Meet Korean Capella group Maytree from AGT 2022

Meet Korean Acapella group Maytree from AGT 2022 + facts

The Maytree is A Korean Capella group that gained fame after mimicking the digital sound effects on smartphones and computers. Now they have found more reasons to increase their fame as they are on NBC’s reality show, AGT. This article will explain Maytree members, their Leader, the journey on AGT, career, social media, and some FAQs.

Who are the Maytree members?

The production of various sound effects is not an easy task. It is essential to have a few or more artists contribute unique sounds. At present, the team consists of five members who contribute to the team as bass, tenor, vocal, percussion, and tablet holder. The team members are Jang Sang-in, Kang Soo-Kyung, Kwon Young-hoon, Kim Won-jong, and Lim Soo-Yeon.

Although the team’s common or mutual acceptance is music, the members have other interests regarding education and other skills. Sang In is a graduate of Chemistry. Lim Soo-Yeon has learned architecture with the highest academic grade. Wonjong is a graduate of computer engineering. Kim Won-jong is the oldest member of the team who has been giving his contribution from the very beginning.

Lim-Soo Yen is the team’s newest member, who joined the Maytree team in 2016. He currently works for the team as the Soprano and tablet holder. What they have worked on has come into a better position, and all are now working as full-time members of the Maytree AGT group.

MayTree members in America's Got Talent 2022
MayTree members in America’s Got Talent 2022

MayTree founder or Leader

The Maytree was founded in 1999 by “Gigahitz.” It was a part of a club from the university Accapella club. SI, the founder of the team, was thrown out of the club, which was the main reason the Maytree was formed.

There have been six members in the group from the beginning, and various changes in the composition have happened throughout the time as well. Jang Sang-in and Choi Hong-Seok were the earliest leaders of the Maytree acapella group, and they created their first album, MayBe, in 2008. Due to personal reasons, Choi Hong-Seok left the group, and it is Jang Sang-in who has been leading the group since then alone.

Jang Sang-in, known as S.I., has a deep vision of the team what he sees the human as the earliest musical instrument. “I think the human can imitate every sound, noise, and music. That makes the humans special for music, and that is exactly what Maytree is doing”. S.I. is the brain behind creating various sound effects and releasing them to the internet.

Although SI is working in the music industry, he wants to be a Chemistry teacher. Eve after majoring in Chemistry, he had to give up his dream and work on a new task. The victories he got say that it is worth to be the Leader in Maytree than becoming a chemistry teacher only a hundred people know.

MayTree leader Jang Sang-in
MayTree leader Jang Sang-in

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Although there have been world-known singers, music composers, and various personalities related to music on AGT, it is the first time to have had this kind of experience. Although they said they would sing a capella, the judges did not get what they were off to. After SI explained that he was a bad singer earlier in another group and got kicked out, the excitement got intensified. Bit, it was temporarily as the real fun began. As SI mentioned, it was the revenge that he needed from the new group, Maytree.

There was a member who was holding a tab on what the title of the song appeared. First, it was Simpsons, in which they started to mimic the theme song. Then, they moved to Modern Family. Finally,  Cheers came up, and it was not just about mimicking the theme music but singing. When they ended their act, the entire audience appreciated their effort.

“I loved it. You harmonized beautifully and what I like about you is that we have not had an act earlier like this,” said Heidi. When it comes to Sofia’s comments, you did an amazing act, and you all are talented. “I love being surprised, and I think that people will remember this, and you have done thins clever.” There were three yesses in the end, and the they had was into the next round straightway.


2006 May Tree, 2015 Maytree in love, and Back To Me are three major projects they did. They have appeared on various stages, such as in Taiwan and AGT this year. Recently, the team has been releasing videos to their Youtuber, which has increased the popularity of Maytree. 

Maytree net worth

Maytree‘s net worth is around $500,000. The Youtubing, income gained from albums, and influencing have brought this income to the team. So far, Youtubing has been the best way to generate revenue for the group. In 2021, the team had a video that got 247 million views on YouTube.

Social media

Maytree is available on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. They are most popular on Youtube, with 4.84M subscribers. It is expected the team will reach more than 300M views along with the fame they got from AGT this year as well. When it comes to their Tik tok relationship, they has 10.8M Followers and 127.6M Likes.

There are a couple of Instagram accounts made by the S.I. and other members which could not get the attention of the world yet. Other than that, they have its own website, which assists people with law, podcasting, and human rights-like stuff.


Where is a Capella group Maytree from?

The AGT Capella group is from South Korea.

Who is the Leader of Maytree?

Jang Sang-in or SI is the leader AGT acapella group. 

Which country is Maytree?

They all are from South Korea and are currently in the USA, taking part in AGT.

How old is Maytree?

The team was founded in 1999, and the group is 23 years old. The oldest member of the team is Jang Sang-in.

What nationality is Maytree?

All the members in the acapella group are South Koreans.

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