Meet Cline Twins Connor and Carson Cline at AGT 2022

Meet Cline Twins Connor & Carson Cline, The Hockey Tricks Stars From America’s Got Talent

Connor and Carson Cline, aka Cline Twins, are Hockey tricks duos from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. They were featured on America’s Got Talent 2022 (Season 17) and eliminated from the semi-finals. Connor and Carson are still schooling in a local school and uploading Hockey tricks on TikTok. Cline twins currently have a whopping $200,000 net worth as of 2022.

Let’s peep into the latest update about their lifestyle with facts.

Cline Twins Biography

The twin brothers were born on July 30, 2005, and are just 17 years old. The Twin brothers are from Ontario, Canada. Carson is the older one of the twins. He is two minutes older than Connor. The talents they have got are equal, but the commencing is followed by Carson, who is the older one.

The brothers were in the Hockey team from which they started to find Hockey tricks. They started to do this at the age of 09. According to Carson, it was the Cline twins’ hockey coach who had made them do these things, and he revealed it in one of his featuring videos.

Connor and Carson Cline are still taking education in the local school, and they are doing these trick stunts part-time.  

Cline Twins at America's Got Talent
Cline Twins at America’s Got Talent

Connor and Carson Cline’s Family & Relationship

However, the brothers did not get enough time to talk about their parents, and such information is still unknown. The only known thing about the Cline family is only two brothers are kids in the Cline family. However, the brothers have found several friends through their trick videos on TikTok and Instagram. It is visible that they have got more online friends than in real life.

They do Tiktok, and their relationships with the outer worlds grow daily. Their social media is the best way to observe that. They are too kiddy to find girlfriends, and we will update them soon.

What happened at America’s Got Talent auditions?

On the AGT audition, Connor and Carson did Hockey tricks that the AGT judges and audience saw. They received positive comments from the judges and got four yeses.

That was so unexpected and so different. I really loved it

Sofia Vergara

you started like mmm.. mmm.. and it seemed a bit ordinary. Then you carried it out with momentum, and the weirdness of the act looked well in the end.

Simon Cowell

What happened to Cline Twins in the AGT semi-finals?

Twin brothers perform Hockey puck tricks on AGT 2022 live semi-finals and got positive comments from judges. But they could not get sufficient public votes to select week 3 top five acts and were eliminated from the semi-finals.


There has not been a time for them to carry out a career. The Twin brothers’ only career is through their social media accounts, specifically Instagram and TikTok.

Both kids started to post on Instagram when they were 9, and they could find a pretty good audience. Instagram was a blessing for them, and they kept growing their audience. Carson has more than 40,000 followers already.

The appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show was a crucial moment, and they performed a similar act on that show as well. Connor and Carson were also appreciated by Ellen DeGeneres and the audience at that show.

They have started their online selling platform as They will do something more for their careers soon.

Cline Twins’ net worth

Cline Twins’ net worth is around $200,000. Their influence, talent show appearances, and the affiliate website have brought them this income. Since they have become a viral topic, the twins’ net worth will increase, and we will update them soon.

Connor and Carson Cline at AGT
Connor and Carson Cline at AGT

Social media

The Cline brothers are available on Social Media. They have preferred to be on Instagram and Tik Tok. The Cline Brothers’ Instagram account has over 42k followers.

The brothers have a Tiktok account which has over 68k followers and over 1.5M likes. They have shared hundreds of Hockey stick tricks in their videos.

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How old are Cline Twins?

Connor and Carson were born on July 30, 2005, and now they are 17 years old as of 2022.

Where are the Cline Twins from?

Coner and Carson are from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Did Cline Twins win in the AGT?

They got four yeses from the audition and advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, they could not get enough public votes and were eliminated from the semi-finals.

Do the cline twins play hockey?

They started to play hockey when they were 9 years old.

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