Everything about Magical dancer Jannick Holste AGT 2022

What Is Jannick Holste Doing Now After America’s Got Talent?

Jannick Holste was a magician featured on America’s Got Talent and was eliminated from the semifinals. He was just not performing magic; his act comprised magic with dance, and that’s why he was called a Magical Dancer.

Janick Holste is from Germany and currently, he lives in there. His social media profiles show that he is doing his Magic Entertainment shows after AGT 2022. And also he is a part-time dancing teacher. Let’s peep into more about his biography and facts you love to know.

I have not studied much either dancing or arts. But, I feel that I have art in my blood. The dancing magic is such a creative thing I have been doing recently, and it is successful

Jannick Holste

Jannick Holste Biography

Jannick Holste was born in Germany in 2003 and he is 19 years old now. Although he has not revealed much about his family, he has hinted that his family has an academic influence. We still don’t know who his family is or where he lived.

He is working as a part-time Dancing teacher and a full-time Maths student. He is completing his MSc in Mathematics and will be graduating next year.

Magical dancer Jannick Holste in America's Got Talent
Magical dancer Jannick Holste in America’s Got Talent

Family & Relationship

Jannick Holste is a resident of Germany, and he is currently living in Germany with his family. Jannick doesn’t have a relationship at present, and he has not had any relationship.

Although the girls who appeared on the show look like close ones, they are not. Emily is one of his team members, and she is from Germany too. But she is not his girlfriend. At least, Jannick did not mention her or other members. Olli Ho supports Jannick, who made arrangements for the AGT act. He is also a German friend.

Heidi is one of his attractions. Jannick mentioned as he mentioned her several times as well. He stated that going on the tour after winning the AGT was one of his dreams.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

The judges could not think of anything as soon as they saw Jannick Holste. They asked about him, and he mentioned that he is from Germany and expects to travel worldwide. Jannick specially said Heidi, and he appreciated her for being her. Not only that, he expressed his love for her. Jannick surprised everyone as he brought a few boxes onto the stage.

He started things along with music, and Heidi said it was her newly recorded song. Not only did most of the audience, but the world did not know that she had recorded a song. The performance of Jannick was typical as he brought a few girls and a man onto the stage from the box. The wonder was he did it alone while Dancing.

It was the first time a magician did such a performance along with rhythmic steps. He concluded his act, and the rest was for judges. “Oh my god Jannick, I was never expecting that,” said Simon. The surprising element was the most embraced part of the act, and judges gave 04 yesses to Jannick.


What happened to Jannick Holste in the AGT semi-finals?

In the semi-finals, Jannick performed “Break Free” by Ariana Grande. It was able to impress all judges without Simon Cowell. “You really are everything. I love you so much,” said Heidi Klum.

you like a cream cake, your magic is the cake, and you’re dancing is the cream. There was too much cream in the cake.

Simon Cowell

This is the cheesiest corniest campiest most fun magic act I’ve ever seen in my life.

Howie Mandel

Jannick’s act could not get enough public votes to select the top 5 acts of the semi-final week 4. He was eliminated from the semi-finals.



Jannick Holste has just started his professional career. The most important thing is he has not learned Dancing as a professional.

I was not interested in dancing from the earliest my times. Recently, I got to know that I had a potential. I chose that path, and I keep learning which I have been doing so far”.

Jannicl Holste

However, he has appeared on German talent shows and got a few victories. He will have to make tougher decisions in the future as his academics and interests are running in different lanes right now. As he mentioned on the AGT stage, his ambition is to travel around the world but not to be the best dancer in the world.

Jannick Holste Net Worth

Jannick Holste’s net worth is around $50,000. Jannick Holste’s dancing teaching career has brought this net worth to him. Although he took part in several reality shows, Jannick could not win.

Social media

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How old is Jannick Holste AGT?

Jannick Holste is just 19 years old.

Where is Jannick Holste from?

He is from Germany.

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