The Contraption Kings net worth & What happened at AGT

The Contraption Kings net worth & What happened at AGT?

The Contraption Kings, a group of talented and deserving contestants, performed in the current audition of America’s Got Talent 2022 and astonished the judges with their performance.

In the second round of auditions, the first group to audition was “The Nitro Circus Contraption Kings,” one of the most impressive groups of AGT contestants.

The Contraption Kings team 

Five people make up The Contraption Kings: Ryan, Dusty, Todd, Josh, and Kurtis. Their personal details have yet to be made public by the media.

Those who don’t know this group are New York City-based stunt groups most renowned for their outrageous stunts, including jumping from a giant using nothing but bicycles.

The Contraption Kings team
The Contraption Kings team

What happened at AGT?

They were performing an outrageous stunt by launching themselves from the top of a massive ramp on anything other than bicycles. A man on a jet ski completed the task first. During this time, others were using a tricycle, a chair, a scooter, and a rocking horse to achieve the work at hand. As soon as the challenge finished, the judges gave a standing ovation to the entire group.

Travis Pastrana mistakenly pushed the buzzer, who apologized for the error. However, Nikki Bella and Simon Cowell granted them two “yeses,” and they made it to the next round thanks to their performances on the show. Ex-WWE superstar Nikki Bella expressed her admiration for the group, saying they had stolen her heart. Simon thinks they have a good shot at the championship for his part.

People expressed their excitement at the televised show on social media by remarking that they had never seen anything like it. “The height those guys achieved on the ramp was unbelievable, but landing it was even more ridiculous,” one fan remarked. Travis, on the other hand, is “hating.” “That was wonderful and really awesome,” exclaimed another admirer.

The Contraption Kings Career

The Contraption Kings are a great group of people who get along well with one another and have a great deal of respect for one another. Because of this, the group has a bright future ahead of them.

You can expect the most outrageous, unusual, and jaw-dropping acts that can’t fit on a theatre stage on America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

The group already possesses a staggering amount of talent, and this bodes well for the group’s future. As a result, even taking part in these massive platforms and being chosen for the next stage is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

The Contraption Kings social media

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Niro Circus the Contraption Kings social media accounts

What is the relationship between Travis Pastrana and the Contraption Kings?

When the BMX group Contraption Kings hit the stage, they explained that they were part of Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus travelling troupe. The gang discussed how they would wind up in the hospital if the show went awry today before they took the stage.

Due to Pastrana’s close relationship with several contestants, he said he would not be casting a vote for them. For their tryout, the gang used a variety of vehicles, including jet skis, tricycles, and reclining chairs. This audition was exhilarating since it was unlike anything you’d ever seen before

The Contraption Kings at AGT: Extreme 2022
The Contraption Kings at AGT: Extreme 2022

The Contraption Kings Net Worth

They haven’t revealed the group’s exact net worth to the general public, yet America’s Got Talent contestants that made it to the initial round of auditions make up the ensemble. A $500,000 prize and the title of America’s Got Talent: Extreme Champion is up for grabs in this year’s competition.

There’s also an estimated net worth of $100,000 to $400,000 for the group. However, this is only our opinion based on the quality of their job.

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