Meet Jack The Whipper who scare Simon Cowell at AGT 2022

Meet Jack The Whipper who scare Simon Cowell at AGT 2022

A local radio host and reporter came from behind the mic and in front of the camera to show his talents on America’s Got Talent in the July 19 episode. Jack The Whipper shows that he has a more unique skill that is different from the other whip-cracking performers. He stunned all three judges with his whip-cracking act. This article consists of details about his life, family, relationships, career, and more details that you want to know.

Jack The Whipper biography

Jack’s full name is Jack Lepiarz,34 years old residing in Boston. He did his studies in broadcast journalism at Emerson College. Lepiarz graduated in 2010 and is a multi-talented person. He is a professional circus performer, whip-crack performer, radio hoster, and reporter. Jack currently works as a news anchor for Boston’s NPR news station. Actually, Jack is also a Boston-based broadcast journalist.

Is Jack The Whipper a Guinness World Recorder?

Yes AGT Jack has four Guinness World Records with the instrument. In 2020. He set his last record for “ Most Bullwhip Cracks in One Minute,” with 298 cracks.

Family and relationship

Jack’s dad is a performer in the Big Apple Circus. His father trained him a lot to become a circus performer. Lepiarz’s dad’s name is John Lapiarz. Jack’s wife’s name is Guramar Lepiarz. They married on 27th May 2022. There is no information about his mother and nothing about his siblings.

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

Jack Lepiarz arrived on stage wearing classic circus attire. His first impression makes judges so attractive and jealous of him. AGT Jack introduced himself by his stage name. “ I grew up in the circus,” said Jack The Whipper. “ He did a serious act about the art of whip-cracking. Whipper even got Simon on stage for one act.

He received huge applause from the crowd. Jack precisely got some tiny targets to show his accuracy with whip-cracking to the world. Simon’s “ no” turned into a “yes” vote soon after the performance. Eventually, he got three yeses and advanced to the next round.


Jack started to perform in the circus when he was 6 years old. First He worked in an Ice cream shop. Later he decided to become a street performer. Jack performed in the streets of Harvard Square. Then, Whipper begins his work at WBUR in 2010.

He worked as a production assistant, and reporter and is currently a radio anchor. In January, the AGT team has met Jack and proposed to show his talents on the AGT stage as his skills are different. Jack Lepiarz performs every weekend at the King Richard’s Faire Renaissance Festival in Carver.

Social Media

Jack is getting viral on TikTok media with his stunning performing videos. He was recruited by “America’s Got Talent” producers through his TikTok account. AGT Jack started his TikTok account in October last year. He currently amassed 2.9 million followers and over 70.9 million likes.

A video that depicts his whip-cracking act went viral on TikTok in an unexpected manner. He earned over two million views for it. AGT Jack hopes his TikTok account inspires the next generation of circus performers. Whipper’s act has over 14000 views and counting on Twitter.

He has over 440K followers on Instagram. Jack has dropped 577 posts on it. Whipper has more than 456K followers on his Facebook account. The Whipper created his Facebook account 0n 14th September 2008. His performance on AGT has over 175K views on YouTube.

Jack The Whipper’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure about his net worth. It is sure that Jack is earning good money with his demand. Also, Jack has been involved for many years in performing stage shows and festivals. He surely has a considerable income from his current job in Boston NPR’s news station. Also, he is doing whip-cracking for over 23 years. He might receive a large income through social media.


There is nothing much about AGT Jack’s family and net worth. No information about his mom, and siblings. But most of Lepiarz’s career facts are here in this article He has used social media platforms a lot to demand his unique skills and talents.

He is a multi-talented person who engaged regularly with different kinds of activities by managing his time very well. Keep in touch with this Guinness World Recorder!. AGT Jack may try to set one more.

Meet Jack The Whipper in America's Got Talent
Meet Jack The Whipper in America’s Got Talent


How old is Jack The Whipper AGT?

Jack The Whipper is 33 years of age.

Where is Jack The Whipper from?

Jack The Whipper is from Boston, United States.

What is Jack The Whipper’s real name?

Jack ThWhipper’ser real name is Jack Lepiarz.

Is Jack The Whipper a Guinness World Recorder?

Yes, Jack The Whipper is a Guinness World Recorder.

How many Guinness World Records does Jack The Whipper have?

Jack The Whipper has four Guinness World Records with the instrument.

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