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Meet Magician Nicolas Ribs at AGT 2022 + Net worth and facts



Meet Magician Nicolas Ribs at AGT 2022 + Net worth and facts


Magicians on the AGT stage are not strange things to have happened. Since there have been several magic-entertained movements, a new magician on the AGT stage won’t surprise the AGT much. When it comes to a French magician, well, that will be new. That is not the only new thing to be amazed about magician Nicolas Ribs. This article will explain Nicolas Ribs’ biography, net worth, family and relationships, his moments at AGT, career, social media, and more facts people wanted to know about him.

AGT magician Nicolas Ribs biography

There is nothing much to know about Nicolas. The only thing knows about the place where he is from is France. Also, he did not reveal his age either. However, he looks around mid-forties. He has not shown much about his identity as well as school time. But, according to the limited information Nicholas has displayed, he is a sporting personality in the school. Nicholas had faced an accident due to sports, and that is when he had said Good Bye to them. He had paralyzed due to that and got well within two years.

Family and relationship

It was visible that he is a family [person from the very moment he was on the AGT stage. Nicolas’s daughter introduced herself to the audience as Nicholas could not speak English. His daughter Emma is the only family bond Nicholas has brought into the performing stage is his daughter. She is around 20. Nicholas has not revealed any information related to his wife or other kids. 

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

A magician astonishes his audience after his act. When it comes to Nicholas, he gave natural surprises to the audience. He came with his daughter onto the stage, and the judges considered them a couple. His daughter was there for the translation. According to Simon, Nicholas was trying to crack a smile from the very beginning. Obviously, anyone among the judges might not have thought he would do such a fantastic act.

What Nicholas did was shadow-based magic. He made some shadows and shapes, which made them disappear on a flattened surface. There was a moon which he turned into a ball. Also, there were more balls in different colors, which he then made disappear too. With the intensified moments, Nicholas needed his act after showing the Eifel Tower and the Liberty Statue in his hands. All judges stood up and gave him the door opened for the next stage.


When knowing his career, Nicolas has worked as an audiologist until recently. Learning is an essential thing for anyone. When coming to a magician, that has to be started at the youngest age. But, Nicolas Ribs is a late bloomer as he got into magic and stuff at the age of 20. After quitting the job, he went on to perform magic as a professional. Nicholas took part in the AGT contest’s French version in 2019, and he performed a similar trick there too.

At present, he is a professional magician who performs on sponsored and paid stages in all corners of the world. Along with Social Media Influencing, websites, and other viral media such as YouTube, Nicholas has become a modern professional magician. Among eh other accomplishments Nicholas has contributed, the French show “TF1 Diversion” was crucial. He became a popular personality after that, and now he is popular at the world level due to AGT.

Magician Nicolas Ribs net worth

Nicolas Ribs’ net worth is around $100,000. Live Magic performances, his early career as an audiologist, and his social media bring this into him. Although he contested in a couple of “Got Talent” competitions, he could not win. If he wins this time on AGT, he will be a millionaire for sure.

AGT magician Nicolas Ribs and his daughter Emma in America's Got Talent
AGT magician Nicolas Ribs and his daughter Emma in America’s Got Talent

Social media

Nicolas Ribs is on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He has the highest number of followers o Facebook, which is 6.5K followers. When coming to Instagram, Nicholas has got 4985 followers on Instagram. He is still growing on YouTube.


What is magician Nicolas Ribs’ daughter’s name?

Nicholas Rib’s daughter’s name is Emma.

Where is AGT magician Nicolas Ribs from?

Nicholas Ribs is from France.

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