Get To Know Everything About Jamie Leahey BGT 2022 Runners Up

Get To Know Everything About Jamie Leahey BGT 2022 Runners Up

Jamie Leahey 13 years, a ventriloquist from Rainford, was back on Monday, May 30, to perform for the judges and public of Britain’s Got Talent. Jamie’s parents, Pete and Marie Leahey, said: “We are extremely proud of what Jamie has achieved.

Jamie Leahey Biography

BGT Jamie Leahey is a self-taught ventriloquist who is 13 years old. His ventriloquism dummy Chuck accompanied him at his audition for Britain’s Got Talent’s 15th series. After his grandmother purchased him a monkey puppet during the first lockdown, he began practicing ventriloquism. In Leahey’s mind, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is his goal.

Family And Relationships

Jamie Leahey family featured on his Instagram account.Pete And Marie Leahey Pete are the guardians of the famous Ventriloquist Jamie Leahey, who showed up on the most recent time of England Got Ability Season 15. Just some solid data on Jamie Leahey’s folks is on the Web. They have been hitched for over twelve years and have three children. According to his social media profiles he has a younger brother and elder sister. with his siblings there are five members in Jamie’s family including his mum and dad. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more about his parents and siblings.

Jamie Leahey’s Net Worth

Jamie Leahey, a ventriloquist who finished in second place during Series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent, does not yet have a publicized estimate of his net worth.

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent?

● BGT Auditions

Jamie Leahey and Chuck put on an audition skit on stage, and Leahey closed it with a rendition of “Me and My Shadow” by The Rat Pack. In response to David’s comment, “You’ve got an extraordinary not just ventriloquism, but to amuse others,” Alesha referred to the performance as “very slick.”

● BGT Semifinals

When it came time for the Semi-Finals, Jamie Leahey did an altogether different comedy involving Chuck. This time, the comedy centered on the two of them having a disagreement and then getting back together.

This is the only show where you can go from screaming at a rat being touched to singing with a chicken at the same time, and Simon agreed, saying, “You were good on your first audition, but I think you were way better. Tonight.” In order to advance Leahey to the finals instead of another competitor named Junwoo Park, the judges had to resort to the vote of the people.

● BGT Finals

In the Final, Leahey opened the show. Onstage, Jamie Leahey and Chuck appeared out of a giant Chicken Coop with the words “Jamie and Chuck” on top of it before making their way down the coop’s ramp and onto the stage, which is hilarious considering that the dummy of a Chicken they’re performing as is Chuck.

Jeremy Clarkson’s edited recorded speech and an opening and closing song were all part of his act, which also included statements about vegetarianism and a mock round of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” David regarded the act as ‘faultless in every way,’ with Alesha adding, ‘you’ve exceeded yourself from the Semi-Final performance.’ Axel Blake won the competition, with Leahey in second place.

When it came down to the final three, the Rainford kid was up against comic Axel Blake and singer Tom Ball. In the end, it came down to Axel and the 13-year-old, but Axel won and earned a spot in the Royal Variety Show.

The live finale had been opened by ventriloquist Jamie and his puppet Chuck, who performed an amazing show. All of Jamie’s fans were acknowledged, and a special homage was paid to mentor Lewis Devine when Axel won.

“The entire United Kingdom was watching you tonight, and your entire act was flawless; you should be extremely proud of yourself,” Amanda Holden said to Jamie after his performance.

Simon Cowell said: “You have a tremendous gift, you are incredibly nice, and your material – bearing in mind you just had a few days to put it together – was brilliant.

“You deserve to be here, and as we mentioned earlier, anyone can win the show, and you have got a shot.”

According to David Walliams, there was nothing wrong with Jamie’s performance, who instructed the other competitors to “go home now.”


Thirteen-year-old Jamie Leahey is a self-taught ventriloquist. During the first lockdown, his grandmother bought him a monkey puppet, and he started studying ventriloquism. His ultimate objective is to be inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jamie Leahey and Chuck in Britain's Got Talent
Jamie Leahey and Chuck in Britain’s Got Talent

Social Media

Jamie is active in Instagram and twitter.


How old is Jamie Leahey?

In 2022, when the event took place, he was 13 years old.

Who are Jamie Leahey’s parents?

Pete and Marie Leahey are Jamie Leahey parents


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