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Who are Tyler and Todd, are they married? + Net worth

With over 191,000 subscribers, Tyler and Todd are a popular Canadian YouTube channel. Canadian real estate investors Tyler and Todd run a business that focuses on house flipping and property management. They’ve got two handsome fur babies at home, travel all over the world whenever they can, and take great pleasure in being our own, wacky selves.

Tyler and Todd Biography

Their university had a scheme whereby incoming freshmen would be paired up with another incoming freshmen through the exchange of mix CDs, ensuring that each student already had a friend at school.

They stayed in touch throughout their final year of high school, and the following year, when they finally met, it was instant chemistry.

They’ve always had an insatiable thirst for adventure, and now they want to be free all the time. Filmed as part of a YouTube ‘journey’ into alternative lifestyles, the couple exudes enthusiasm about their unique situation while also coming across as quite level-headed.

Most viewed video on Tyler and Todd YouTube channel

Family and relationships

The identities of their parents and other family members are currently unknown to the public.

In 2008, they connected online while they were both in year twelve, nearing the end of high school, and accepted to the same university for the following year. As a part of this early admission, students were matched with a person they would be attending school with the following year and asked to send them a CD of their favorite music.

The purpose of finding a “pen friend” was to ensure familiarity with at least one person when starting college. Somehow, they were drawn together and agreed to trade CDs. It was from there that they became friends and began exchanging messages on MSN Messenger (anyone else feels old just thinking about it). The eleven months that passed before they first met in person allowed us to establish a deep and meaningful connection. Everything just clicked into place after the two finally met in person.

When did Tyler and Todd get married?

They were married in 2014 following a four-year relationship.

What are the real names of Tyler and Tood?

In their personal Instagram profiles, their full name shows as Tyler Gibbon-Thorne and Todd Gibbon-Thorne.

Tyler and Tood with their dog
Tyler and Tood with their dog


It seemed like Tyler and Todd Gibbon-Thorne had it all. After meeting and falling in love just before starting college, the young couple settled down in a four-bedroom house in Alberta, Canada, where they were loved and accepted for who they are.

They sold everything in 2019 and bought a 1996 RV for $7,000, which they plan to use to travel the country.

In an exclusive interview with GayCities, Tyler explains, “At first, everyone thought we had lost our minds.” “Interestingly, the more bucket list locations we visited and the more memories we were able to make, just because we were no longer bound to all of the financial demands of our former life, the more people got it. The cliched maxim that “you only live once” is true. Well, it turns out it’s not just a clichéd remark or line from a great song; it’s brutally true — you are going to die, so you might as well live while you still have the chance.

And they have lived, converting their RV travels into a successful YouTube channel with over 90,000 followers who watch their engaging films chronicling their voyage with their two dogs, Charlie and Eddie, and their current project, constructing a house on ten acres in the wilds of Nova Scotia.

Tyler and Todd Net Worth 2022

An estimated $1.9 million is how much Tyler and Todd are worth. Tyler and Todd’s true wealth remains a mystery, even after considering information from other, secondary sources. Tyler and Todd’s net worth is $1.9 million, as reported.

How do Tyler and Todd make money?

Tyler and Todd generate this respectable amount of income from their real estate venture and YouTube channel.

Social Media

Youtube is what they are mostly known for. They have 191K subscribers on YouTube. They love to travel, their Instragam profile is filled with their travel photos and it has 131K followers.


How old are Tyler and Todd?

In the year 2022, both Tyler and Todd will be 31 years old.

What do Tyler and Todd do for a living?

Tyler and Todd make a good living between their YouTube channel and their real estate business.

Where in Canada do Tyler and Todd live?

They have returned to Nova Scotia, Canada to construct an off-the-grid home because of the worldwide pandemic.

How much do Todd and Tyler make per year?

They have an annual income of 400,000 dollars.

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