America's Got Talent, AGT Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzer Winners

America’s Got Talent, AGT Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzer Winners
AGT Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzer Winners. This infographic shows all America's Got Talent Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzers.
AGT Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzer Winners

AGT Extreme 2022 Golden Buzzer Winners

Aron Wheelz

Aaron Wheelz is an extreme athlete known for his wheelchair, BMX, and skateboarding stunts. He was born with a rare spinal condition called Spina Bifida. He was able to amaze the AGT judges by performing a complete backflip. Judges were so stunned, and Nikki pressed her golden buzzer.

Verge Aero

Verge Aero is a Philadelphia, USA-based Drone Show Company. Verge Aero team has four engineers named Chris, Anthony, Tony, and Nils. They fly 160 drones to create a new kind of light show like high-tech fireworks. With all positive comments from AGT judges, Simon Cowell gave Golden Buzzer.

Alfredo Silva

Alfredo Silva is a well-known Brazilian circus performer known for his knife-throwing act. His cage riding team members are Colby, Marco, John Stott, and Gary Lawrence. The cage riders wowed the judges, and AGT host Terry Crews gave his Golden Buzzer.

Cyndel Flores

Cyndel Flores is a 23 years old Sway Pole Artist from Sarasota, Florida. She did an Astonishing Sway Pole Performance on the stage of AGT Extreme. But the pole was very wet and super slippery due to the continuous rain. AGT Judges were very nervous and thrilled by her performance, and Travis Pastrana pressed his Golden Buzzer.

Erika Lemay

Erika Lemay is a 39 years old acrobat performer from Quebec, Canada. Without any help from the ground, she did an amazing acrobat act in the air of 90ft using balloons. The AGT Judges and audience were very impressed by her performance. At the very first time at AGT Extreme, the AGT Judges and the host Terry Crews pressed the Golden Buzzer at once.

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