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Aaron Evans AGT Extreme here is everything you need to know

Aaron Evans AGT Extreme here is everything you need to know

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Jumping is a human skill that has evolved from the beginning of evolution. When it comes to Aaron Evans AGT, a skilled youth who just took part in AGT Extreme, he has got it at its best. As Aaron insists, he can jump over anything. Over a wall, over a building, or over anything is in the range of Aaron’s capabilities. He confidently says that if y put anything on my way, I will just get on over it. Just like he said, he could jump over three speeding McLarens, and that is why the entire world knows him now.

Biography and early life

Arron Evans was born in Milwaukee, a small city in the state of Wisconsin. Born in 1988, Aaron Evans is 33 years old.  Although there is not any mention of his school life or family, he talks highly about his mother. 

Aaron Evans is known for basically parkour and extreme stunts. Before he took part in AGT, he was a part-timer along with his career as fiber technicians. He worked in a cable company for more than five years, and he did not mix his long-term hobby with his career. Therefore, he did not have any influence from social media as well. At present, Aaron is living in Florida due to the ease of his career.

Aaron Evans AGT
Aaron Evans AGT

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Family and relationships

Aaron’s mother is all he has got. She has been a single mother who went through hard times with Aaron. She has taken care of Aaron, and the way he talks about his mom shows that. No relationship or girlfriend has yet been exposed yet. However, his stunts or even being in the AGT have not been a favor for his mother. His boss at the fiber company was also a remembered person for Aaron, as he mentioned of him at the audition.

What happened at AGT?

Before taking part in AGT, Arron just said that he was going for the most epic jump in history. Since he is not going to use any crash mask or security stuff, it will always be something awesome for sure. In the interview at AGT, he revealed that he would use 500,000 USD for opening a gym from where people can learn parkour and freestyle running.

Arron’s target was to jump over three speeding cars in regular intervals, and actually, he could do it. There were three McLarens waiting for Aaron’s call, and when he called, they just appeared on his way. He did three flip jumps to overcome the barrier.

As the first thing, it was three years from judges Simon, Nikki, and Travis. “I absolutely bleeping loved it. it is one of the most sensational auditions I have ever seen in my life,” said Simon.

“It’s an absolutely amazing and fantastic man, absolutely amazing,” said Travis.

“That was like something Rock Johnson said, that was electrifying. We all have that adrenaline rush. But the thing was, you had both Adrenaline rush and the timing perfectly. You are 100% extreme” That was Nikki.

Aaron Evans world record

The AGT was not the first time he had jumped over three cars. In 2014, he jumped over three cars to set a Guinness record. He did at the age of 26. In 2022, he could do it in the same way as Arron could jump over three Maclarens that was speeding at 30mph. Since speed was an issue to do that, he failed. 

Social media

Aaron Evans is just growing his audience. As previously mentioned, Arron is not focusing either on net worth or audience but on doing a hobby. He has got an Instagram account that has got just 266 followers. He has just posted 11 photos. Also, the first one was posted in 2021.

Aaron Evans AGT net worth

Aaron has just stepped into viral media with AGT. He has just had his start genuinely. A couple of months ago, Aaron was just a technician who just worked for a monthly salary, and he still is. Therefore, his net worth is believed to be about $30000. He will soon grow his net worth, and that will be $500,000 if he wins the AGT title.

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