Meet tap dancer Bayley Graham at AGT 2022 + Bio & Net worth

Meet tap dancer Bayley Graham at AGT 2022 + Bio & Net worth

Bayley Graham is one of the best world tap dancers who came to the AGT from Christ Chruch, New Zealand. His energetic tap dancing audition surprised all as his foot-tapping rhythm is seriously unbelievable. AGT Bayley Graham, 23 years old, is the winner of New Zealand’s talent show’ 60 Seconds.” Here are some facts about tap dancer Bayley Graham’s biography, family, relationships, career, and net worth.

What is Bayley Graham Doing Now?

Bayley continues to influence the world with his rhythm and movements. He took part in an Italian TV show in Rome and in the Postmodern Jukebox as a guest performer. He performed in some of the biggest venues in New Zealand such as Spark and Christchurch Arena. He continues to tour the world with workshops, shows, and charity events.

His YouTube channel has many Tap Dance covers choreographed for some of the most popular songs and some have exceeded 7.4k views.

Bayley Graham biography

Bayley’s full name is Bayley Graham. He currently resides in Christ Church, New Zealand. AGT Bayley is just 23 years of age. Graham is a New Zealander. He started to tap dancing when he was just 6 years old. Bayley Graham studied tap dancing with Jan Ruardy. Jan is the owner of the Diamonz Tap Studio in North Beach. Bayley AGT practices four times a week.

Graham reveals that he does not have a day job yet. But he is a professional tap dancer, teacher, producer, and entertainer. He is the head performer of “ Rhythm is My Business.” Bayley has won many titles and awards for his dancing. AGT dancer Bayley Graham hopes to gain a degree in dance in the future.

Age (as of 2023)23
BirthplaceNew Zealand
Birth signN/A
NationalityNew Zealander
ProfessionTap Dancer
Bayley Graham in America's Got Talent
Bayley Graham in America’s Got Talent

Family and relationship

There is nothing about his parents and siblings. No information about his girlfriend and friends. Graham worked for a long with Jan Raurdy. Ruardy is the choreographer of tap dancer Bayley Graham.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

Tap dancer Bayley Graham came to AGT from Christ Church, New Zealand. Simon asked, “Do you have a day job” and “ I try to do this. So pleases someone hires me” Bayley replied loudly to the audience. He reveals that he is lacking opportunities as a tap dancer in New Zealand.

Bayley carries his dance while communicating with the audience and the judges. Just after the performance, Graham earned a standing ovation from Howie Mandel. “You are more than a dancer, You are an entertainer and you please the crowd” Madel expresses his thoughts about the tap dancer’s performance.

Judges were satisfied more than enough with his performance. Eventually, he received four yeses and advanced to the next round.


Tap dancer Bayley Graham is a performer at Nelson Fringe Festival in 2021. He is the winner of TVNZ’s ’60 Seconds’reality show. Graham is the creative director and head performer of “Rhythm is My Business.” It is New Zealand’s newest tap show produced by Bayley.

He is also working as a tap dancing teacher for a lot of kids. AGT Graham conducts Tap dancing workshops for young dancers. Also, he got the chance to perform on Crusaders Awards Evening at Town Hall, Christ Church. AGT dancer Bayley Graham’s main goal is to have a show of his own in Vegas.

Social Media

AGT Bayley Graham has his own YouTube channel with 4.26K subscribers. He has already uploaded 32 videos to his YouTube Channel. His performance on AGT has over 156K views right now. Bayley joined YouTube on May 20, 2015. He has a reasonable crowd on YouTube for his uncommon dancing acts.

Tap Dancer Bayley has amassed over 314K views on YouTube. His choreography covers like “ Alexander Hamilton” and “If I can not have you” have over 4.7K views.

He used his Facebook account and pages to sell outs his shows and to gain the required publicity for his own shows.” Rhythm is my Business” is his new Facebook page that uses for his publicities.

AGT Bayley Graham has over 219K followers on Instagram and he is following back for over 2000. Tap Dancer has already posted 39 posts to it. One of the most viral videos on Instagram is the “Viral Elvis tap dance video” with almost 1.4 million views. It has achieved 245.5K likes.

Bayley Graham’s Net Worth

There are no exact figures on his net worth. Exactly he may earn a considerable amount of money as he is a professional dancer. He may earn a good income as he is practicing as a dancing teacher, producer, and performer.


Although most of  Bayley’s career facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his personal life, family, and net worth. No information about his educational qualifications. AGT Bayley didn’t reveal his real life to the judges. He is a professional tap dancer who performed individual concerts and shows rather than seeking a day job. Also, so many fans criticized his thoughts again in his motherland, New Zealand.  Bayley Graham AGT will try something unique for sure with his upcoming performance.


How old is Bayley Graham AGT?

Bayle is 22 years of age.

Where is from Bayley Graham?

He is from Christ Church, New Zealand.

Who is Bayley Graham AGT?

Bayley is a tap dancer who won New Zealand’s ‘ 60 Seconds’ reality show.

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