create a space that felt like a safe haven for my husband and myself. And it is. It is our little oasis, and we can’t wait for our baby girl’s footprints to make our dream home that much more of a dream come true.”

Nabela Noor (Architectural Digest)

Interior Aesthetics: The interiors of her house are thoughtfully arranged. Every element inside the house provides not only visual appeal but also functional spaces. Rooms offer an ultimate comfort and a cozy vibe. The interior also ensures that every corner of the home is used efficiently and stylishly.

Amenities and Features: Her home is well-equipped with modern amenities that cater to a comfortable lifestyle. From a practical kitchen setup designed for ease of use to cozy living areas ideal for relaxation.

Nabela Noor’s Career Highlights and Achievements

Nabela Noor’s celebrated career is marked by her passionate advocacy for self-love and inclusion. She initially received attention through her YouTube channel, where she shared makeup tutorials, product reviews, and insights into her life as a Muslim-American woman. Noor’s relatable content and positive messaging quickly resonated with a wide audience, pushing her into the spotlight.

  • YouTube Success: Engaging beauty and lifestyle content
  • Advocacy: Promoting self-love and inclusion

Her revolutionary journey from being an influencer to a business owner showed her dynamism and commitment to her values. Nabela expanded her brand by launching her company Zeba, “a self-love community and a clothing brand.” Nabela’s clothing, Zeba emphasizes body positivity and offers a range of size-inclusive clothing.

  • Entrepreneurship: Founder and CEO of Zeba
  • Fashion: Introduction of size-inclusive clothing lines

Her career has now grown to owning multiple brands. Nabela has also grown her platform into selling multiple high-quality products in homemaking. She also, co-owns Saara & Begum candle collection which has gained significant popularity. Apart from that, she also took her career in a different direction as an author. She authored and published a collection of children’s books called “Beautifully Me,” which promotes self-love and body positivity. 

Through her content, Noor pushes people for greater acceptance and diversity. Her impact on the entrepreneurial world through a platform on social media driven by her core principles sets her apart as a pioneer among content creators. 

Nabela Noor’s Empowerment and Activism

Nabela Noor has established herself not just as an entrepreneur, but as a strong voice for empowerment and activism. Her advocacy has become an integral part of her brand and influence.

Body Positivity and Inclusivity: Noor has been an important figure in championing self-acceptance and challenging beauty standards. She underscores the importance of representation, inspiring her audience to embrace their natural beauty, regardless of size or skin tone.

Community Initiatives: Throughout her career, she has participated in various initiatives and campaigns that focus on empowerment. Her work ranges from public speaking at events to partnering with brands that align with her message of inclusivity.


  • Beauty Redefined
  • Empowerment over Size Discrimination
  • Active engagement with “Curvy Con”


  • Beautifully Me
  • Lovely Little Me

Through her multiple platforms, Noor continues to impact her audience, nurturing an environment of positivity and self-love. Her books and campaigns are pillars of her dedication to making the world a more inclusive place for all.

Nabela Noor Weight Loss

Nabela Noor’s journey with weight loss has become a notable topic among her followers and the broader internet community. Her visibility as a public figure has led to frequent comparisons between her past and current physical appearance.

Following her second pregnancy, there has been a visible transformation in Noor’s figure. It is an observation that online spectators have been quick to note. Platforms like Guru Gossip have fostered discussions about her weight loss. Some are speculating on the use of weight management drugs such as Ozempic.

  • Before vs. After: Internet discussions often center around side-by-side image comparisons of Noor.
  • Guru Gossip Chatter: Users on this forum have suggested the potential use of weight loss medication.

It’s important to highlight that Noor has not publicly confirmed anything regarding her weight loss. Consequently, any mention of specific medications remains speculative and lacks validity. 

Nabela Noor Clothing | Fashion and Entrepreneurship

Nabela Noor has emerged as an influential figure in the fashion industry. As the founder of the clothing brand Zeba, she has become a beacon for self-love and confidence within the community. Launched in 2019, Zeba embodies a spirit of celebration for all body types, offering a range of sizes to accommodate a diverse customer base.

Year Milestone

2019 – Zeba Brand Launch

2020+ – Community Expansion

In the realm of fashion, Nabela has been pivotal in shifting industry standards toward inclusivity. Her leadership in fashion and business continues to inspire. It also paves the way for aspiring entrepreneurs and designers who share her philosophy.

What is ‘Love and Noor’?

Love and Noor is a collective umbrella for several brands and initiatives created by Nabela Noor. Her Love and Noor platform is available for the public to shop some of her iconic products like, home napkins, pillow covers, and other accessories. Most of her products are sewn from authentic Bangladeshi sari fabrics. The spice tins on her website are also curated from Bangladeshi markets.

  1. Nabela Noor’s Personal Brand: As a public figure, Nabela leverages her platform to promote positivity and uplift her audience.
  2. Zeba: A movement and lifestyle brand that encourages individuals to embrace and celebrate their versions of beauty.
  3. Nabela Noor Home: This community offers insights into modern homemaking, reflecting Noor’s touch on decor and design.
  4. Noor House: A non-profit endeavor in Bangladesh, Noor House aims to assist underprivileged youth by providing scholarships.
  5. Saara & Begum: Named with personal significance, these endeavors are an extension of Noor’s heritage and interests.

Each design of Love and Noor resonates with Nabela’s mission to spread a message of compassion and authenticity. Zeba boldly challenges societal standards. Meanwhile, Nabela Noor Home pivots towards creating spaces that speak to the warmth and joy of family life.

Nabela Noor Future Prospects

Nabela Noor’s net worth, as of recent estimates, stands around $5 million. Her wealth is primarily deriving from her successful ventures as a YouTuber, content creator, and entrepreneur. But we can expect her community to grow and business platforms to expand in the upcoming years. 

  • Growth in Net Worth: She has over 1.05 million subscribers on YouTube and a continuously expanding social media presence. Nabela’s net worth can experience an upward traction.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Her business savvy and creative initiatives suggest that Noor may launch new lifestyle products or platforms.
  • Social Media and Collaborations: A key component of future growth may lie in strategic partnerships and sponsored content. 

She remains a significant figure in the dialogue around beauty standards and inclusivity, with her messages resonating across diverse audiences. As Nabela Noor continues to build her empire, her net worth is likely to mirror her expanding influence and entrepreneurial success.

Interesting Facts About Nabela Noor

  • She started the #PocketsofPeace series where she shares good and peaceful moments of each day.
  • Her culinary journey and cooking is hugely inspired by Bengali spices and recipes.
  • Nabela learned Hindi language by watching Bollywood movies and communicating with her.
  • On August 29, 2023, she posted an unboxing video of her newly purchased Range Rover.
  • She met her husband Seth Martin, right before her parents thought of getting her an arranged marriage.

Social Media

Nabela Noor has established a significant presence on various social media platforms, actively engaging a wide audience with her content.


Nabela Noor’s financial status is a testament to her multi-faceted career as a content creatorYouTuber, and entrepreneur. Nabela Noor’s net worth is at around $5 million, underlying her success in leveraging social media to build a livelihood. With a robust following on platforms like YouTube, she has become an influential figure, especially within the realm of beauty and lifestyle.

In terms of personal life, Noor’s marriage to Seth Martin in 2015 augmented her visibility and contributed to her standing in the public eye. Her ethnicity and religion as a Bangladeshi-American Muslim woman have also played a significant role in widening her influence, as she openly shares her experiences and perspectives.


What is Nabela Noor’s net worth?

As of 2023, Nabela Noor’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Where is Nabela Noor based?

Nabela currently lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

Did Nabela Noor have a baby?

Yes. Nabela Noor is currently a mom of two daughters named Amalia Rana and Aveena Rana.

Who is Nabela Noor husband

Nabela Noor is married to the Entrepreneur, Seth Martin.

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