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What Happened to 1aChord after AGT 2021? Here are some quick facts.

What Happened to 1aChord after AGT 2021? Here are some quick facts.

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The season 16 premiere of “America’s Got Talent” featured Christoff Hairston, Tavis Cunningham, and Julian Kennedy, three students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. They are a band known simply as 1achord. The lads’ ability to perfectly harmonize their incredibly melodious vocals won over the judges and the public.

1aChord participated in the Americas Got Talent in 2021. They got eliminated from the semi-finals. Here are some facts about them

Age20-23 years
Where is 1aChord from?Greensboro, NC
Net worth now1Million USD

Where is 1aChord now? & what happened to them after AGT? 

1aChord is a triplet teen chord. They have 16.9k followers on Instagram and have made a name for themselves individually. They are still studying at university and they are doing their shows in the meantime.

Who is 1aChord?

1achord is a group of three very talented singers attending the University of North Carolina. In January of 2021, the three young men formed the group after meeting in a college cafeteria.

While the North Carolina male trio 1achord may have only recently debuted on television, they have already generated significant buzz among fans. The group’s Facebook page has 1,100 likes, and their Instagram account has 4,100 likes. Hairston attended Weaver Academy and is now studying music at UNGC. While Kennedy is a jazz studies student with a piano playing emphasis, Cunningham is studying for a degree in musical theater. They’re a group of three students at UNCG’s College of Visual and Performing Arts.

What is 1aChord doing now?

Despite continuing their academic pursuits, 1aChord does live performances.

1aChord Members

Julian Kennedy, Christoff Hairston, and Tavis Kordell Cunningham are three black boys who are all students at the University of North Carolina who make up the band 1achord.

They stumbled across each other, or perhaps fate brought them together. The group’s origin may be traced back to a chance meeting in the cafeteria, where they began discussing music. They quickly realized they could all sing and decided to form a group under the moniker 1achord.

They all are devout churchgoers who hold their families dear; a quick perusal of their social media pages reveals frequent commentary from doting grandmas and parents.

In this vast wiki of 1achord, we have details about each of the band’s individual members.

Christoff Hairston

Born and raised in Greensboro, Christoff Hairston is a true North Carolinian. His age appears to be a little over 20 years old. His actual date of birth is a mystery, however.

Hairston attended Weaver Academy in his hometown. In addition, he is currently enrolled as a freshman at UNCG, where he plans to study music.

Julian Broddy

High Point, North Carolina, is home to Julian Broddy. Broddy also seems to be between the ages of 20 and 25. The American Idol performer has, similarly, withheld his date of birth.

Julian is presently majoring in jazz studies at UNCG. In addition, his focus is entirely on his piano playing. Additionally, he is a senior in college.

Tavis Cunningham

Originally from North Carolina, Tavis Cunningham grew up in Raeford. It appears that Tavis is older than 20 years old. The contestant on America’s Got Talent is a first-year student at UNC Greensboro.

In addition, his chosen field of study at university is musical theatre.

1aChord Members

Who is the founder/ leader?

In addition to his endeavors, Kennedy intends to continue performing as 1aChord with Hairston and Cunningham. The core of it is the sanctuary of his heart, where his talent resides. Julian Kennedy was able to heal himself and the world via the gift of music he discovered at UNCG.

What happened at America’s Got Talent?


In Episode 1601, they sang Coldplay’s “Fix You” as part of their audition. Each judge agreed to advance the group to the next round: Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell.


In Episode 1609, they performed a cover of REM’s “Everybody Hurts” for the Quarterfinals. Standing ovations were given by Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell. In Episode 1610, they outpolled Gangstagrass and made it to the Semifinals.


In Episode 1617, they sang “Every Breath You Take” by The Police while accompanied by a gospel choir in the Semifinals. Both Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara stood up to applaud them.


Since they did not collect as many votes as the Northwell Health Nurse Choir, they were the ones to be eliminated in Episode 1618.


Before their performance, “AGT” aired a prerecorded piece about the band in which they discussed how they had met in the university cafeteria.

“Our lives completely changed in our college cafeteria; if all three of us had not been together at the same time on that day at the same time, none of this would have happened,” the singers shared. “We were brought together for a purpose, and our lives were better for it.”

1aChord Net worth

Their current wealth is one million dollars.

Social Media


Where is 1aChord from?

These Three Men Are From North Carolina!

Where does 1aChord go to college?

The three members of 1aChord are all students in UNCG’s College of Visual and Performing Arts.

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