Meet magician Yu Hojin at AGT 2022 + net worth and facts

Meet magician Yu Hojin at AGT 2022 + net worth and facts

In advance of the seventh episode of America’s Got Talent’s auditions, South Korean magician Yu Hojin has been confirmed as a contestant. You won’t believe your eyes when you see this close-up magician perform!

Yu Hojin Biography

AGT Korean magician Yu Hojin was born on December 25, 1992, in Seoul, South Korea, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

There’s a popular traveling magic production team named The Illusionists that Yu Hojin was a member of before competing on America’s Got Talent. He had previously auditioned for the competition in 2016 as a member of the crew but came up short of making it all the way to the finals. In this episode of the competition, he plans to do one of his most well-known tricks, which he hopes will help him advance in the competition.

Family and relationships

Yu Hojin has kept the public in the dark about anything pertaining to his family or his relationships. When the truth is known, we will update this article.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

Judge Howie Mandel made a triumphant return to the Auditions 7 stage following a brief absence the week before. He makes Yu Hojin’s debut in front of the AGT viewers.

After completing a two-year term in the military, the 29-year-old decided that he wanted the world to know “my name.”

Yu Hojin has been performing magic since he was eight years old, but his parents didn’t believe in him. Secretly honing his skills in the bathroom, he pursued his desire. My dad was not a fan of my magic. However, after five years, he finally discovered Yu’s “passion for magic” and struck a bargain with him. Yu’s father said, “Can you be the best?” if he accepted Yu’s magic.

Yu was more than happy to accept the arrangement offered. His sole motivation for being there is to help. Howie says, “Welcome to our bathroom.”

Feathers appear seemingly out of thin air, are transformed, shrink, grow and finally vanish in Yu’s routine to become little fluttering pieces. There is a lot of elegance and beauty to the presentation. It’s quite fascinating to see this unfold! That being said, it’s clear to everyone who looks at him that his thick, black T-shirt is an integral element of the trick.

After that, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum all get up and go about. Remaining sitting, Simon Cowell doesn’t seem to be convinced.


At the age of eight, Yu Ho-Jin began his magical career. Ten years later, at the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2012, he shocked the magic world by winning first place in stage magic and the Grand Prix. The world’s top magicians believe Yu Ho-Jin to be the most graceful and artistic manipulator currently living.

Ho-Jin is frequently referred to be “the future of magic,” and for a good reason. It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by Yu Ho-dexterous Jin’s fingers in the empty air as if they were playing the piano. His work is free of fraud or deception. In addition, Yu Ho-Jin has the capacity to transform anyone into a fan – from youngsters to the world’s greatest magicians – and he does so effortlessly.

He was one of the first magicians to perform in the iconic Sydney Opera House’s concert hall and was the first Asian magician to appear on Broadway. A one-man play titled Masulsa was staged by the actor at the Busan Film Sky Hall Theater from November 29 to December 8, 2019.

Yu Hojin Net Worth

Yu Hojin has not publicly shared any information on his net worth. As soon as more information becomes available, we’ll provide an update on this page.

Korean magician Yu Hojin from America's Got Talent
Korean magician Yu Hojin from America’s Got Talent

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Where is Yu Hojin from?

His home is in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

How old is Yu Hojin AGT?

The Korean AGT magician Yu Hojin is 29 years old.

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