What happened to Metaphysic in America's Got Talent 2022?

What happened to Metaphysic in America’s Got Talent 2022?

AI software company Metaphysic is a finalist of America’s Got Talent Season 17. They finished the AGT 2022 competition in 4th place. Here is everything about Metaphysic’s net worth, its members, and what happened to them in AGT 2022.

What is Metaphysic?

Metaphysic is a company created by two people who intend to deliver entertainment for people using AI. They make popular characters do stunning performances or actions, usually what celebrities don’t do.

Metaphysic was started by Tom Graham from Australia and Chris Umé from Belgium during the pandemic. They create “hyper-real content,” content that is almost impossible to believe.

According to Tom and Chris, entertainment is just the beginning of what they are about to build

Metaphysic co-founder Tom Graham and Chris Ume in America's Got talent
Metaphysic co-founder Tom Graham and Chris Ume in America’s Got Talent

Metaphysic team members

According to the company profile, they have eight members in the company. In addition to Chris and Tom, Kevin is a company co-founder

Alexandre Carvalho, Beni Issembert, Jo Plate, Tomas Koutsky, and Simon Deckers are the other members of the team. They did not take part in AGT.

Metaphysic AGT members

Tom and Chris reprasent the Metaphysic comapny in the AGT. Singer Daniel Emmett joined them at the AGT audition. Daniel Emmet is a contestant in America’s Got Talent 2018.

Patrick Dailey and Jhon Riesen joined Daniel Emmet in the semi-finals. They perform “Nessun Dorma” by Luciano Pavarotti using imagery of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews.

In the finale, Daniel Emmet is back as Simon, Emilio Santoro as Elvis Presley, Singer Lorena Peril as Sofia, and Makayla Phillips as Heidi.

Daniel Emmett
Daniel Emmett

What happened to Metaphysic in AGT 2022?


The three, Tom, Chris, and Daniel, brought a special camera onto the stage and went straight into the performance. No one had an idea what they were about to do. 

Daniel started to sing the “You are the Inspirational” song, and Simon appeared on the screen. That was when they found out what this AI meant. Simon followed every move followed by Daniel, and the voice was the only signature thing for Daniel.

They got good comments from judges and four yeses, sending them to the next round.


In the semi-finals, they bring Simon Cowell, Terry Crews, and Howie Mandel to the stage via their AI software Metaphysic. It was so amazing, hilarious, and able to impress judges and the audience.

“It’s a kind of a weird one to judge this one but let me, in terms of talent originality I have to say something this is not the best act of the night, this the best act of the series,”

Simon Cowell

“It’s like el divo, but it’s stupido, and what great we should mention not only is it like deep fake or whatever you’re calling that AI, but the fact that you had the gumption to actually use my own voice is amazing, that takes guts, and it worked,”

Howie Mandel

They got positive comments from Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum also. Their act got sufficient public votes to enter the top 5 acts of the semi-final week 4.

Among the top five acts, Metaphysic and stand-up comedian Mike E. Winfield was the top two acts of the week. So Metaphysic is on AGT grand finale.



As always final performance was a deep-fake multimedia performance. Metaphysic uses imagery to bring Elvis Presley, Simon, Heidi, and Sofia to the stage. It was hilarious, and the judges and AGT audience gave standing ovations. 

They received enough public votes to select the top five-act and finished the competition in 4th place.


How much is Metaphysic’s net worth in 2022?

Metaphysic net worth is about $1.3 Million. They make money from their AI software. They will earn a lot in the future because they are now famous. 

Social media

Metaphysics is available on YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter mainly. They have over 27K followers on Instagram.

When coming to Facebook has got just 355 page likes so far.

They admire Twitter the most, as they have 11K followers. 


The company has reached its maximum capacity within these couple of years. They are experts in AI solutions for businesses that focus on Graphical content the most.

Gillett and P&G are two such brands they have worked with.

They won America’s Got Talent Season 17 in 2020.

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Where is Metaphysic located?

They are located in the United Kingdom.

How much is Daniel Emmet’s Net worth?

Daniel Emmet’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

Who are the owners of Metaphysic?

Tom, Chris, and Kevin are the owners of the company.

Did Metaphysic win in the AGT?

Yes, they got 04 yeses and went into the next round from the audition and finalists of semi-final week 4. 

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