Ryan Williams, aka RWilly Net Worth & Latest Facts about His Lifestyle & Relationships

Ryan Williams, aka RWilly Net Worth & Latest Facts about His Lifestyle & Relationships.

Ryan Williams, The skilled freestyle scooter and BMX rider rose to fame as a YouTuber by introducing his talents to the world. As of 2023, Ryan Williams has a net worth of around $3.92 million.

Ryan’s participation in BMX events and his successful YouTube career contribute to his net worth. Do you want to know some latest news about Ryan Williams’s lifestyle? Here’s all You need to know about the famous BMX rider.

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Key Takeaways.

  • Ryan Williams is mainly known as RWilly.
  • Ryan Was born in Australia, and he is 28.
  • Ryan’s mother is a former BMX racer
  • Ryan is in a relationship with Alexandra Prout.
  • Ryan owns an action sports facility called RWilly- Land.

Ryan Williams Biography & Early Life

Ryan Williams was born on 22 June 1994 in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, and is 28 years old as of 2023. The majority of his fans know him as “RWilly”. There’s no information available regarding Ryan’s Education background. He has probably completed his High School Education.

DOB22 June 1994
Place Of BirthSunshine Coast Queensland, Australia
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourDark Brown

Ryan has enjoyed watching rollerblading and scootering since he was a kid. When he was around 7 years old, he saw the 2001 X Games documentary Ultimate X. This became his inspiration, and he began rollerblading. Gradually, then picked up scootering in 2006 at age 12 at his local skatepark in Caloundra. Then he started BMX at the age of 15.

Ryan started his YouTube channel in 2008 when he was 14. He joined Nitro Circus in his final year of secondary school and was 17 then. He continued to perform with the Nitro Circus after signing a $1M three-year contract in 2016 

Like most extreme sports athletes, Ryan has also suffered severe injuries. He has dislocated his shoulders, broken an ankle and an arm, knocked out teeth, and suffered a few skull fractures. He gradually recovered from those.

 Ryan currently performs with the Nitro Circus while also making YouTube Videos.

Family & Relationship

Ryan Williams' mother and farther

Donna Hoey is Ryan’s mother and Adam Williams is his father. He has not openly spoken of his parents much, but he occasionally features them on his Instagram and YouTube. 

Ryan’s mother is a former top-rated female BMX racer. His mom was one of his biggest inspirations.

Ryan Williams is in a relationship with Alexandra Prout. She is a makeup artist and has a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers. She occasionally does videos with Ryan on her channel.

Ryan with his girlfriend Alexandra Prout

Ryan Williams Achievements

Ryan has achieved a total of 9 gold medals in scooter and BMX events at the Nitro World Games and the X Games. He has also gained a silver medal in each.

William also gained a lot of recognition through his “world’s first” tricks. Ryan invented the scooter loop trick in 2012. He rode the scooter out of a loop ramp. In 2014 he invented the free willy trick where he did a back and front scooter flip.

He first introduced the 1440- four full rotation trick in 2016. He also invented the BMX front flip windshield wiper in 2022. In it, he did a front flip while rotating the bike halfway around the bar.

Moreover, Ryan was also featured in one of AGT’s extreme episodes in 2022. He and his team, The Contraption Kings, showed some of their insane jumps.

What is R-Willy Land?

In 2019, Ryan built a large action sports facility named “R-Willy Land.” This facility is the first of its kind in Australia. R-Willy land has a 13-foot mega ramp used by athletes to train for the Nitro Circus tour and other events. Ryan is also planning to include action sports camps and clinics. 

Here’s What Ryan Williams says about Zachary Yankush

Zachary Yankush, also known as Catfish, decides to jump a Mega Ramp at 47 Years Old. Zachary is the oldest BMX rider to hit the Mega Ramp. Ryan posted an entertaining video of Zachary taking different challenges.

The video got over 30K views within five days. Many people in the comments appreciated Zachary’s exceptional skills.

Ryan Williams most viewed video.

Ryan Williams’s most viewed video is “LONGEST SCOOTER vs. MEGA RAMP!” 

The video has 14 Million views, 3.03k comments, and 181k likes.

In the video, Ryan Shows how he jumps the Nitro Circus Mega Ramp on his homemade longest scooter deck at the Biggest Nitro Circus in Australia.

Social Media

Ryan is active on InstagramFacebookTikTok, and Twitter. He has a significant following on all of his social media accounts.


Currently, Ryan has over 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube. Most of his videos have over 100k views.

Ryan Uploaded his first YouTube video in 2008. In 2012 one of his videos of his scooter tricks went viral on YouTube

I started with Nitro Circus, when I was 17-years-old, They flew me down to a show because they’d seen a video on my YouTube and it had lots of views and they thought, ‘we should give this guy a chance”.

Said Ryan Williams to ABC.

That’s how YouTube paved the way for him.

Other Social Media

Ryan has 836k followers on Facebook, 29.6k on Twitter, 1.7M on Instagram, 810.2K on Tik Tok.


As a Professional BMX rider, Ryan Williams has reached the pinnacle of success at a young age. He never fails to mesmerize his fans with his extraordinary skills. A lot of hard work and practice made him an incredibly skillful BMX rider.


How old is Ryan Williams?

Ryan Williams is 28 years old.

Does Ryan Williams Have a girlfriend?

Yes, Ryan has a girlfriend. She is Alexandra Prout. She is a makeup artist and a YouTuber.

From where can we get Ryan Williams’s Scooter?

You can get Ryan Williams Scooter from Ryan Williams Scooters, Replace Junior Scooters and Parts | Skates.co.uk | Skates.co.uk

What is Ryan Williams’s net worth?

His net worth is around $3.92M

Where is RWilly Land located?

The R-Willy Land is Located in Eudlo near the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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