Everything about Funkanometry Dance Duo at AGT 2002

Everything about Funkanometry Dance Duo at AGT 2002


TikTok stars Funkanometry hip pop dance due wowed the AGT audience and manage it next round. This article will bring everything you love to about Funkanometry and Jacksun and Carlow.

Who is Funkanometry on AGT?

Funkanometry is a hip pop dance due from Vancouver Island Canada. According their official website Funkanometry’s Jacksun Fryer and Carlo met up through dance competitions and classes. They both have similar dancing styles and personalities. Before they fame on America’s Got Talent, they are known to TikTok. 

Funkanometry's jacksun and carlow in America's Got Talent
Funkanometry Jacksun and Carlow in America’s Got Talent

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

“Are you confident enough that you can win?” Simon Cowell asked before they started their act. Jacksun and Carlow replied, “I think we could really give a lot of smiles to the world, and that’s kind of the soul of Funkanometry is just positively, and I think with that it could bring us the all the way. 

Jacksun and Carlow perform to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire and “Super Freak” by Rick James. 

I think you are fun, original. My only issue was it wasn’t long enough, your audition. Simon Cowell said. Sofia Vergara added, “It was fun. It was young. It was modern, it was fantastic.”

“That as was so good on so many levels. Said Howie Mandel with his yes to Funkanometry. And then they got all other three yeses from judges.

AGT Funkanometry net worth

Funkanometry earns their income from affiliations, merch and other social media earnings. But they are not talking about their net worth yet. We will upload this article soon. Please come back after a few days. 

America’s Got Talent Funkanometry members

As you already know AGT Funkanometry is together Jacksun and Carlow. Here you can find things you most like to know about Jacksun Fryer and Carlo Rush.

Jacksun Fryer

Jacksun Fryer
Jacksun Fryer

Jacksun Fryer was born in Canda on 11th of March 2003. And he is 19 years old. He has not revealed his mother, father and siblings yet. We will update this article soon.

Who is Jacksun Fryer girlfriend?

According tour records Jacksun is possibly single and has not previously engaged. And also, he is currently not dating anyone.

Jackson Fryer net worth

Jacksun Fryer net worth believed to be $ 52,00 as of 2022. 

Real name/ Full nameJacksun Fryer
Birthday11 March 2003
ProfessionDancer, Social media personality

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Carlow Rush

Carlow Rush
Carlow Rush

Carlo is a hip pop dancer from Canada and now he is 20 years old. Carlo Rush was born on 17 March 2002 in Canada. He has an older brother named Jarvis. But there is no information about his parents in public domains.

Real nameCarlow Rush
Birthday17 March 2002
SiblingsOlder brother: Jarvis
ProfessionDancer, Social media personality

Social media

Funkanomenrty AGT is mostly known for TikTok. They have 713.5K followers and 5.6 million likes on TikTok. Funkanometry Instagram profile has 33.3K followers. They have 87.8K followers on YouTube.

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