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Everything About Fitness YouTuber Brandon William’s Net Worth Biography & Latest Facts

The American Fitness YouTuber Brandon William has a net worth of around 3.7 Million USD, As of 2023.

Brandon uses his fitness journey to inspire others while successfully making a living. Are you curious about this inspiring young man who is rising to stardom? Keep reading to know everything about the YouTuber Brandon William.

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Brandon William then and now. Age 12 to 22

Key Takeaways.

  • Brandon William was born in Chicago, USA, and he is 22 years old.
  • He is from two ethnic backgrounds.
  • He currently lives in Lithuania
  • His net worth is around 3.7M USD
  • He is fluent in English and Lithuanian.

How does the YouTuber Brandon William Make Money?

A considerable part of Brandon William’s income is from YouTube.

Brandon has got about 11.165M video views for the last 30 days. His estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are around $2.8K – $44.7K. His yearly earnings are around $33.5K – $535.9K.

Brandon also makes money from the Sales of his workout programsmerchandise, and brand sponsorships.

Brandon William’s Biography & Early Life.

The world knows him as Brandon William, but his real name is Brandon William Kalal. He was born on 6 May 2000 in Illinois, Chicago, USA. Taurus is his star sign. Now Brandon is 22 years old as of 2023.

Brandon is 5’10 ft tall and his weight is approx 73 kg (161 lbs).

Brandon William weigh transformation. Now he is weighted approx. 161 lbs. (73 Kg).

Brandon has not spoken much about his educational background and religious beliefs. He completed his high school and secondary education in the USA

He is of two ethnic backgrounds. Brandon is half-American and half-Lithuanian and is fluent in English and Lithuanian. Brandon currently lives in Lithuania

How Did Brandon William Become A Fitness YouTuber?

Brandon has been into fitness and sports since he was a kid. He learned Karate“, “Taekwondo, and Tang Soo Dofor about 8 years. Then in high school, he played indoor and beach volleyball for four years.

When Brandon first started his fitness journey, he didn’t know much about fitness training. He then gradually got into calisthenics. Chris Heria, Austin Dunham, and Abnormal Beings inspired Brandon to start his journey.

Brandon also built a passion for making YouTube Videos. He started making YouTube videos on and off in 2014.

Brandon’s Insane Fitness Challenges

As a fitness YouTuber, Brandon never fails to mesmerize his fans with insane fitness challenges.

Some Of His Best Fitness/ Workout Challenges.

  1. Wearing the world’s heaviest-weight vest for 24 hours
  2. Doing most pushups in 30 seconds on a bed of nails
  3. Doing most pushups in one hour wearing a 30 lb weighted west.
  4. Doing the most pull-ups within one hour wearing a 30lb weight west.

Brandon William Family & Relationships

Brandon’s Mother is from Lithuania, and his father is from the USA. He also has a sister. Family is something Brandon has not spoken much about yet.

Brandon is also pretty close with his grandmother. Even though Brandon has lived in the US since he was a child, he often visited his grandmother in Lithuania. 

There is also not much information about Brandon William’s Relationship Status. He has neither posted on his Instagram nor YouTube about it. Therefore, We can assume that this young man is still single.

Social Media

Brandon William is Active on Twitter, InstagramYouTube, and TikTok.


Brandon started his YouTube channel in 2014 when he was just 14. Initially, he uploaded various entertaining videos before moving on to fitness. His first-ever video was Unboxing and Reviewing a 13 Macbook Pro Retina.

He first used to make videos with a light bulb and a broken tripod, and a crappy camera. Later he brought the necessary equipment, and one of his close friends gifted him a DSLR.

Brandon William’s first video

After one of Brandon’s Videos got 1.5 million views and made a significant income, he decided to quit his job and become a full-time YouTuber in 2020.

No joke I actually quit my job to pursue youtube and some side businesses full time and it’s the best decision I ever made. Making money on youtube is not easy but if you stay consistent and continue to post every day you will eventually be successful and make a living off of youtube.

Brandon William.

Brandon has 900k subscribers on his channel. His most viewed video has 8.8M views.

Other Social Media

Brandon has over 29.9k followers on Instagram, 129 on Twitter, and 180.8K on TikTok.


Brandon William’s Addictive videos are not only entertaining but also inspiring. Being fit and consistent is not a piece of cake. Yet Brandon doesn’t fail to motivate several others to work out. As a rising YouTube star, he must be very proud to see people following his inspiring videos to be healthy and in shape.

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How old is the YouTuber Brandon William?

He is 22 years old.

How weight is Brandom William?

His weight is approx 73 kg (161 lbs.)

What is Brandon William’s Worth?

Brandon’s net worth is around 3.7 Million.

From Where to get Brandon William’s Workout program?


What is Brandon William’s Full Name?

His full name is Brandon William Kalal

Was Brandon William born in Lithuania?

No, Brandon was born in Chicago, USA. But he is very close with Lithuanian culture since his Mother is from Lithuania. He currently lives in Lithuania.

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