Get to know Lee Collinson from America’s Got Talent 2022

Get to know Lee Collinson from America’s Got Talent 2022

Lee Collinson decided to journey to America and fulfill his dream and is a young participant on America’s Got Talent in the 2022 season.He presents an incredible audition that surprised all the judges and Simon Cowell prompts them to call his mum and ends with huge news.

Lee Collinson auditioned for the 2022 season of America and acquired expertise in May, and the episode was broadcast on June 1 and his impressive audition has been circulating all over the internet. Due to his remarkable audition, “Better days” by Dermot Kennedy he is becoming famous among the diverse group of contestants all over the world. Moreover, Lee’s audition has made headlines on News TV USA.

Lee Collinson at Americas Got Talent
Lee Collinson at Americas Got Talent

Lee Collinson Biography and early life

AGT Lee Collinson was born on 18th September 2000 in Southampton, England. He got his education at a private school and perhaps he is in college. His nickname was Lee and he is 22 years of age and unmarried . He is 180cm tall and his weight is approximately 60kg.

He works his day job as a fencer and by no means as a “sword fighter”. But he wanted to become a musician and to be with music. Lee impressed The Little Mix band members and was chosen as a member of a boyband along with Talis, Eros, Kaci Brookz, and Adam Harison.

Birthday18 Sep 2000
BirthplaceSouthampton, England
Relationship statescommitted
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Weightapprox. 60 kg
AGT singer Lee Collinson wiki

Family and Relationships

Lee Collinson AGT has a lovely stunning mom named Cherie who was face time by the judges on America’s Got Talents stage. He is very close to his mother. Everybody liked her character as she appears to be a supportive mother who is trying to assist her son to meet his dream of being a music artist. Also, he has an affair with a young lady called Megan Whelan.

Lee Collinson Net Worth

AGT singer Lee Collinson has an approximate net worth of around 1- 2 Million USD.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Lee Collinson, the Englishman recently came to America’s Got Talent’s stage in a nervous mood. It was his very first time in America. Before he stood up in front of the audience, he called his mum and said: “I’m about to go on stage now and I’m so nervous and I wish I was all here” he says. On the stage, he reveals his dream and it is all about just making music and singing anywhere and just wants to be able to quit his day job and do music.

He took the chance and made it remarkable on the stage with his sensational singing “Better days” by Dermot Kennady. After Lee’s performance, the Canadian comedian judge, Howie Mandel said that the all pressure created in here and the surrounding was nicely controlled by Lee, and took all that pressure and explode it off was truly amazing. 

And also, with his performance the famous judge, Simon Cowell, said “you know what there’s something really charming and humble and likable about you and probably don’t even know how good you are, I think this is the beginning of something really special for you,” “Can we call your mum with you” he says. Then the Englishman called his mum on his phone and the judges surprised his mum with a face time call.

All the judges congratulated Lee’s mum and the audience response was superb for the young talent. Young Lee got votes from all four judges with four “Yes” and he was selected for the next round with some remarkable appreciation. And it was probably the most valuable second of his life as her mother was a part of the great announcement.  

What happened to Lee Collinson in the AGT semi-finals?

Lee Collinson Sings “Flowers” by Lauren Spencer-Smith in the semi-finals. “Your audition was amazing and I really like you and I loved your voice, This I don’t like,” Simon Cowell said. Howie Mandel added, “I don’t disagree with Simon and I think it’s you have the tool we heard it in the audition, I think you didn’t make the right choice,”.

According to all judges, Lee Cillinsons song is not suited for the semifinals. The judges had no doubt about his talent but because of the song he chose for the semi-finals, he was unable to show his talent. Lee was eliminated from semi-finals.

Lee Collinson AGT Social Media

Lee’s performance in the American Got Talent become very famous and within less than a day his video has been viewed by 158K viewers on YouTube. Before Lee comes to the American Got Talent, he uploaded some musical videos through the Rising Talents YouTube channel which had 12.5K subscribers. But now, with his impressive audition, he has been circulating all over the internet. He is out there on Facebook and Instagram with 210+ and 24.9K followers respectively.

YouTubeLee Collinson

So, to sum it up

Although most of Lee Collison’s career facts are in this article.  He is just 22 years old, and he will reveal more things in the future. After that, we will update you with that information as well.

As Lee surprised all four judges and thousands of viewers through his first audition, he will become a really special one for the whole world soon. He will have an excellent musical future as a result of the viewers being ready for further shows from him apart from his YouTube films.


Where is Lee Collinson from?

He is from Southampton, England, UK

Who is Lee Collinson’s girlfriend?

Megan Whelan is Lee’s girlfriend and she is also a lady singer.

How old is Lee Collison AGT?

He is just 22 in age.

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