Here are all you need to know about Mark Wiens.

Here are all you need to know about Mark Wiens.


Mark Wiens when in Tibet tour.

Mark Wien is well-known for his famous food vlogs & as a YouTuber. Mark has over 7.5 million subscribers and over 1.9 billion views on YouTube. He is able to get an average of 1 million views per day from different sources. He started his YouTube channel & his famous website in 2009. Wiens has a good understanding of different kinds of varieties of delicacies from all around the globe. Mark wrote so many books on food.


The 36 old vlogger was born on 26th February 1986 in Arizona, USA. His parents are from the same area and had been the earliest inspiration for Wiens. When coming to Mark Wiens’s family, it is a bit larger one, and he was the 3rd to be born.

Mark’s ethnicity is mixed or Asian American as his mother has an Asian origin. Since Mark had to spend a life that did not belong to a particular place, he saw the awesomeness of various food, and he has mentioned that. Mark first had to move to Abbeville, France, at the age of five, then he moved to Congo and then to Kenya. Finally, he came back to his home country, America and completed a degree in Global Studies at the University of Arizona.

What is Mark Wiens real name?

Mark Wiens real name is Mark Allen Christian.

Birthday26th February 1986
Age36 as of 2022
BirthplacePhoenix, Arizona, USA
Height6 ft 1 inch (185cm)
Weightapprox. 64kg
ProfessionYouTube Vlogger, Blogger, Writer
WifeYing Wiens
UniversityArizona State University
Mark Wiens wiki and quick facts

Mark Wiens origin – Where is he from originally?

Wiens is from Phoenix, Arizona USA. HE was born to a Chinese mom and an American dad. So his ethnicity is mixed.

Why people love Mark Wiens?

Mark Wiens in Iran

Most of the food lovers on the internet love Mark. He is a natural food vlogger. People love the facial reactions that he makes when he tastes food. He knows how to speak to the global audience through food. And Wiens always makes his videos informational while keeping it entertaining.

Is Mark Wiens Thai?

There are some good reasons to believe that Mark is Thai, but he is not. He is Chinese American. The main reason people think that he is Thai because most of his food vlogs made there. And speaks Thai fluently just like a native.

Why Mark Wiens so relate to Thailand?

Mark in Thailand Village

After getting the degree from Arizona State University Mark went to South America. Then after six months, he decided to go to Bangkok, Thailand. Then travel another six months in South East Asia. After realizing he was low in cash he flew back to Thailand and started a carrier as an English teacher for one year. He was satisfied as a teacher so he started working as a freelancer. Then he started a blog “eatingthaifood” with his friend Dwight Turner.

Mark Wiens and his Thai wife.

With his family

In 2013 he met the love of his life, Ying Wiens. Mark found a life companion and a travel companion at the same time. Mark’s wife is a Thai national. Mark is so lucky that his wife Ying is a phenomenal chef. Mark enjoys cooking by himself but he prefers his wife’s dishes as well. He put forward their beloved son Micah Wiens on 17th November 2016.

Mark Wiens Family and relationships

Mark’s family consists of Father, a mother, and three more siblings. His father is an American, and his mother is a Chinese woman. His relationship with the family was a steady one as he always had to move from one place to another as his parents were missionaries.

The only relationship Mark had was with his wife Ying as a lover. He now has a son Micah. Although his name and his appearance look a bit Asian, Mark is a Christian in the religion and an American by his citizenship as well. You may wonder, is Mark Wiens Brother Joel Bruner. They are only good friends who love to travel all around the world.

Mark Wiens’s net worth.

As of 2021 Mark Wiens’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. As of March 2022, Wiens’s channel has a net worth of $4.7 million. And an annual income of $1.7 million. He makes nearly $2,000 a day.

He gets revenues from blogging, vlogging, YouTubing, influencing, web content marketing, and writing.

Unknown facts about Mark Wiens.

  • Peanuts are his absolute favorite snack.
  • He loves to go hiking.
  • spent 3 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo when he was a kid.
  • Mark is a morning person; he likes to get up at 5 or 6 am and start writing.
  • Enjoys drinking black, unsweetened coffee.
  • He loves football (soccer).
  • Mark Wiens nationality is American.
  • Went to preschool in Albertville, France.
  • His mother is from Hawaii.
  • He’s afraid of heights.
  • He has had malaria about 10 times.
  • Despite all the massive meals he eats, 6 out of 7 days for breakfast he tries to eat oatmeal.
  • He hates cold weather.
  • Growing up, he passionately disliked reading and writing, now he thoroughly enjoys both.
  • Mark Wiens religion is Christianity.
Mark in Bangkok

Social media

Mark Wiens is available on Instagram along with 1.4M followers. He could pass a 1M margin in 2019. To this day, he has released 2319 posts to Instagram. Mark is popular in Tik Tok as well. He has been able to have 730.4k followers, and 5.6m total likes to his account.

YouTube has been his favorite social media platform which has got 8.59 million followers and over one billion views. Mark has been posting regularly on YouTube channels, and most of his lengthy videos have focused on various food reviews. Although the popular vlogger is available on Twitter, he has not been a regular influencer in it.

YouTubeMark Wiens
Mark Wiens social media profiles


Mark got his profession due to having lots of experience of travelling. Mark started his career as a freelancer who wrote content and posted audio and video attachments to his clients. He then started doing English training in Bangkok, which could not fulfil his financial needs. The documentary that aired on Netflix in 2019 is among his best accomplishments to that day. After coming to the USA, he became an impartial contractor.

Along with lots of positives he could collect, Mark moved to vlogging. At present, he is working on his weblog known as Migrationology. Mark posts content on travelling and food he gets to enjoy while doing the travelling. He travels to various countries in the world and discovers their food cultures. In 2019, Mark travelled to Kerala, India, with Ebbin Jose.


Does Mark Wiens own a restaurant?

Yes, Mark Wien opened a restaurant in 2019 with his three friends. Its name is “Phed Mark”, and it is a famous restaurant among travelers as it has got some of the best spicy food in Bangkok.

What is Mark Wiens’s nationality?

Although Mark’s parents are not pure Americans and his DNA test revealed Mark Wien has Semi-Germany genes, he is an American. And also, he is a Christian in religion so is his family.

Does Mark Wiens have cancer?

Mark has never had cancer, and he is living a healthy and joyful life with his family. Although rumors spread that he is dead, they are all lies. The vlogger is doing his blogging continuously so you don’t need to worry about Mark Wiens health problems.

Where is Mark Wiens parents from?

Mark Wiens’s parents are from Arizona, USA. The origin of his mother is believed to be from China. However, she has grown and got educated in America.

Where is Mark Wiens from?

Mark is from Arizona, USA. At present, he is travelling around the world doing some food vlogging.

Where does mark Wiens live?

He spends his time in Bangkok as his restaurant and family are in Thailand.

What is Mark Wiens ethnicity?

Wiens’ ethnicity is mixed as his father and mother have mixed ethnicities.

How old is mark Wiens son?

Mark Wien’s son’s birthday has not been revealed yet. But, according to his marriage duration, 06 years, his son must be around seven years.

How does Mark Wiens make money?

Mark Wiens gets revenues from blogging, vlogging, Youtubing, influencing, web content marketing, and writing.

How much is Mark Wiens net worth?

The approximate Mark Wiens net worth is about 4.7M USD. Wiens gets revenues from blogging, vlogging, Youtubing, influencing, web content marketing, and writing.

Who is Mark Wiens?

Mark is a popular name due to his commitment to social media. He runs a YouTube channel, does blogging, and is an author from Phoenix.

Mark is a person who has got his existence due to the rise of various platforms in the mid half of the last decade. Among different niches related to vlogging and Youtubing, Wiens’ favour has gone to food and travel.

What is Mark Wiens wife Ying nationality?

Mark wife Ying Wiens is Thai national.

When did Mark Wiens start blogging?

When returned to the United States to attend Mark Wiens’s sister wedding in 2009 he decided to start a blog.

Is Mark Wiens Christian?

Mark’s religion is Christianity.

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