Ying Wiens Net Worth, Biography & How She Met Mark Wiens

Ying Wiens Net Worth, Biography & How She Met Mark Wiens

Ying Wiens is a Thai travel vlogger who was supposedly born in the late 1980s. She belongs to the Asian ethnicity and got married to the famous American YouTuber Mark Wiens. Reportedly estimated Ying’s net worth of 2023 is $3 million. She might not earn as much as her husband, Mark. But she goes along with him in growing his career.

The article explores Ying Wiens’s net worth, biography, early life, how she met Mark Wiens, and their life ahead.

Ying Wiens’s Net worth 2023

As of 2023, Ying Wiens has a net worth of 3 million USD. Although Ying has a career, she was busy after her marriage. Ying collects a fair amount from her previous career as a blogger and traveler. According to popularbio.com, Ying’s net worth is as below.

  • in 2020 – 2.5 million USD
  • in 2021- 3 million USD
  • in 2022 – 3 million USD

How did Ying Wiens and Mark Wiens meet?

Ying met Mark for the first time in Bangkok. There he was working at a school as an English Teacher. Their first meeting soon converted into a love affair.

Finally, the couple resulted in tying the knot. According to Mark, Ying is the most amazing person he has ever met. He considers himself blessed to have Ying in his life.

Mark and Ying Wiens’s marriage life

They married in an intimate ceremony at a Bangkok restaurant in July 2013. It was a cake to remember exactly instead of making beautiful and enormous wedding cakes. They had their favorite fruit, Durian.

Being married to the good chef Ying, Mark benefits by getting tasty food. Also, she became his travel companion. Ying travels with him across the world to film his videos. She greatly supports Mark, as his profession is the big brain behind the camera.

They had their first child three years after Ying and Mark’s marriage. In November 2016, Micah Wiens was born. Mark brought a special video titled “Say Hello to Micah Wiens”- through his YouTube channel informing that.

Ying Wiens helps her husband, Mark, with his work professionally. This Wiens Family of three has a joyful life in Bangkok.

In 2019, Mark opened the Restaurant “Phed Mark” with his three friends. This Thai Restaurant in Bangkok, specified in Pad Caprao, offered five levels of spiciness. Mark’s wife, Ying, an incredible cook, supports running the Phed Mark.

Ying Wiens’s biography and early life

Ying Wiens has Thai nationality and was born in Krabi, Thailand. Write-ups show that she was born after 1987. Her husband, Mark, was born in 1986, and they might not have a big age difference. So she would be around the age of 35 at present.

There are details that she has two sisters. She spent the most time in Thailand with her family until she began traveling. Ying is an exceptional chef like her mother, who is a great cook. Also, she is a traveler and a blogger.

Social media

Ying Wiens is also a vlogger like her husband, Mark. She shares photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. There she has 5117 followers and 73 posts. On Facebook, there are 3.6k followers. She also appears on Mark’s Instagram and Facebook, where she has millions of followers.

Ying Wiens runs her own self-titled YouTube channel. The YouTube channel consists of a few videos of sampling food. Unluckily, she is no longer active on her YouTube channel because she is busy with her kid. Even the last video she posted was in 2016. However, she contributes to supporting Mark in his career.

So, to sum it up

It’s been ten years that Ying and Mark have been together and working impressively as a couple. Since Ying came into Mark’s life, she has become his companion in every aspect. Also, she is famous for accompanying her husband in making food vlogs and blogging.


How old is Ying Wiens?

Currently, there’s no information about Ying’s age.

Where did Mark Wiens meet his wife?

In Thailand. Mark met Ying in Thailand while he was a teacher at a school.

How can I find Ying Wiens on Instagram?

See Ying’s Instagram photos and videos @travelbyying. There are 73 posts on her profile.

How many children does Ying Wiens have?

One child. Micah Wiens is the only child of Ying Wiens and Mark Wiens. Micah is seven years old now.

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