Simple Living Alaska net worth & what they do for living

Simple Living Alaska, where do they live? Net worth and some interesting facts

Simple Living Alaska, one of the top-growing American YouTube channels, demonstrates how one can live a remarkably simple existence. This channel is so famous because it demonstrates how to live a beautiful life by keeping things simple and doing the necessary activities.

The channel is managed by Eric and Arielle, a couple who love the outdoors, cooking, and living off the grid in Alaska’s boreal forest. They share their life with their family, including animals like critters, chickens, and bees. As of the year 2024, Simple Living Alaska has a Net Worth of 850k USD as of 2024.

Simple Living Alaska Net Worth 2024 and How They Make Money?

Simple Living Alaska’s net worth in 2024 is $850k. They earn income from their YouTube channel, Etsy shop selling tie-dye T-shirts, Amazon Affiliation, and blog.

Their official YouTube channel earns approximately $10,000 monthly, and their annual income from their videos is around $240,000.

Simple Living Alaska where do they live?

According to a map on their Facebook page, Eric and Arielle live in Willow, Alaska, United States. They’ve downsized their home and things as part of their lifestyle change and now live in a tiny hut deep in the woods.

Willow, Alaska is listed as a mailing address on a P.O. Box affiliated with “Simple Living Alaska.”

Who is Simple Living Alaska?

Simple Living Alaska’s Arielle and Eric are a lovely couple living off the grid in an Alaskan cabin. They share their day-to-day homesteading and land-based experiences on their US-based channel, with over 291 videos and a sizable following.

Arielle inspired her to begin filming films while in college. After graduating, she moved to Oregon and continued to make films, finally launching her own YouTube channel in 2014. The Simple Living Alaska channel demonstrates how one can live a remarkably simple existence.

This channel is so famous because it demonstrates how to live a beautiful life by keeping things simple and doing the necessary activities.

Is Arielle from Simple Living Alaska pregnant in 2023?

You may wonder if Simple Living Alaska Ariel is pregnant. She is not pregnant. While rumors about Arielle’s pregnancy continue to circulate, there is no definite Illia baby on the way to join the couple in their cabin.

Arielle - Simple Living Alaska
Arielle – Simple Living Alaska

What are they doing in Alaska?

Living off the grid, they’re able to experience a little bit of everything.

Simple Living Alaska couple Eric and Arielle have a blog and a YouTube channel where they share their culinary and baking adventures, as well as advice on canning and preserving food.

You’ll also get a peek at the animals they’re raising, including hens and honeybees, as well as postings about anything from digging a root cellar to making compost tea. They also offer health and wellness advice, including holistic therapies. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

Here is a new video of Simple Living Alaska.


YouTube Career

In 2014, Simple Living Alaska launched its own YouTube channel after relocating to Oregon. Simple Living Alaska worked on Arielle‘s debut video for approximately a year before it was released in 2017.

Their films are noted for providing practical and down-to-earth advice on how to live a simpler life.

“I want to help individuals live more simply so that others can live simply,”


Arielle writes about how to travel light, decrease your carbon footprint, maintain hens, grow your own food, homeschool your children, and much more on her YouTube channel.

Arielle also talks about her personal life as well as the lives of some of the others who have passed through her community of homesteaders. Now the YouTube channel has over 767,000 subscribers and 177 million video views.

Eric - Simple Living Alaska
Eric – Simple Living Alaska

Influencing Career

Simple Living Alaska offers e-books and has a blog in addition to its YouTube job. “The Minimalist’s Guide to Homesteading: Achieving Financial and Spiritual Freedoms,” Arielle’s first e-book, was released in 2017.

The book is a collection of the best tips Arielle‘s picked up over her time living simply. She also teaches online classes on gardening, poultry keeping, and living sustainably.

Their mission is to assist individuals in achieving spiritual and financial freedom, and she appears to be well on their way.

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Social Media

The Instagram account has 170 posts and 37.8K followers. Three years ago, they uploaded their first video titled “Eggs Benedict on the Farm | Oregon Homestead”.

And also, the YouTube channel has reached 767k subscribers and more than 177 million views.


What is Simple Living Alaska eric’s job?

Simple Living Alaska Eric Illia’s job is mainly described as a YouTube Vlogger. And also, generates his income from selling handmade tie-dye T-shirts on Etsy, Amazon Affiliation, and Blogging. Eric Illia’s net worth is believed to be $850k as of 2024.

How much is Arielle Illia’s net worth?

Like Eric Illia, Arielle makes her income from the YouTube channel and blogging. So, Arielle Illia’s net worth is believed to be $850k as of 2024.

What is Eric and Ariel Simple Living Alaska’s age?

You may wonder how Simple Living Alaska couple age. Eric is 37 and Ariel is 34 years old as of 2024.

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