The Journey of Cristina Rae – Where is She Now?

Cristina Rae is a dedicated lady who passed several tough years following her career with a four-year-old son. She won the Golden Buzzer from Heidi Clum after doing two nervous performances in her audition. With high praises from all judges and votes from fans, singer Cristina had a long life in America’s Got Talent Season Fifteen. She is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cristina Rae participated in the Americas Got Talent in 2020 and she got eliminated from the semi-finals.

Where is Cristina Rae from?USA
Net worth now700,000 USD

Cristina Rae Biography

Cristina Rae is an African American and her birthplace is Nashville, Tennessee, and she is still residing there. But at last, she moved to Atlanta to have better opportunities to expand her career. Her birthday is on 7th February 1990 and she is 33 years of age. She went to the Nashville School of the Arts. Then graduated from Tennessee State University. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 85 kg, and has cropped blonde hair and black eyes.

She had a lot of tough periods in her career. AGT Cristina did not have a home while she was pregnant. Then she lived in her car. Then she stayed with an aunt in Georgia. Now Rae is a professional singer, songwriter, and actress. Her main dream was to purchase a home for herself and her son to live freely as they want.

What is Cristina Rae doing now?

AGT singer Cristina Rae works as a professional singer and performer in the United States. Now she receives so many invitations from famous musical events and shows to be on the stage as the ladies’ vocalist.

Cristina Tae with her son Jeremiah

Cristina Rae Family and Relationships

There is nothing about her parents. Cristina didn’t reveal whether she is married or not. But she had a relationship with Don Lewis. Cristina has not told more about her ex-partner. AGT Singer Cristina Rae’s sons name is Jeremiah who is 5 years old as of 2023. He attends Kindergarten school.

Cristina Rae’s Net Worth

Cristina’s estimated net worth comes to around $700,000K. She accumulated her net worth by performing as a vocalist and performer. Also, she earned a reasonable income by working with off-broadway productions with a New York-based company.

What happened to Cristina Rae on America’s Got Talent?


Cristina made her debut audition on AGT in season 15 episode 03. She had to sing two songs as Simon was not satisfied with her first song. In her second chance, she sang, “ Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones. She earned a standing ovation from the judges as she impressed them a lot. Surprisingly, Heidi Klum pressed her Golden Buzzer sending Cristina straight to the Quarterfinals. She gained popularity after her appearance on America’s Got Talent, where she performed songs like “Gimme Shelter,” “Hallelujah,” and “Jump.”


Live shows

She performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in the quarterfinals. Cristina earned a standing ovation from three judges except for Simon. AGT Cristina received enough votes to advance to the semifinals instead of Annie Jones and Sheldon Riley.

She performed her semifinal performance in season 15 episode 19. Cristina sang “Jump” from the movie STEP. Rae received a standing ovation from Heidi Klum. Eventually, she had enough votes to get selected for the finals instead of Celina.


Cristina did a fantastic performance in the finals in season 15 episode 21. AGT singer Cristina sang Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” For the finale in season 15 episode 22. Rae sang “Lose Somebody” with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. She got enough votes to advance to the Top 5 of AGT Season 15 by defeating Daneliaya Tuleshova. Cristina Rae AGT finished the competition in 3rd place.

Did Cristina Rae win AGT?

No. Singer Cristina Rae did not win the AGT season 15. She won 3rd place in the competition ahead of Roberta Battaglia and Alan Silva and behind Brandon Leake and Broken Roots.


Cristina attended Salama Urban Ministries from age 7 to 23. There she learned acting, singing, and dancing. Then she attends the Blair School of Music and Nashville School of Arts. Before debuting on AGT, Rae got the chance to perform at the infamous Apollo Theater, in New York. AGT Cristina has appeared in off-Broadway productions like Queen of Hearts by the New York-based company. She has already released her first single, “ Unconditional” through all major streaming platforms.

Social Media

You can watch every single performance of Cristina’s on AGT through YouTube. The debut audition she won the Golden Buzzer has over 590K views on YouTube. She has her own YouTube channel with 4.41K subscribers. Cristina used her YouTube channel to release her singles and official videos. One of her singles called “I AM” has over 5.8K views.  

She used her Facebook page to publish her upcoming shows and events to update her fans. Rae has gathered over 22K followers on Facebook. Her Email address is [email protected]. Cristina Rae singer has more than 35.2K followers on Instagram. She has already dropped 468 posts to it.


Although most of Cristina’s facts are in this article, there is nothing much about her family and her son’s father. There is no evidence of her marriage. It is clear that Cristina faced a lot of difficulties in explaining to her family as she follows a non-traditional career. Cristina is the highest-placing vocalist in AGT history after being stopped by Simon Cowell in her audition. Her goals include multiple streams of income, owning properties, and establishing generational wealth.


Is Cristina Rae married?

There is no exact information about Cristina Rae’s marital status though she had a 4 years old son.

Where is Cristina Rae now?

Cristina Rae is from Nashville, Tennessee

What does Christina Rae do for a living?

AGT singer Cristina Rae works as a professional singer and performer in the United States.

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