Jade Kindar Martin's net worth and what happened at AGT

Jade Kindar Martin’s net worth and what happened at AGT

Who is Jade Kindar-Martin?

As Jade Kindar Martin pronounces himself, he is a high wire walker. He has been working as a high wire walker and a circus performer. Although he had the focus from the earliest times of his career, he got a lot of attention after he took part in AGT. Jumping from pole to pole, walking with fire, high wire walking, and similar things are in his favorite areas. He is 50 years old as of 2024 and has an estimated net worth around $1 Million – $5 Million.

Jade Kindar Martin Biography

Jade Kindar Martin was born on 16th Feb 1974. He is 50 years old now. Jade Kindar Martin spent his childhood in Shelburne, Vermont. He schooled at Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU) as well. He started his career when he was 14 by walking on a wire like a circus performer in Circus Smerkus. The same experience drove him to learn circus arts in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Rudy Omankowski Jr. and Didier Paquette were two of his inspirations at his earliest times. Didier Paquette was a crucial person to him as they both completed lots of fulfillments, including the Guinness record of double skywalks across the river Thames. Jade Kindar Martin completed it in London in 1997.

Known asJade Kindar Martin
Real nameJade Kindar Martin
Age (as of 2024)50 years old
Birthday16th Feb 1974
BirthplaceShelburne, Vermont
ProfessionCircus performer
Jade Kindar Martin at AGT
Jade Kindar Martin at AGT

Family and relationships

The family life of Jade Kindar-Martin is a wrapped one yet. He has not revealed much of his family added to a few occasions. His parents are from Vermont, USA, and he has got support from his family for his career. His brother is the first to mention this as he also assisted him in the AGT. Jade Kindar-Martin married Karine Mauffrey in 2004. He has more than two kids, who are 14,11, and 7, being a part of the wire walking family.

Spouse / Girlfriend / BoyfriendKarine Mauffrey
name N/A
Children3 Kids

What happened at AGT?

What Jade Kindar Martin tried to do was to walk on a 100m long 25m high cable without any life insurance, without safety lines, airbags, or any hidden safety measure. The cable was a 5 8-inch cable which is rarely used by the stuntman. Even if they do, they do this thing with safety cables. According to the presenter, it was an impossible task, and he couldn’t even walk when the wire was on the ground.

The judges asked about the security of Jade Kindar-Martin. He answered, “There is nothing behind the wire but me, my balance, pole, and my skill”. Although he had not used any security measures, he had added more risk factors by himself. He had added fire onto his walk, and it was more dangerous than it was. Flames just went off halfway stage, and then they flashed even bigger.

Another brave thing he did was to stand on the balance pole halfway stage. Literally, he started dancing on the tightrope. Everybody thought that it was completed when Jade Kindar Martin was on the other side. But he started cycling back to the other side. The most important thing was he took a frozen break from the halfway stage on the back to the other side.

According to Travis’s words, that could be the most difficult thing they have ever seen. “In a world where everything is built and oversold, you did not say this is the best, this is the biggest, or this is the greatest”. When it comes to Nikki’s words, “I mean you made it so unexpected I mean when you hit that first dance move. Yeah, it was just so entertaining but yet, at the same time, it was extreme. So yeah yeah.”

Probably one of the most dangerous acts we’ve seen throughout the whole season. “The act of yours is an unbelievable act to watch and a great execution throughout all of it. I would like to give you a first yes,” said Simon.

Jade Kindar Martin’s net worth

Jade Kindar Martin’s net worth is around $1 Million – $5 Million. It will start to grow rapidly as he is one of the most anticipated contestants in AGT for claiming $500,000 as the winner. 

What is Jade Kindar Martin doing now?

Jade and Karine Martin now live in an old stone farmhouse in southern France, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. They split their time between these places while working as actors and stunt performers with their three children.

Social media

Jade Kindar Martin is available on social media. Since he has not focused on a social media career from the beginning of his career, it is still growing. He has got 958 followers and 99 posts on Instagram, 36 followers on Twitter, and 514 followers on Facebook. He is more active on Instagram than any other platform as he posts his family, circus, and AGT photos on it. However, jade has not set foot on YouTube yet.


Jade Kindar-Martin, a 50-year-old stunt artist and circus performer, gained fame on AGT for his daring high-wire act with fire and dance moves. Inspired by circus legends, he holds a Guinness record for double skywalks. Now, he, along with his wife Karine and three children, splits their time between southern France, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, working as actors and stunt performers. Jade’s estimated net worth is between $1 Million and $5 Million.


  1. How old is Jade Kindar Martin?
    • Born on 16th Feb 1974, he is 50 years old now.
  2. Where is Jade Kindar Martin from?
    • He is Shelburne, Vermont.
  3. What is Jade Kindar Martin’s profession?
    • He is a stunt artist and a circus performer.

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