5 Shocking Benefits of Chocolate

#1 It Prevents the risk of stroke

Chocolate has been proven to lower the risk of stroke. Due to the makeup of cocoa, it has ingredients that actually help to supply more blood flow around the areas of the brain.

Also, It is a proven medical fact that a small piece of chocolate is an aid in lowering blood pressure levels. It seems that the darker has an abundance of a product that is called flavanol. This helpful substance has been shown to raise the nitric oxide levels in your blood. You can expect up to a 40 percent lower risk of any future heart attacks.

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#2 Chocolate could prevent you from Cancer

That dark sweet, tasty substance that we know as chocolate is apparently full of healthful antioxidants. These antioxidants are what the body requires to help prevent deadly cancer cells from forming. You do not need to eat a lot of chocolate to maintain a proper level of these cancer-fighting antioxidants.

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#3 Chocolates will ‘Literary’ make you happy

Chocolate is well known throughout the world as an aphrodisiac. As mentioned before, it provides the brain with more serotonin and also sends some to the areas of your brain that control pleasure. That is why so many men use chocolate as a gift to their sweethearts and on the flip side, which is why so many women prefer to receive chocolate as a gift.

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#4 It will increase your IQ

You will probably not win any Nobel Prizes when you consume chocolate, but you may find that your IQ will jump a few points higher. It is the same as for reducing your chances of stroke. Chocolate is known to provide higher blood flow to the brain. A recent study has shown that older folks have an increased and sharper cognitive ability for a period of time after they have eaten a piece of chocolate.

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#5 Chocolates will make you calm

Have you ever noticed the warm calm feeling that overcomes you after you have eaten a piece of chocolate? Chocolate has the ability to calm us down. This is all due to the extra serotonin that it produces in your brain. This little boost of serotonin will help you to forget about all of life’s anxieties for a while, that is until you have your next piece.

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