Meet 90 years old grandma who wants a hug from Simon at AGT

Meet 90 years old grandma who wants a hug from Simon at AGT

Who are they? 

90 years old grandma Lillian came from Denmark to perform in Americas Got Talent. Lillian is a retired professional stunt performer.

Hunter is 24 years old and he is a professional motorcycle stunt performer. He is currently living in Baraboo, Wisconsin. From Hunter’s childhood, he grows up riding dirt bikes and motorcycles just for fun at the time. Hunter’s grandma Lillian is his biggest supporter.

90 years old grandma Lillian and her grandson Hunter
90 years old grandma Lillian and her grandson Hunter

What happened at AGT? 

“Hello, how are you” Simon starts to talk to them. 

Siman: Who are you?

Grandma Lillian: “My name is Lillian and I am 90 years old.”

Simon; “You look Amazing”

Hunter: “I am Hunter and I’m 24 years old, grandson of Lillian”. 

Simon: “Ah I thought you are kind of a girlfriend and boyfriend but”

Before starting their act Simon asked them “Are you sure want to do this in these conditions?”. Because there is so much water in the field because of rain. But Hunter and grandma said that they are ready to do it.

After that grandma Lillian starts to talk “Hey Simon whole time I have been here, I want to hug from you” Simon accepts it, comes, and gives a hug to grandma Lillian. “You don’t know how much I loved that,” said grandma Lillian. 

Simon hugged grandma Lillian
Simon hugged grandma Lillian

Then it lit it up all 5 walls and there is so much fire on the walls.

Then, they were able to motorcycle smash through 5 walls of fire. AGT judges and the people behind them were astonished by the act.

“You know sitting on the retired bench you inspired me that one day I’m going to get back in that ring and kick some ass. So, I love everything you represent you are still one extreme badass”

Nikki Bela

“You know for me; you are using a 125 two stock. That’s the lightest possible bike and you know meanwhile doesn’t weigh a lot on the back so every time you are hitting anything it’s knocking the bike sideways it’s wet. You know I have nothing but respect. You guys went for it”

Travis Pastrana

“I adore both of you. I think it’s hard to put into words. How dangerous it was and if you’ve got that kind of determination that what we’re looking for on this show. It was amazing. 

Simon Cowell

Then they are able to get approval from all three judges. We hope we can see them on AGT: Extreme 2022 finals.

Why did grandma Lillian come to AGT? 

90 years old grandma wants to prove to the old people that they never get too old to do whatever they want to do. 

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