Meet AMAZING Dancing Duo Stefanny and Yeeremy at AGT 2022

Meet AMAZING Dancing Duo Stefanny and Yeeremy at AGT 2022

Dancing Duo Stefanny and Yeeremy have always come up with something breathtaking in talent shows. On AGT, they got better comments, unlike any day giving them hopes for the next rounds. This article will explain their biography, relationships, social media, career, and more things you want to know.

Stefanny and Yeeremy biography


Stephanie Moreno is a Colombian dancing star who is also an influencer on Social media. Moreno was born on August 6th, 1996, and she is 25 years old now. Moreno is from Bogota, Colombia, one of the semi-urban places where she had her education and dancing career. We still don’t know about Stephanie Moreno’s parents as she has not revealed them yet.

The only relationship she has shown is regarding her brother, Favi, who is working as a music production producer. Stefanie’s school information is not in public. But, she has said that she is a finance and business studies graduate. Her birth sign is Leo, and she is a non-vegetarian. She has a boyfriend, Yeeremy Lugo, with whom she took part in AGT as well as several dancing competitions.

Stefanny and Yeeremy in America's Got Talent 2022
Stefanny and Yeeremy in America’s Got Talent 2022


Yeeremy Lugo is a Californian Salsa dance instructor who has participated in several dancing competitions. He has acted as his partner Stefanny Moreno on several occasions and is currently dating Stefanny. Although we don’t know when he was born, it seems that Lugo is below his thirties. We only know about Yeeremy Lugo that he met Stefanny as his dancing teacher.

Although both competed several times on several world-known stages such as AGT, World Dance, and a few Colombian local shows, they never recorded a victory. Currently, he is working as an instructor in the online dance school Emdclass.

Family and relationships

Both Stefanny and Yeeremy have not talked about their parents and family members. Stefanny has a brother who has assisted in composing tracks for her dancing performances. His name is Favi Moreno. There are only two visible relationships between Stefanny and Yeeremy, with their careers and personal. Stefanny is a full-time member of Swing Latino. Swing Latino is from where she learned everything about dancing.

Although the duo, Stefanny, and Lugo, are working separately, she meets her old friends. Their Instagram stories are proof of that. Lugo doesn’t have a broad career as much as Stephany’s. Lugo is fully engaged in online dance school Emdclass with Stefanny, and that is his only relationship other than Stefanny.  When it comes to their relationships that have between them. A few years ago, Yeeremy wanted to learn dancing, and it was Stefanny who was Yeeremy’s teacher.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Their appearance is neither the first time on a talent competition nor the AGT for the duo, as they were on AGT 2018 as well. It was Sofia who got happy the most as the duo was from Colombia. After the introduction, they went straight into the performance. It was a typical and natural dance from the very beginning, and they made the audience feel that they were ordinary. Then the real thing came, and it was a Salsa dance that astonished the audience.

After that, both removed their black dresses and got gold-colored suits within less than a second. It was seen like Yeeremy trying to keep Stefanny in the air all the time. “It had personality,  showmanship, expertise, originality, and it was 10,” said Simon. They were straight to the next round.

What happened to Stefanny and Yeremy in the AGT semi-finals?

Stefanny and Yeremy perform and sexy and how dropping dace on Tuesday live semi-finals. Simon Cowell gets a buzz and said “I felt the act needed a transition that’s why I need to buzz” Sofia added, “I thought it was spectacular and perfection”.


Dancing has been the only career path for these two. Although Stefanny has got some additional academic skills, such as Finance and Business Studies, she is a full-time dancer. Yeeremy was a member of a Colombian dance group, and Stefanny was also a member of a famous dancing group known as Latino Swing. Both are employed as dancing instructors at present. 2017 World of Dance finals.

2018 AGT, Swing Latino de Cali, and Bnf companies in Dubai, and there are few Colombian achievements the duo has. The duo has got few opportunities from Spain, and they will be busy with their careers. The only career goal they have is to perform well in the AGT and win it.

Stefanny and Yeeremy net worth

Stefanny and Yeeremy net worth are around $50,000. Their dancing career is what has made this net worth. Along with social media influencing, possible AGT victory, and an affiliate, they will be able to earn more.

Social media

The duo, Stefanny, and Yeeremy, are on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik tok. They are growing separately on those platforms and still have a long way to go. Both are posting related to their careers and update regarding the AGT. Tik tok is what they have referred to the most, and they have got 564.7K Followers along with 5.4M total Likes.


Where are Stefanny and Yeeremy from?

Stefanny and Yeeremy are from Colombia.

How old are Stefanny and Yeeremy?

Stefanny is 25 years old, and we don’t know how old Yeeremy is. But he seems to be below 30. 

What are Stefanny and Yeeremy’s real names?

Stefanny and Yeeremy are the real names of the duo.

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