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What Happened to Archie Williams after AGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

61 years-old Archie Williams had a great comeback in AGT 2020 after being wrongfully convicted of 36 years in prison. His sensational voice and his personality shocked the judges and the audience throughout season 15. Here are some quick facts about Archie Williams’ life, family, relationship, career, and net worth.

Where is Archie Williams now 2022? & what happened to him after AGT?  

Archie Williams is a singer. He has 45.3k followers on Instagram. This person is so special because he was a prison in for 36 years without no guilt. He is now performing all over America.

Archie Williams participated in the Americas Got Talent on 2020. He got eliminated from the finals. Here are some facts about him.

BirthdayMarch 23, 1961
Where is Archie Williams from?USA
Net worth now250,000 USD
What Happened to Archie Williams after AGT 2020? Here are some quick facts.

Archie Williams Biography

The world knows him as Archie Williams, but his real name is Archie Manning. He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His birthday is 23rd March 1961. He is 61 years old now. Archie is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. William’s weight is 76kg. He is an American. He has obtained a diploma from a local high school in Baton Rouge.

 At 22 years of age, He was arrested for raping a 31-year-old woman and stabbing her. Then, Archie Williams was wrongfully sentenced to 80 years of prison for a case of rape, and murder. He was convicted at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. Finally, he proved his innocence and earned his release from prison on 21 March 2019 after 37 years.

Where is Archie Williams now?

Now Archie Williams resides in Louisiana, United States.

Is Archie Williams still alive?

Yes, Archie Williams still lives in Louisiana, United States.

What is Archie Williams doing now?

Now Archie is a professional singer who performed in many concerts, festivals, shows, and events. He works as an ambassador for innocence projects.

Family and Relationships

His family has supported him a lot during his time in prison. He has two sisters called Charlotte Alexander and Sheila Varner. Archie has an aunt called Saundra Christmas and a niece called LaShanda Martin. They helped him a lot in his quest for the American reality TV show.

AGT Singer Archie’s parents died while he was still in Angola prison. Archie is the uncle of the famous Donnie Williams who is a contestant in Hollywood rounds of American Idol seasons three and four.

Is Archie Williams married?

There is no information about Archie Williams’ marital status. As he was prisoned at 22 years of age, surely he may unmarry. Nothing about new relationships or affairs.

What happened to Archie Williams on American’s Got Talent?


Archie Williams’ audition in Episode 1501 made everyone sense. He sang the song Elton John’s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” as his debut performance on AGT. He received a standing ovation from all the judges and the audience. Heidi Klum in tears said, “ I felt you and I think about your life, and that was very powerful.” Finally, Williams received four yes votes and advance to the next round.

Live shows

Archie automatically advanced to the quarterfinals without performing in the Judge cut round. He sang Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in need of love today” for the quarterfinals. Three judges including Howie, Heidi, and Sofia gave him standing ovations without any hesitation. He received enough votes to select for the semifinals instead of Bello, Annaliese Nock, and Michael Yo.

AGT singer Archie sang Westlife’s “Flying Without Wings” in dedication to his daughter. In the judge’s selection, Sofia and Heidi Klum voted for him and she advanced to the finals instead of Malik Dope.


Williams sang The Beatle’s “Blackbird” for the finals in Episode 1521. His incredible performance makes everyone on their feet. For the finale, he sang “Everything You Touch is a Song” with Marvin Winans. AGT singer Archie did not receive enough votes to enter the top 5. He eliminates from the AGT season 17 instead of Brandon Leake.

Did Archie Williams win AGT?

No, Archie Williams did not win the AGT season 15. He finished the competition in the bottom 5 of the top 10.


He spent 37 years of his life in prison without parole. AGT Archie luckily joined the “church” choir in the prison and found comfort. He formed his own band with other inmates. In 2016, Williams was a part of the Innocence Project and became an ambassador. In 2019, he attended the National Innocence Network Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. After the AGT appearance, his music and entertainment are attracting millions of fans worldwide right now.

Social Media

His debut performance on AGT has already passed 874k views on YouTube. Archie’s interview on Steve’s Tv show with Steve Harvey has over 4.3 million views on YouTube. His official Facebook page has over 92.8K followers and over 82K likes for his posts.

Williams’ debut performance on AGT has passed over 145 million views right now. He already amassed over 45.1K followers on Instagram. Williams used his Instagram account to demand his talents on AGT.

Archie Williams’ Net Worth

There are no exact figures on his net worth. But he may earn a considerable amount of money by performing as a professional singer in musical shows, concerts, and festivals. His approximate net worth is $250K to $400K. He may receive donations from various shows and charities after the AGT appearance.


Although most of Archie’s facts are in this article, there is nothing much about his family. Though Archie was in jail, he never let his mind go to prison for a single day. He is one of the most powerful and strong-hearted people who had a great comeback in his career after 36 years of a tough life in prison.


Where is Archie Williams AGT from?

Archie Williams AGT is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

How old is Archie Williams now?

Archie Williams is 61 years of age.

Did Archie get compensation?

Yes, Under Louisiana’s compensation law, Archie is eligible for a total of $250K as his compensation.

How long was Archie in jail?

He spent 36 years of his life in prison.

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