Meet Sofia Vergara's Golden Buzzer Mayyas AGT Dance Group 2022

Meet Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer Mayyas AGT Dance Group 2022


It is not an exaggeration to say that there are several “Got Talents” competitions worldwide. But, AGT is the prominent stage for all of them. That is why the “Mayyas” came to the contestant, although they claimed the Arab’s Got Talent in 2019. Could they win? Did they lose just like they did in BGT? This article will include Mayyas AGT career, Social Media, Mayas dance Crew Net worth, and a few FAQs that you may have on Mayyas.

Who are Mayyas AGT 2022?

Mayyas AGT is a Lebanese dancing group consisting of 31 dancing girls who are in aged 13 to 25. As one of the group’s dancers described, the Mayyas means the pride walk of a lioness. Although they won the Arab’s Got Talent, they were on the AGT stage that night to show they were strong enough to stand on their feet again.

The Lebanese dancers are led by their Choreographer, Nadim Cherfan. He is the person behind the stage and does all the planning. Nadim brought some embracing choreography onto the AGT stage this time, and he has done it on Arab’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent. The Mayyas do the Arab dances that are mixed with several other dancing styles around the world.

What happened at America’s Got Talent Auditions?

After introducing who they are, what they do, and their expectations, the dance began. However, it was not the first time Simon did see Mayyas performing as they were on the BGT stage too. The show-stopping dance was something exceptional that could entertain the judges. It was longer than a typical dance performance made by a crew, and they used various accessories and arts while dancing.

It is important to emphasize there were silent, noisy, quicker, and slowest movements in their performance. The judges enjoyed the waves, eyes, and several creative moments made by the dancing team. Of course, their Choreographer, Nadim, is responsible for that.

Then it was up to the commenting, “It was the most beautiful creative dancing I’ve ever seen, and I think you guys deserve something special from AGT,” was the common idea of the comments given by the judges. It was Cowell who saw them twice on stage. He said, “This will make a difference in so many positive ways, full stop.” It was Vergara who astonished everyone who pushed the Golden buzzer. Sofia said she wanted to be a part of that and joined them on the stage. Mayyas Dance Crew are on semis straight away.

Lebanese Dancers AGT auditions

Mayyas Group Members

Jenna, Lina, Jeronna, Madaya, Nicole, and Duna are the leading dancers in the group, Mayyas. They are from Lebanon, one of the Arabian countries that have recently faced a financial crisis. Other girls are Lebanese and have joined the group in different stages.

They have been friends of Nadim, their Choreographer, and the group’s founder. Nadim has been teaching dancing to students in Lebanon, and all these are his students. Nadim had not only been their Choreographer but the friends they were in overseas countries.

Who is the founder of the Mayyas dance group?

Nadim Cherfan is the founder of the Mayyas dancing group. The Choreographer and the team manager, Nadim, started his dancing experiments at the age of nine. Although it is quite incredible that incredible ability was the foundation to reach the title winners of the Arab’s got Talent and reaching the semis quite easily.

Mayyas Dance Group founder Nadim Cherfan
Mayyas Dance Group founder Nadim Cherfan


The Journey of the Nadim started 21 years ago, 2000 when Nadim was just nine years. Nadim started his career as a Lebanese dancer who did not have a future as a dancer in Lebanon. Their journey has been quite a shorter one. Nadim started Mayyas nine months before the Arabs got Talent. That was a successful project, and he kept the group together, and they moved to the UK to take part in BGT. It was a failed attempt, and the AGT was their next step. They are successful and getting good comments on their performances as well as Nadim’s creativity.

Social media

Mayyas AGT are on Instagram. They are adding some of their images from reality shows and short videos on Instagram. Although they have updated just 33 posts, the dancing group has 156k followers. That will increase rapidly as they are turning viral on Social media due to their performance and the gain of Golden Buzzer. The founder of the dance group, Nadim Shierfan, is also on Instagram, and he has 47k followers. He has been on Instagram for a while. 

Mayas dance Crew’s Net worth

Mayas dance Crew’s Net worth is close to $400,000. The dancing group has been performing, influencing, sponsoring bards, and winning a few titles, and they are the sources of the Mayyas net worth. The win of Arab’s got Talent brought them about $133,265, and it is the highest amount they received in single pay.


How old are Mayyas girls?

They are between 13 to 25.

Where is from hand Dance Crew Mayyas?

AGT Hand Dance Group is from Lebanon.

How to contact or book Mayyas Dance Group?

They are available on Instagram, and their founder Nadim is also available on Instagram. Their email is [email protected] and they will open their website soon.

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