Meet Motocross Star Bruce Cook, who inspired AGT Judges

Meet Motocross Star Bruce Cook, who inspired AGT Judges

Who is Bruce Cook?

Bruce Cook is a paraplegic freestyle motocross (FMX)

Who is traveling around the world and doing stunts with the Nitro Circus stunt group? Bruce Cook was a freestyle motocross racer until he faced an accident and became paralyzed. And nine months after his accident he rode his modified dirtbike for the first time. Later, he became the first paraplegic to land a backflip on a motorcycle. He is a famous character among the people for doing stunts, facing accidents and taking part in AGT. Also, Bruce could set a record due to his paraplegic backflip.

Bruce Cook Biography and early life

Bruce cook was born in Kelowna, BC, on June 17, 1987.  He is among the very few dirt riders who brought the luck to get fame for riding bikes. At the age of 05, he got his first dirt bike, and he did his stunt research at the age of 05. At the age of 10, Bruce had fame among the neighbors for doing amazing stunts even adults could do. Bruce could not get higher education as he finalized his academics after 18. His parents were not famous characters, and only a limited statement has come out of Bruce about them as well. 

Family and relationships

His parents, brothers, and sisters, and earliest relationships have not been revealed to the media. Also, he has not mentioned his earlier dates or similar kinds of relationships with the media. However, some sources reveal that Cook has a brother and a sister. The only person he dated was Leah Bauer, who could not be his partner.  At present, he is not married either. His only relationship is with his modified dirt bike, which he uses to travel around the globe and entertain others. 

What happened at AGT?

Bruce Cook came to AGT with a reputation.  He tried to do a backflip using his dirt bike with the state he is on, not moving legs or the lower part of his body. He was going to wear seat belts while doing the trick, and every outcome would be tolerated by him as he didn’t have any escape. Travis got sensitive before the trick, and he said that “I can judge, but I’m not allowed to vote for Cook as he is one of my best friends.” Just like he promised, he did it. Not only did he do, but he earned the respect of the judges.

“That is pretty incredible. I think your determination is inspiring to us all,” said Simon. When coming to Travis’s comments, “How did you do that? While you were doing that flip, your body was tied to a 250-pound animal, a coyote. I’m so proud of you”. “I have not seen anything like this before, and you truly are incredible,” said Nikki Bella.

Bruce Cook Career

Bruce Cook started his dirt riding career at the age of 17. Although he was a talented individual, he could not take it to the next level. There is not much about his reputed stunts the world knows. The first known thing was his backflip stunt which he did in 2010 at the age of 23. He did it at Travis Pastrana’s house. Along with his attempt and the video proof he recorded himself trying to do a Rock-Solid backflip, he got invited to the Rock-Solid backflip as well. On October 15, 2015, Bruce did a backflip using his modified bike. It was only one month later he started to do the riding.

Social Media

Brice Cook is all over social media and he has got the highest number of followers on his Instagram account.

65K followers101K followers2132 followers
Updates on a regular basisDoes influencer marketingLast updated in 2021 January.
Posts images and videos on various topics.Posts images and videos on life style and sportsPosts videos on interviews.
Gives priority to AGT 2022Gives priority to AGT 2022 
Broce Cook social media profiles

Bruce Cook net worth

Bruce Cook’s net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 to 7 million USD as he is just a rider. Due to the fame, he got in recent years. He has been able to add some revenue using his social media as well. However, the net worth will change in a higher margin if he claims the AGT title this year.

Bruce Cook at AGT Extreme 2022
Bruce Cook at AGT Extreme 2022

What happened to Bruce Cook?

One of the most concerning things about this amazing rider is his accident. It occurred in 2014 while he was taking part in the Nitro Circus. He had to face destiny while he was doing a double flip on the opening night of the Nitro Circus at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. Soon after the accident, Bruce Cook stated that his feelings on his legs of the lower part of the body are not felt. The double flip was not tried at least once by any rider at an X game earlier.

Bruce Cook had tried it in 2012 as well as at a foam pit where he used to practice for Nitro Circus. According to his fans, the accident was a great way to show the courage of the start as he not only showed his thumbs up a week after the accident, but he recovered within 09 months and came up as a paraplegic freestyle motocross (FMX).

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