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Everything About Alfredo Silva AGT Extreme 2022 Winner & Golden Buzzer

Everything About Alfredo Silva AGT Extreme 2022 Winner & Golden Buzzer

Alfredo Silva is a well-known Brazilian circus performer known for his knife-throwing act. As a judge on America’s Got Talent Extreme in 2022, Alfredo Silva has attracted prominence.

Alfredo Silva Biography and Early life

He was born on August 24, 1982, in Brazil and will be 39 years old in 2022. To fulfil a lifelong dream, Alfredo Silva began training in Jugglery and Knife Throwing as a child. Alfredo Silva is an accomplished acrobat in the world of circuses. In Alfredo Silva’s family, the majority of the members are performers, and he is the sixth generation of performers from that lineage.

One of the top circus performers in the country is Alfredo Silva. In his appearance on America’s Got Talent Extreme 2022, judges were blown away by his talent. Alfonso Silva has perfected his ‘Globe of Death’ technique and is an expert. His wife used to perform alongside him at the beginning of his career, and now his fiancée does.

Alfredo Silva
Alfredo Silva

Family and relationship

TBA is Alfredo Silva’s father, and Marilisa De Souza is Alfredo Silva’s mother. In So Paulo, Brazil, the Silva family raised their son Alfredo. Alfredo Silva grew up with Alan J Silva and Karina Silva, his brother and sister.

Alfredo Silva married his love and dancing partner, Anna Silva, a talented thrower and dancer. Arianny Silva is Alfredo and Anna Silva’s only child.

What happened at AGT?

What happened at AGT Auditions?

It’s impossible to go any further than this. Alfredo Silva and his cage riders wowed the judges and host Terry Crews on the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent: Extreme.”

Motorcycle riders climbed into a spherical cage and drove around each other in circles in one of the riskiest feats yet witnessed on the show, shocking the audience in the process.

Alfredo Silva started in the cage with just one other rider, but then they bumped it up a notch to three. Silva’s incredible maneuver was getting off his large and standing in the middle of the cage as the other two riders rode around and above him.

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” That’s what Terry Crews told. The judges were astounded by Silva and the cage riders’ performance, and they awarded them the Golden Buzzer.

When I saw the performance, I nearly had five heart attacks. The most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life, Simon Cowell stated, was that.

Travis Pastrana commented, “The entertainment factor was awesome,” 

“I was on the edge of my seat, I was so entertained, and I wanted more,” Nikki Bella remarked.

What Happened at America’s Got Talent finals?

You know all America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer winners normally represent the AGT finals. But AGT Extreme 2022 is different from the previous format. Through all five Golden Buzzers only two acts had been selected to perform at finals by “Superfans”.

Aaron Wheelz was the first performer. Then Alfredo Silva and his cage riders did an astonishing act. Alfredo did more stunts by adding more riders, and he added one more rider inside the cage. Although there are four riders in the team, the introduced cage will be sufficient for just three riders. 

Alfredo Silva cage riders amazed the judge and audience and were able to win USD half a million as AGT Extreme winners.

Alfredo Silva’s Cage riding team

  • Colby
  • Marco
  • John Stott
  • Gary Lawrence

For the past several years, Alfredo has been riding with his best pals, Colby, Marco, Gary, and John, who “enjoy the danger, and we are highly competitive.”

“That is the only way I would put my trust in someone,” Alfredo said of biking with his friends. “It’s always a risk to enter the Cage of Death, no matter how careful we are.” As a cage rider, I’m part of the third generation. My father and grandfather performed together, one of my favorite memories. My idols were these people. To be able to join them, I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders stepped up their game to appear on America’s Got Talent: Extreme. They brought it. Two cage riders and two FMX riders jumped over the cage at the same time, making it one of the most dangerous motorcycle stunts.

A performance that had the audience on their feet the entire time.

Alfredo silva team (cage riders)
Alfredo silva team (cage riders)

Social Media

Instagram @deadly_games
TwitterDeadly Games AGT
FacebookAlfredo Silva
Alfredo Silva social media accounts

Alfredo Silva Career

Brazilian circus performer Alfredo Silva is well known for his knife-throwing act. America’s Got Talent Extreme 2022 is where Alfredo Silva is most well-known. While working in Russia in 2008, Alfredo Silva was a Juggler, Knife Thrower, and Globe of Death Team Leader at The Great Moscow Circus (Russia). His next job was at Universal Studios Singapore, where he worked. Following TABOO by Franco Dragone and The Great Euro Circus in Australia, Alfredo Silva worked as a performer at TABOO in 2015 and The Great Euro Circus in 2010.

Trans Studio Makassar’s former headliner is Alfredo Silva. On the heels of that, Alfredo Silva appeared at C’Est La Magie/BOK Csarnok / 2021 in 2018 and at Saison 11 de La France, an incomparable talent. 24-28 of February. Cirque 1903 featured performances by Alfredo Silva as well. Alfredo Silva has gone on to act in shows including La Perle Dxb, Vegas! The Show, V – The Ultimate Variety Show, Cirque Paris, Celestia, and even America’s Got Talent, Las Vegas Live.

Alfredo Silva Net worth

Performer Alfredo Silva is estimated to have a net worth of around $200,000 before AGT finals. After winning $ 500k as America’s Got Talent winner Alfredo net worth increased to $ 0.7 million.


Who is Alfredo Silva’s brother?

Alan J Silva

Who is Alfredo Silva wife?

Anna Silva

How old is Alfredo Silva?

As of 2022 Alfredo Silva is 39

What does Alfredo Silva do for live?

Throwing knives at someone is something you’ve probably fantasized about at some point. The Unbelievable Bring in Alfredo Silva, who does it for a living.

Where is Alfredo Silva from?

From São Paulo, Brazil

Who did give Golden Buzzer to Alfredo silva?

Terry Crews

What did Alfredo Silva do after getting Golden Buzzer?

He is delighted and he tells Terry Crews that “it was so much fun I can’t tell you.”. Then he called his father to tell him his achievement at AGT Extreme 2022

What nationality is alfredo silva?

He is a Brazilian.

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