Meet John Glenn High School Dance Team at AGT 2022

Meet John Glenn High School Dance Team at AGT 2022 + Facts

Although high school girls team have been on to the AGT stage, any of them have been cute like John Glenn High School Dance Team did. They stole the attention in numerous ways as well. This article will deliver information about the members of the team, what happened at the AGT auditions, social media, and some FAQs about them.

High School Dance Team members?

The members are identified as The Girls from The John Glenn High School Varsity Pompon. The school where they are from is a school located in Michigan. There are 14 members in the team, and only 13 girls took part in the audition at AGT.

  • Kami Box
  • Brande Gillespie
  • Myleigh Kocks
  • Justis Lawson
  • Emma Niemann
  • Ava Norton
  • Makayla Olson
  • Maren Burgeson
  • Jessica Foss
  • Madisyn Galan
  • Maddie Rahn
  • Lilly Rocha
  • Lauren Zarazua.
High School Dance Team members
High School Dance Team members

Brande Gillespie is a young girl from tee tam, and she has revealed that she has been a fan of AGT since she was a young girl and thought to participate in the competition with her team.

The team consists of members aged from 14 to 19, and we still don’t know who the leader of the group is. Mid-American Pompon Class B State Championship in several years and High Kick Championship in 2021 are among the victories got by old and new members of the team.

The team’s coach is Shelby Putnam, who has been serving as the coach of the team since 2011. As she recalls, there have been family members, friends, students, and teachers to see NBC’s AGT. “I was proud to see my team winning as I was the coach.” It was mostly her idea to wear like Howie and choose the Infinity song of Pitbull.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

The entire judge panel was amazed to see 13 miniature versions of Howie Mandel as the teenagers entered the AGT. John Glenn High School Dance Team knew how to get the attention and go through Howie, one of the toughest judges when it matters the dancing.

The girls wore dark suits, bald hats, and rounded glasses that matched Howie’s shape. Heidi asked why it was him. And girls’ answer was, “I know he doesn’t like dance teams so much, so I hope he can change his mind a bit.” Mandel replied that he had already started to love them.

The song they had chosen was from Pitbull’s infinity. The teenagers did an excellent job with the performance, and the infinity was crucial. The quicker moves kept them highlighted on the stage. Although it was not about acrobatics, some activities hinted at their ability in a vast range.

The dancers raised their legs up and down and then rounded without an effort. Among the most iconic facts about the act was they did a 360-degree performance which made them more embracing. Simon, Heidi, Simon, and Sofia appreciated them with words, and it was Howie who got onto the stage to show his class. The girls were sent to the next round.

Social media

John Glenn Varsity Pompon is on Instagram, and they have 1072 followers. The page updates posts about the members, their latest events, and school staff. However, they are not on other social media platforms. 


Where is High School Dance Team from?

The High School Dance Team is from Michigan.

How old are High School Dance Team?

There are girls in the group aged from 14 to 19.

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