Meet Cowboy Adam Winrich at AGT 2022 + Net worth

Meet Cowboy Adam Winrich at AGT 2022 + Net worth and facts

Adam Winrich is a 42-year-old whip-cracking record holder in AGT season 17. He is from Wisconsin in the United States and now lives in Fall Creek, Texas. His assistant is Sofia Vergara. Adam Winrich was not selected as one of the 55 acts in the Semifinals, eliminating him from the Season 17 Deliberations. He is working the Renaissance fair circuit nationwide with his whip-cracking act. His net worth is $11 million as of 2023.

Do you have to use the bathroom?” that’s what the judges asked as soon as they saw Adam Winrich. As one of the strangely-talented personnel to get on to the AGT stage, he has a lot to share. This article will explain his biography, family, relationship, career, and more things you want to know.

What is Adam Winrich Doing Now?

Adam is continuing his career as a full-time Whip-cracker. While competing for not just one but many whip-cracking world records, he takes part in various conventions and TV Shows. In January 2023, Adam took part in the popular LA Whip Convention. He also appeared in Stan Lee‘s “Superhumans” show and “Conan’s Show” as a guest.

On his YouTube Channel, AdamCWM, he presents some interesting Harmonica covers to his audience.

Adam Winrich Biography

Adam Winrich was born in Eau Claire. He is 42 years old and living in Fall Creek, where he spent his entire life. As a student, academics had always been his thing and what he ever wanted was to make something special out of himself. He graduated from UW Eau Claire, where he got a Maths and Physics degree.

As Adam explains of his childhood, he has been a diehard fan of Indiana Jones and similar action movies. Especially, Adam wondered how Jones was doing such unique moves using a whip cracker. Adam has not revealed who his parents are and if he has brothers and sisters, but several more about whip cracking.

At the age of 10, Adam started to sell whipcracks which were made all by himself. Along with a degree, he finished up his academics and did something no one could think of, went ahead in the Whipping field. In addition to AGT, he is currently engaged in the renaissance fair circuit and going across the country.

Adam Winrich in America's Got Talent
Adam Winrich in America’s Got Talent

Adam Winrich Guinness World Records

Some of his notable world-record performances can be obtained from the table below.

Heaviest Whip Cracked46 Pounds 11 ounces
Most candles extinguished with a whip in one minute102
Loudest Whip Crack148.7 dB(A)
Most stock whip cracks on a slackline in one minuteMost bottles are grabbed with a whip and caught in one minute
18 bottles in one minute18 bottles in one minutes

Family And Relationships

Adam Winrich has not said much about his relationships. We still don’t know who his parents are. It is easy to assume that his parents have had more concerns than Adam, as Adam had to make Whipcracks make his living even during school days. The Guinness record holder is single and not dating anyone else either. As Adam has stated, his friends have always been with him. They have not only helped him to create various whips but sell them to make his career more stable. At present, he is spending time with Violet, his Chihuahua.

What Happened At America’s Got Talent Auditions?

As previously mentioned, the judges went clueless when they saw Adam with a whip-cracker and a toilet paper bundle. Since it was the first time to have a whip cracker on the AGT stage, Adam got a pretty warm welcome. He wanted Sofia on the stage; he wanted her to just stand still. He did the whip-cracking in front of her, and Sofia did not get any harm. After that, he wanted Sofia to swing the toilet paper around her head using a string.

Finally, Adam wanted Sofia to use a machine to send the toilet paper into thin air in one piece. Adam had the perfect timing, accuracy, and speed to break the toilet paper into small pieces. According to Sofia, “That was the scariest thing I ever did.” But, it was Adam who had done a great job in the end. He got 03 green lights, and he is in the next round. 


Adam started his career as a seller, selling various whips around his area. After completing his education, he started it on a large scale and obviously succeeded. Adam Winrich had to show his skills to promote his products either. Along with the live shows, he could make an income as well. At present, he is taking part in overseas shows, selling his products online, sponsoring products, influencing, and appearing on eh television to make a living.

When it comes to Superhumans (2010) and Conan (2010) are two crucial stages of his acting career. Unfortunately, he could not make it to the next level.

Adam “Crack” Winrich’s World Records

Adam ended up being a world know whip-cracking expert who has a 32-time Guinness World Record. Also, he is the Guinness record holder for most whip cracks in a minute with two whips and 314 fire whip cracks per minute. He is responsible for having 32 Guinness world records and is the best whipping champion in the world. Although he has not performed new tricks recently, he will do them soon. 

Adam Winrich’s Net Worth

Adam Winrich’s estimated net worth is $11 Million. His live performance, social media, website, and online selling this net worth to him.

Social Media

Adam Winrich is all over social media with his whip-cracking. Instagram has been his all-time favorite for sharing videos related to his latest whip-cracking stunts. Hilarious pranks such as removing the tonic of beers and various stuff.

Also, Adam has 39k followers on Instagram at present. He is available on Twitter and Facebook. He has not succeeded in increasing followers on those two platforms. When it comes to Youtubing, his channel, AdamCWM, has more than 61k followers. Adam’s website is also among the best ways to reach him.


Where is Adam Winrich from?

Adam Winrich is from Fall Creek.

How old is Adam Winrich?

Adam Winrich is 41 years old.

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