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Who is the man behind Wilderness Cooking YouTube Channel? 



Who is the man behind Wilderness Cooking YouTube Channel_


Cooking has been a topic for YouTube ever since it started. Along with the recent trends related to cooking, YouTubers have been delivering several tastes in it. The Wilderness Cooking is an embracing flavor provided to its followers through Youtube. The Man behind the Wilderness Cooking is Chef Tavakkul. This article will explain Tavakkul’s family and relationships, career, Wilderness cooking net worth, Social media, and questions you might have regarding Tavakkul and His YouTube channel, Wilderness Cooking.

Wilderness Cooking’s Chef Tavakkul biography

Chef Tavakkul is known as Tavakkul Azerbaijan as he is from Azerbaijan. He was born in Qamarvan, which is identified as a vibrant place in Azerbaijan. He was taken to an indigenous Lezgin family, considered the oldest citizens in the region made of Russia, Dagestan, and Azerbaijan. Tavakkul has not revealed his parents’ names, but they must be traditional Sunni Muslims.

According to Tavakkul’s Youtube channel, he has taken his education at his birthplace, Qamarvan. Besides cooking and influencing, he has not shown any additional skills. Chef Tavakkul has not mentioned anything about his higher education either, suggesting he did not have such. His brothers, sisters, and other biographical information are not available.

Family and relationship?

There is nothing about Chef Tavakkul’s family and relationships. It is important to note that Chef Tavakkul introduced himself to Social Media a couple of years ago. According to reliable sources, Chef Tavakkul is a single person and doesn’t have any children as well. He is an Islamic devotee who belongs to Sunni Muslims. Therefore, we can assume that he is not interested in exposing his wife to the internet, even if he has a wife.

When it comes to other relationships, he has had none. Chef Tavakkul is conducting his YouTube channel all alone. Brothers, friends, and there is no one except the birds, goats, fish, and anything he used to cook.


Chef Tavakkul is a professional influencer who has now stepped into all kinds of social media. Although he started his Youtube channel recently, he has spent a long time trying new food in his hometown, Qamarvan. According to his own words on YouTube, Lezgins are experts in two important things, farming, and cooking. Therefore, we can assume that he must have had a restaurant before he steps into Youtubing.

Chef Tavakkul started Youtubing in January 2020 along with his channel, Wilderness Cooking. Although few channels had the exact nature, Chef Tavakkul could go ahead in the field. His recording background is exceptional, with various cooking methods, a live vibe, and his personality wit presenting.

The chef has got 3 million subscribers on YouTube and realized the value of doing affiliate. His career consists of such opportunity gains during the whole time. Currently, he is selling his branding to clients. Also, the chef is busy selling various Special knives and cookware stuff through his other social media platforms.

Wilderness Cooking’s net worth

Wilderness Cooking net worth is between $1M and $2.3M. His youtube income, influencing, brand sponsors, and affiliate incomes are included in the net worth. He is growing each day as a YouTuber at an alarming rate and is expected to have a net worth of around $2M at the end of 2022.

Chef Tavakkul from Wilderness Cooking YouTube Channel
Chef Tavakkul from Wilderness Cooking YouTube Channel

Social media

Chef Tavakkul is available on Instagram and Facebook. He has got 135 followers on Instagram. Chef Tavakkul provides updates on his Youtube channel using his Instagram account. Other than that, he influences some brands as well. The chef has 137,942 followers on Facebook, and it is a reflection of his other social media accounts. Although there are videos about his cooking talents, the chef is not on Tiktok.


Where is the Wilderness Cooking guy from?

The Wilderness Cooking guy is from Qamarvan, Azerbaijan. He is living in the same place at present, doing YouTube videos.

Is the wilderness cooking guy married?

Tavakkul has not stated whether he is married or not. According to proof from the internet, Tavakkul is single yet.

What is Wilderness Cooking guy’s name?

The Wilderness Cooking guy’s name is Tavakkul. People call him Tavakkul Azerbaijan as he is from a particular country.

What is Tavakkul wilderness Cooking nationality?

Chef Tavakkul is an Azerbaijanian.

How much is Wilderness Cooking guy’s net worth?

The wilderness cooking guy’s net worth is between $1M USD and $2.8M.

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