What Happened to Kimberly Winter in BGT 2024?

As Britain’s Got Talent returned to screens for its latest series, it has started to make headlines here and there. The recent contestant Kimberly Winter’s burping act caught the attention of the whole world.

Kimberly Winter’s audition was unlike anything the BGT audience had ever seen before. Set to the tune of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All,” Winter’s act only included a series of well-timed burps that both shocked and amused the judges and the audience.

Even the people have done 54 complaints flooding into Ofcom. People were upset about it, thinking it was gross and not at all fitting for the show.


Kimberly Winter, also known as Kimycola, participates in Series 17 of Britain’s Got Talent. She is 34 years old and a full-time mother from the United States of America. Before her audition, Winter expressed her sole purpose in traveling from America to Britain to perform for Simon Cowell and to pursue her dream of achieving global recognition


During her audition, Kimberly Winter surprised everyone by burping along to ABBA’s “Winner Takes It All.” Both Bruno and Alesha weren’t impressed and hit their buzzers. However, Simon had an unexpected reaction, calling the act “so stupid, it was brilliant.”

Adding to the unexpectedness, both Amanda and Simon joined in with their own burps during the judges’ comments. Despite the initial no votes from Bruno and Alesha, Bruno had a change of heart after some persuasion from the judges and the audience. In the end, Kimberly made it through to the next round.

Kimberly Winter’s  Guinness World Record

Winter’s journey to BGT fame wasn’t sudden. In April 2023, she made headlines by breaking the Guinness World Record for the ‘Loudest Burp (Female)’. Her burp reached a peak of 107.3 decibels, coming close to the world record held by Neville Sharp from Australia at 112.7 decibels since July 2021. This achievement showcased Winter’s remarkable talent and set the stage for her memorable BGT audition.

Social media platforms filled with reactions and comments, ranging from amusement to disguise. While some found humor in Winter’s unexpected act, others found frustration and disappointment, questioning its suitability for a competition like this.

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