Meet Metaphysic, who brings Simon Cowell to sing a song

Meet Metaphysic, who brings Simon Cowell to sing a song


If a contestant gets the ability to bring a judge onto the stage, then he or she must have done something special. Metaphysic not just brought Simon onto the BGT stage but made him sing a song. Did they really bring him on to the stage, or is it something extraordinary with the AI? This article will explain the amazing talents of Metaphysic, what happened at Britain’s Got Talent, their career facts, social media, and net worth.

What is Metaphysic?

Metaphysic is a company created by two people whose intention is to deliver entertainment for people using AI. They make popular characters do stunning performances or actions; usually what celebrities don’t do.

Metaphysic was started by Tom Graham from Australia and Chris Umé from Belgium during the pandemic. How these two people name the stuff they create is “hyper-real content,” the content which is almost impossible to believe.

According to Tom and Chris, entertainment is just the beginning of what they are about to build. The creators of Metaphysic will aim to have an ethical web3 economy in the future where individuals can enjoy their biometrics in a modern way. More importantly, Tom and Chris’s performance at BGT was just a demo of what they are about to do.

Metaphysic co-founder Tom Graham and Chris Ume in America's Got talent
Metaphysic co-founder Tom Graham and Chris Ume in America’s Got talent

Metaphysic team members

Tom and Chris had invited singer Daniel Emmett to BGT for the performance. The most impressive fact was singer Daniel Emmet that had been a contestant in America’s Got Talent 2018. But the Metaphysic team is way bigger than it seems.

Eight members in the Metaphysic Company have got various duties. In addition to Chris and Tom, there is Kevin, who acts as a co-founder of the company. He is the brother of Chris as well. Alexandre Carvalho, Beni Issembert, Jo Plate, Tomas Koutsky, and Simon Deckers are the other members of the team who did not take part in BGT.

Daniel Emmett
Daniel Emmett

What happened at Britain’s Got Talent?

The three, Tom, Chris, and Daniel, brought a special camera onto the stage and went straight into the performance. No one had an idea what they were about to do. Daniel started to sing the “You are the Inspirational” song, and Simon appeared on the screen. That was when they found out what this AI meant. Every move followed by Daniel was followed by Simon, and the voice was the only signature thing for Daniel.

The Metaphysic team could show that they have the best biometric altering tool that can deliver the ultimate entertainment for the world at the same moment. All the judges stated in their comments that the AI developed by the team was something special and that it is different from other similar products. “Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant?’ Simon asked, and that will be enough to conclude the rest that happened at BGT.  


Tom and Chris have been the partners of the company since the pandemic. It has been an online-based company for both the clients and the co-founders. Chris and Tom had met just two days before the BGT. After a chat, these three have agreed to appear on BGT.

The company has reached its maximum capacity within these couple of years, and they are experts AI solutions for businesses that are focusing on Graphical content the most. The most important thing is that the company is not always faking people but doing more creative stuff such as security development, marketing, and cost reduction for filmmaking. Gillett and P&G are two such brands they have worked with.

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Social media

Metaphysic is available on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter mainly. They have 8536 followers on Instagram for the just 21 posts they have uploaded. When coming to Facebook, it has got just 355 page likes so far.

Twitter is what they admire the most as they have 3100 followers. They had not been very popular until the BGT event last night, and they will be a famous brand on social media soon.

Metaphysic net worth

Metaphysic net worth is about $1.3 Million. Their AI development has been the main source of income so far. If they win the next rounds, They will get more leads and clients with fame for sure.


Where is Metaphysic located?

Metaphysic is located in the United Kingdom.

How much is Daniel Emmet Net worth?

Daniel Emmet’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

Who are the owners of Metaphysic?

Tom, Chris, and Kevin are the owners of the company.

Did Metaphysic win in the BGT?

Yes, they got 04 yeses and went into the next round.

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